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// Copyright 2019 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:async';
import 'dart:io' as io;
import 'package:file/file.dart';
import 'package:process/process.dart';
import 'google_cloud_storage.dart';
import 'log.dart';
import 'utils.dart';
/// Statuses reported by Apple's Notary Server.
/// See more:
/// *
enum NotaryStatus {
/// Codesign and notarize all files within a [RemoteArchive].
class FileCodesignVisitor {
required this.commitHash,
required this.codesignCertName,
required this.codesignUserName,
required this.appSpecificPassword,
required this.codesignAppstoreId,
required this.codesignTeamId,
required this.codesignFilepaths,
required this.fileSystem,
required this.rootDirectory,
required this.processManager,
required this.googleCloudStorage,
this.production = false,
this.notarizationTimerDuration = const Duration(seconds: 5),
}) {
entitlementsFile = rootDirectory.childFile('Entitlements.plist')..writeAsStringSync(_entitlementsFileContents);
remoteDownloadsDir = rootDirectory.childDirectory('downloads')..createSync();
codesignedZipsDir = rootDirectory.childDirectory('codesigned_zips')..createSync();
/// Temp [Directory] to download/extract files to.
/// This file will be deleted if [validateAll] completes successfully.
final Directory rootDirectory;
final FileSystem fileSystem;
final ProcessManager processManager;
final GoogleCloudStorage googleCloudStorage;
final String commitHash;
final String codesignCertName;
final String codesignUserName;
final String appSpecificPassword;
final String codesignAppstoreId;
final String codesignTeamId;
final bool production;
final Duration notarizationTimerDuration;
// TODO(xilaizhang): add back utitlity in later splits
Set<String> fileWithEntitlements = <String>{};
Set<String> fileWithoutEntitlements = <String>{};
Set<String> fileConsumed = <String>{};
Set<String> directoriesVisited = <String>{};
List<String> codesignFilepaths;
late final File entitlementsFile;
late final Directory remoteDownloadsDir;
late final Directory codesignedZipsDir;
int _remoteDownloadIndex = 0;
int get remoteDownloadIndex => _remoteDownloadIndex++;
static const String _entitlementsFileContents = '''
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple Computer//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">
static final RegExp _notarytoolStatusCheckPattern = RegExp(r'[ ]*status: ([a-zA-z ]+)');
static final RegExp _notarytoolRequestPattern = RegExp(r'id: ([a-z0-9-]+)');
static const String fixItInstructions = '''
Codesign test failed.
We compared binary files in engine artifacts with those listed in
entitlement.txt and withoutEntitlements.txt, and the binary files do not match.
*entitlements.txt is the configuartion file encoded in engine artifact zip,
built by and Ninja, to detail the list of entitlement files.
Either an expected file was not found in *entitlements.txt, or an unexpected
file was found in entitlements.txt.
This usually happens during an engine roll.
If this is a valid change, then needs to be changed.
Binaries that will run on a macOS host require entitlements, and
binaries that run on an iOS device must NOT have entitlements.
For example, if this is a new binary that runs on macOS host, add it
to [entitlements.txt] file inside the zip artifact produced by
If this is a new binary that needs to be run on iOS device, add it
to [withoutEntitlements.txt].
If there are obsolete binaries in entitlements configuration files, please delete or
update these file paths accordingly.
/// The entrance point of examining and code signing an engine artifact.
Future<void> validateAll() async {
await Future<void>.value(null);'Codesigned all binaries in ${rootDirectory.path}');
await rootDirectory.delete(recursive: true);
/// Retrieve engine artifact from google cloud storage and kick start a
/// recursive visit of its contents.
/// Invokes [visitDirectory] to recursively visit the contents of the remote
/// zip. Also downloads, notarizes and uploads the engine artifact.
Future<void> processRemoteZip({
required String artifactFilePath,
required Directory parentDirectory,
}) async {
final FileSystem fs = rootDirectory.fileSystem;
// namespace by hashcode otherwise there will be collisions
final String localFilePath = '${artifactFilePath.hashCode}_${fs.path.basename(artifactFilePath)}';
// download the zip file
final File originalFile = await googleCloudStorage.downloadEngineArtifact(
from: artifactFilePath,
destination: remoteDownloadsDir.childFile(localFilePath).path,
await unzip(
inputZip: originalFile,
outDir: parentDirectory,
processManager: processManager,
//extract entitlements file.
fileWithEntitlements = await parseEntitlements(parentDirectory, true);
fileWithoutEntitlements = await parseEntitlements(parentDirectory, false);'parsed binaries with entitlements are $fileWithEntitlements');'parsed binaries without entitlements are $fileWithEntitlements');
// recursively visit extracted files
await visitDirectory(directory: parentDirectory, entitlementParentPath: artifactFilePath);
final File codesignedFile = codesignedZipsDir.childFile(localFilePath);
await zip(
inputDir: parentDirectory,
outputZip: codesignedFile,
processManager: processManager,
// notarize
await notarize(codesignedFile);
await googleCloudStorage.uploadEngineArtifact(
from: codesignedFile.path,
destination: artifactFilePath,
/// Visit a [Directory] type while examining the file system extracted from an artifact.
Future<void> visitDirectory({
required Directory directory,
required String entitlementParentPath,
}) async {'Visiting directory ${directory.absolute.path}');
if (directoriesVisited.contains(directory.absolute.path)) {
'Warning! You are visiting a directory that has been visited before, the directory is ${directory.absolute.path}');
final List<FileSystemEntity> entities = await directory.list().toList();
for (FileSystemEntity entity in entities) {
if (entity is io.Directory) {
await visitDirectory(
directory: directory.childDirectory(entity.basename),
entitlementParentPath: entitlementParentPath,
if (entity.basename == 'entitlements.txt' || entity.basename == 'without_entitlements.txt') {
final FileType childType = getFileType(
if (childType == {
await visitEmbeddedZip(
zipEntity: entity,
entitlementParentPath: entitlementParentPath,
} else if (childType == FileType.binary) {
await visitBinaryFile(binaryFile: entity as File, entitlementParentPath: entitlementParentPath);
}'Child file of directory ${directory.basename} is ${entity.basename}');
/// Unzip an [EmbeddedZip] and visit its children.
Future<void> visitEmbeddedZip({
required FileSystemEntity zipEntity,
required String entitlementParentPath,
}) async {'This embedded file is ${zipEntity.path} and entitlementParentPath is $entitlementParentPath');
final String currentFileName = zipEntity.basename;
final Directory newDir = rootDirectory.childDirectory('embedded_zip_${zipEntity.absolute.path.hashCode}');
await unzip(
inputZip: zipEntity,
outDir: newDir,
processManager: processManager,
// the virtual file path is advanced by the name of the embedded zip
final String currentZipEntitlementPath = '$entitlementParentPath/$currentFileName';
await visitDirectory(
directory: newDir,
entitlementParentPath: currentZipEntitlementPath,
await zipEntity.delete();
await zip(
inputDir: newDir,
outputZip: zipEntity,
processManager: processManager,
/// Visit and codesign a binary with / without entitlement.
/// At this stage, the virtual [entitlementCurrentPath] accumulated through the recursive visit, is compared
/// against the paths extracted from [fileWithEntitlements], to help determine if this file should be signed
/// with entitlements.
Future<void> visitBinaryFile({required File binaryFile, required String entitlementParentPath}) async {
final String currentFileName = binaryFile.basename;
final String entitlementCurrentPath = '$entitlementParentPath/$currentFileName';
if (!fileWithEntitlements.contains(entitlementCurrentPath) &&
!fileWithoutEntitlements.contains(entitlementCurrentPath)) {
log.severe('The system has detected a binary file at $entitlementCurrentPath.'
'but it is not in the entitlements configuartion files you provided.'
'if this is a new engine artifact, please add it to one of the entitlements.txt files');
throw CodesignException(fixItInstructions);
}'signing file at path ${binaryFile.absolute.path}');'the virtual entitlement path associated with file is $entitlementCurrentPath');'the decision to sign with entitlement is ${fileWithEntitlements.contains(entitlementCurrentPath)}');
final List<String> args = <String>[
'-f', // force
'-s', // use the cert provided by next argument
'--timestamp', // add a secure timestamp
'--options=runtime', // hardened runtime
if (fileWithEntitlements.contains(entitlementCurrentPath)) ...<String>[
final io.ProcessResult result = await;
if (result.exitCode != 0) {
throw CodesignException(
'Failed to codesign ${binaryFile.absolute.path} with args: ${args.join(' ')}\n'
'stdout:\n${(result.stdout as String).trim()}'
'stderr:\n${(result.stderr as String).trim()}',
/// Extract entitlements configurations from downloaded zip files.
/// Parse and store codesign configurations detailed in configuration files.
/// File paths of entilement files and non entitlement files will be parsed and stored in [fileWithEntitlements].
Future<Set<String>> parseEntitlements(Directory parent, bool entitlements) async {
final String entitlementFilePath = entitlements
? fileSystem.path.join(parent.path, 'entitlements.txt')
: fileSystem.path.join(parent.path, 'without_entitlements.txt');
if (!(await fileSystem.file(entitlementFilePath).exists())) {
throw CodesignException('$entitlementFilePath not found \n'
'make sure you have provided them along with the engine artifacts \n');
final Set<String> fileWithEntitlements = <String>{};
fileWithEntitlements.addAll(await fileSystem.file(entitlementFilePath).readAsLines());
return fileWithEntitlements;
/// Upload a zip archive to the notary service and verify the build succeeded.
/// The apple notarization service will unzip the artifact, validate all
/// binaries are properly codesigned, and notarize the entire archive.
Future<void> notarize(File file) async {
final Completer<void> completer = Completer<void>();
final String uuid = uploadZipToNotary(file);
Future<void> callback(Timer timer) async {
final bool notaryFinished = checkNotaryJobFinished(uuid);
if (notaryFinished) {
timer.cancel();'successfully notarized ${file.path}');
// check on results
await completer.future;
/// Make a request to the notary service to see if the notary job is finished.
/// A return value of true means that notarization finished successfully,
/// false means that the job is still pending. If the notarization fails, this
/// function will throw a [ConductorException].
bool checkNotaryJobFinished(String uuid) {
final List<String> args = <String>[
];'checking notary status with ${args.join(' ')}');
final io.ProcessResult result = processManager.runSync(args);
final String combinedOutput = (result.stdout as String) + (result.stderr as String);
final RegExpMatch? match = _notarytoolStatusCheckPattern.firstMatch(combinedOutput);
if (match == null) {
throw CodesignException(
'Malformed output from "${args.join(' ')}"\n${combinedOutput.trim()}',
final String status =!;
if (status == 'Accepted') {
return true;
if (status == 'In Progress') {'job $uuid still pending');
return false;
throw CodesignException('Notarization failed with: $status\n$combinedOutput');
/// Upload artifact to Apple notary service.
String uploadZipToNotary(File localFile, [int retryCount = 3, int sleepTime = 1]) {
while (retryCount > 0) {
final List<String> args = <String>[
];'uploading ${args.join(' ')}');
final io.ProcessResult result = processManager.runSync(args);
if (result.exitCode != 0) {
throw CodesignException(
'Command "${args.join(' ')}" failed with exit code ${result.exitCode}\nStdout: ${result.stdout}\nStderr: ${result.stderr}');
final String combinedOutput = (result.stdout as String) + (result.stderr as String);
final RegExpMatch? match;
match = _notarytoolRequestPattern.firstMatch(combinedOutput);
if (match == null) {
log.warning('Failed to upload to the notary service with args: ${args.join(' ')}');
retryCount -= 1;
log.warning('Trying again $retryCount more time${retryCount > 1 ? 's' : ''}...');
io.sleep(Duration(seconds: sleepTime));
final String requestUuid =!;'RequestUUID for ${localFile.path} is: $requestUuid');
return requestUuid;
log.warning('The upload to notary service failed after retries, and'
' the output format does not match the current notary tool version.'
' If after inspecting the output, you believe the process finished '
'successfully but was not detected, please contact flutter release engineers');
throw CodesignException('Failed to upload ${localFile.path} to the notary service');