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  4. scheduler.bin
  5. scheduler.proto


.ci.yaml is a universal config for managing work on Flutter infrastructure. See for more information.

This starlark module takes in a JSON version of the .ci.yaml for a repo, and translates it to the relevant LUCI config. This reduces the manual work required to keep the repos in sync.

These configs are automatically kept up to date via a luci_config_generator builder.

Manually Updating Repo Configs

export $FLUTTER_INFRA=#Root to the flutter/infra checkout
# A local version of Cocoon is required
git checkout
# This script translates the given .ci.yaml into JSON and adds it to the repoS
dart app_dart/bin/generate_jspb.dart $repo $sha > $FLUTTER_INFRA/lib/$repo_config.json
# Generate the LUCI configurations
lucicfg generate config/

Manually Updating ProtoBuf

After editing the protobuf, run the script:


And check in the updated scheduler.bin file.