Revert "Review access change"

This reverts commit d7ccb6243f2e920331180cba49ddea403f86d771.

Reason for revert: Third-party repositories are failing because of permissions problems. Reverting just to ensure this is not impacting.

Original change's description:
> Review access change
> Change-Id: I04f715817543111b560683b8aed9d12cb04eb6cf
> Reviewed-on:
> Reviewed-by: Keyong Han <>,,

Change-Id: I57dadeea337078ff9192ac4c62e942cfe2cf7646
No-Presubmit: true
No-Tree-Checks: true
No-Try: true
Reviewed-by: Godofredo Contreras <>
Reviewed-by: Keyong Han <>
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