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// Copyright 2021 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:convert';
import 'package:cocoon_service/cocoon_service.dart';
import 'package:github/github.dart';
import '../proto/internal/scheduler.pb.dart' as pb;
import 'target.dart';
/// This is a wrapper class around S[pb.SchedulerConfig].
/// See // for high level documentation.
class CiYaml {
/// Creates [CiYaml] from a [RepositorySlug], [branch], [pb.SchedulerConfig] and an optional [CiYaml] of tip of tree CiYaml.
/// If [totConfig] is passed, the validation will verify no new targets have been added that may temporarily break the LUCI infrastructure (such as new prod or presubmit targets).
required this.slug,
required this.branch,
required this.config,
CiYaml? totConfig,
}) {
_validate(config, branch, totSchedulerConfig: totConfig?.config);
/// The underlying protobuf that contains the raw data from .ci.yaml.
pb.SchedulerConfig config;
/// The [RepositorySlug] that [config] is from.
final RepositorySlug slug;
/// The git branch currently being scheduled against.
final String branch;
/// Gets all [Target] that run on presubmit for this config.
List<Target> get presubmitTargets {
final Iterable<Target> presubmitTargets =
_targets.where((Target target) => target.value.presubmit && !target.value.bringup);
final List<Target> enabledTargets = _filterEnabledTargets(presubmitTargets);
if (enabledTargets.isEmpty) {
throw Exception('$branch is not enabled for this .ci.yaml.\nAdd it to run tests against this PR.');
return enabledTargets;
/// Gets all [Target] that run on postsubmit for this config.
List<Target> get postsubmitTargets {
final Iterable<Target> postsubmitTargets = _targets.where((Target target) => target.value.postsubmit);
return _filterEnabledTargets(postsubmitTargets);
/// Filters [targets] to those that should be started immediately.
/// Targets with a dependency are triggered when there dependency pushes a notification that it has finished.
/// This shouldn't be confused for targets that have the property named dependency, which is used by the
/// flutter_deps recipe module on LUCI.
List<Target> getInitialTargets(List<Target> targets) {
Iterable<Target> initialTargets = targets.where((Target target) => target.value.dependencies.isEmpty).toList();
if (branch != Config.defaultBranch(slug)) {
// Filter out bringup targets for release branches
initialTargets = initialTargets.where((Target target) => !target.value.bringup);
return initialTargets.toList();
Iterable<Target> get _targets => target) => Target(
schedulerConfig: config,
value: target,
slug: slug,
/// Filter [targets] to only those that are expected to run for [branch].
/// A [Target] is expected to run if:
/// 1. [Target.enabledBranches] exists and matches [branch].
/// 2. Otherwise, [config.enabledBranches] matches [branch].
List<Target> _filterEnabledTargets(Iterable<Target> targets) {
final List<Target> filteredTargets = <Target>[];
// 1. Add targets with local definition
final Iterable<Target> overrideBranchTargets =
targets.where((Target target) => target.value.enabledBranches.isNotEmpty);
final Iterable<Target> enabledTargets = overrideBranchTargets
.where((Target target) => enabledBranchesMatchesCurrentBranch(target.value.enabledBranches, branch));
// 2. Add targets with global definition (this is the majority of targets)
if (enabledBranchesMatchesCurrentBranch(config.enabledBranches, branch)) {
final Iterable<Target> defaultBranchTargets =
targets.where((Target target) => target.value.enabledBranches.isEmpty);
return filteredTargets;
/// Whether any of the possible [RegExp] in [enabledBranches] match [branch].
static bool enabledBranchesMatchesCurrentBranch(List<String> enabledBranches, String branch) {
final List<String> regexes = <String>[];
for (String enabledBranch in enabledBranches) {
// Prefix with start of line and suffix with end of line
final String rawRegexp = regexes.join('|');
final RegExp regexp = RegExp(rawRegexp);
return regexp.hasMatch(branch);
/// Validates [pb.SchedulerConfig] extracted from [CiYaml] files.
/// A [pb.SchedulerConfig] file is considered good if:
/// 1. It has at least one [pb.Target] in [pb.SchedulerConfig.targets]
/// 2. It has at least one [branch] in [pb.SchedulerConfig.enabledBranches]
/// 3. If a second [pb.SchedulerConfig] is passed in,
/// we compare the current list of [pb.Target] inside the current [pb.SchedulerConfig], i.e., [schedulerConfig],
/// with the list of [pb.Target] from tip of the tree [pb.SchedulerConfig], i.e., [totSchedulerConfig].
/// If a [pb.Target] is indentified as a new target compared to target list from tip of the tree, The new target
/// should have its field [pb.Target.bringup] set to true.
/// 4. no cycle should exist in the dependency graph, as tracked by map [targetGraph]
/// 5. [pb.Target] should not depend on self
/// 6. [pb.Target] cannot have more than 1 dependency
/// 7. [pb.Target] should depend on target that already exist in depedency graph, and already recorded in map [targetGraph]
void _validate(pb.SchedulerConfig schedulerConfig, String branch, {pb.SchedulerConfig? totSchedulerConfig}) {
if (schedulerConfig.targets.isEmpty) {
throw const FormatException('Scheduler config must have at least 1 target');
if (schedulerConfig.enabledBranches.isEmpty) {
throw const FormatException('Scheduler config must have at least 1 enabled branch');
final Map<String, List<pb.Target>> targetGraph = <String, List<pb.Target>>{};
final List<String> exceptions = <String>[];
final Set<String> totTargets = <String>{};
if (totSchedulerConfig != null) {
for (pb.Target target in totSchedulerConfig.targets) {
// Construct [targetGraph]. With a one scan approach, cycles in the graph
// cannot exist as it only works forward.
for (final pb.Target target in schedulerConfig.targets) {
if (targetGraph.containsKey( {
exceptions.add('ERROR: ${} already exists in graph');
} else {
// a new build without "bringup: true"
// link to wiki -
if (totTargets.isNotEmpty && !totTargets.contains( && target.bringup != true) {
'ERROR: ${} is a new builder added. it needs to be marked bringup: true\nIf ci.yaml wasn\'t changed, try `git fetch upstream && git merge upstream/master`');
targetGraph[] = <pb.Target>[];
// Add edges
if (target.dependencies.isNotEmpty) {
if (target.dependencies.length != 1) {
.add('ERROR: ${} has multiple dependencies which is not supported. Use only one dependency');
} else {
if (target.dependencies.first == {
exceptions.add('ERROR: ${} cannot depend on itself');
} else if (targetGraph.containsKey(target.dependencies.first)) {
} else {
exceptions.add('ERROR: ${} depends on ${target.dependencies.first} which does not exist');
/// Check the dependencies for the current target if it is viable and to
/// be added to graph. Temporarily this is only being done on non-release
/// branches.
if (branch == Config.defaultBranch(slug)) {
final String? dependencyJson =['dependencies'];
if (dependencyJson != null) {
DependencyValidator.hasVersion(dependencyJsonString: dependencyJson);
void _checkExceptions(List<String> exceptions) {
if (exceptions.isNotEmpty) {
final String fullException = exceptions.reduce((String exception, _) => exception + '\n');
throw FormatException(fullException);
/// Class to verify the version of the dependencies in the ci.yaml config file
/// for each target we are going to execute.
class DependencyValidator {
/// dependencyJsonString is guaranteed to be non empty as it must be found
/// before this method is called.
/// Checks a dependency string for a pinned version.
/// If a version is found then it must not be empty or 'latest.'
static void hasVersion({required String dependencyJsonString}) {
final List<String> exceptions = <String>[];
/// Decoded will contain a list of maps for the dependencies found.
List<dynamic> decoded = json.decode(dependencyJsonString) as List<dynamic>;
for (Map<String, dynamic> depMap in decoded) {
if (!depMap.containsKey('version')) {
exceptions.add('ERROR: dependency ${depMap['dependency']} must have a version.');
} else {
String version = depMap['version'] as String;
if (version.isEmpty || version == 'latest') {
.add('ERROR: dependency ${depMap['dependency']} must have a non empty, non "latest" version supplied.');
if (exceptions.isNotEmpty) {
final String fullException = exceptions.reduce((String exception, _) => exception + '\n');
throw FormatException(fullException);