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// Copyright 2019 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:gcloud/db.dart';
import 'package:json_annotation/json_annotation.dart';
import '../../request_handling/exceptions.dart';
import '../../service/logging.dart';
import '../ci_yaml/target.dart';
import '../luci/push_message.dart';
import 'commit.dart';
import 'key_converter.dart';
part 'task.g.dart';
/// Class that represents the intersection of a test at a particular [Commit].
/// Tasks are tests that have been run N (possibly zero) times against a
/// particular commit.
@JsonSerializable(createFactory: false, ignoreUnannotated: true)
@Kind(name: 'Task')
class Task extends Model<int> {
/// Creates a new [Task].
Key<int>? key,
this.createTimestamp = 0,
this.startTimestamp = 0,
this.endTimestamp = 0,,
this.attempts = 0,
this.isFlaky = false,
this.isTestFlaky = false,
this.reason = '',
this.reservedForAgentId = '',
String? status,
}) : _status = status {
if (status != null && !legalStatusValues.contains(status)) {
throw ArgumentError('Invalid state: "$status"');
parentKey = key?.parent;
id = key?.id;
/// Construct [Task] from a [Target].
factory Task.fromTarget({
required Commit commit,
required Target target,
}) {
return Task(
attempts: 1,
commitKey: commit.key,
createTimestamp: commit.timestamp!,
isFlaky: target.value.bringup,
key: commit.key.append(Task),
requiredCapabilities: <String>[target.value.testbed],
stageName: target.value.scheduler.toString(),
status: Task.statusNew,
timeoutInMinutes: target.value.timeout,
/// The task was cancelled.
static const String statusCancelled = 'Cancelled';
/// The task is yet to be run.
static const String statusNew = 'New';
/// The task failed to run due to an unexpected issue.
static const String statusInfraFailure = 'Infra Failure';
/// The task is currently running.
static const String statusInProgress = 'In Progress';
/// The task was run successfully.
static const String statusSucceeded = 'Succeeded';
/// The task failed to run successfully.
static const String statusFailed = 'Failed';
/// The task was skipped or canceled while running.
/// This status is only used by LUCI tasks.
static const String statusSkipped = 'Skipped';
/// The list of legal values for the [status] property.
static const List<String> legalStatusValues = <String>[
/// The key of the commit that owns this task.
@ModelKeyProperty(propertyName: 'ChecklistKey')
@JsonKey(name: 'ChecklistKey')
Key<String>? commitKey;
/// The timestamp (in milliseconds since the Epoch) that this task was
/// created.
/// This is _not_ when the task first started running, as tasks start out in
/// the 'New' state until they've been picked up by an [Agent].
@IntProperty(propertyName: 'CreateTimestamp', required: true)
@JsonKey(name: 'CreateTimestamp')
int? createTimestamp;
/// The timestamp (in milliseconds since the Epoch) that this task started
/// running.
/// Tasks may be run more than once. If this task has been run more than
/// once, this timestamp represents when the task was most recently started.
@IntProperty(propertyName: 'StartTimestamp', required: true)
@JsonKey(name: 'StartTimestamp')
int? startTimestamp;
/// The timestamp (in milliseconds since the Epoch) that this task last
/// finished running.
@IntProperty(propertyName: 'EndTimestamp', required: true)
@JsonKey(name: 'EndTimestamp')
int? endTimestamp;
/// The name of the task.
/// This is a human-readable name, typically a test name (e.g.
/// "hello_world__memory").
@StringProperty(propertyName: 'Name', required: true)
@JsonKey(name: 'Name')
String? name;
/// The number of attempts that have been made to run this task successfully.
/// New tasks that have not yet been picked up by an [Agent] will have zero
/// attempts.
@IntProperty(propertyName: 'Attempts', required: true)
@JsonKey(name: 'Attempts')
int? attempts;
/// Whether this task has been marked flaky by .ci.yaml.
/// See also:
/// * <>
/// A flaky (`bringup: true`) task will not block the tree.
@BoolProperty(propertyName: 'Flaky')
@JsonKey(name: 'Flaky')
bool? isFlaky;
/// Whether the test execution of this task shows flake.
/// Test runner supports rerun, and this flag tracks if a flake happens.
/// See also:
/// * <>
@BoolProperty(propertyName: 'TestFlaky')
@JsonKey(name: 'TestFlaky')
bool? isTestFlaky;
/// The timeout of the task, or zero if the task has no timeout.
@IntProperty(propertyName: 'TimeoutInMinutes', required: true)
@JsonKey(name: 'TimeoutInMinutes')
int? timeoutInMinutes;
/// Currently unset and unused.
@StringProperty(propertyName: 'Reason')
@JsonKey(name: 'Reason')
String? reason;
/// The build number of luci build:
@IntProperty(propertyName: 'BuildNumber')
@JsonKey(name: 'BuildNumber')
int? buildNumber;
/// The build number list of luci builds: comma joined string of
/// different build numbers.
/// For the case with single run 123, [buildNumberList] = '123';
/// For the case with multiple reruns 123, 456, 789,
/// [buildNumberList] = '123,456,789'.
@StringProperty(propertyName: 'BuildNumberList')
@JsonKey(name: 'BuildNumberList')
String? buildNumberList;
/// The builder name of luci build.
@StringProperty(propertyName: 'BuilderName')
@JsonKey(name: 'BuilderName')
String? builderName;
/// The luci pool where the luci task runs.
@StringProperty(propertyName: 'LuciBucket')
@JsonKey(name: 'luciBucket')
String? luciBucket;
/// The list of capabilities that agents are required to have to run this
/// task.
/// See also:
/// * [Agent.capabilities], which list the capabilities of an agent.
@StringListProperty(propertyName: 'RequiredCapabilities')
@JsonKey(name: 'RequiredCapabilities')
List<String>? requiredCapabilities;
/// Set to the ID of the agent that's responsible for running this task.
/// This will be null until an agent has reserved this task.
@StringProperty(propertyName: 'ReservedForAgentID')
@JsonKey(name: 'ReservedForAgentID')
String? reservedForAgentId;
/// The name of the [Stage] that groups this task with other tasks that are
/// related to it.
@StringProperty(propertyName: 'StageName', required: true)
@JsonKey(name: 'StageName')
String? stageName;
/// The status of the task.
/// Legal values and their meanings are defined in [legalStatusValues].
@StringProperty(propertyName: 'Status', required: true)
@JsonKey(name: 'Status')
String get status => _status ?? statusNew;
String? _status;
set status(String value) {
if (!legalStatusValues.contains(value)) {
throw ArgumentError('Invalid state: "$value"');
_status = value;
/// Update [Task] fields based on a LUCI [Build].
void updateFromBuild(Build build) {
final List<String>? tags = build.tags;
// Example tag: Cocoon/271
final String? buildAddress = tags?.firstWhere((String tag) => tag.contains('build_address'));
if (buildAddress == null) {
log.warning('Tags: $tags');
throw const BadRequestException('build_address does not contain build number');
final int currentBuildNumber = int.parse(buildAddress.split('/').last);
if (buildNumber == null || buildNumber! < currentBuildNumber) {
buildNumber = currentBuildNumber;
status = statusNew; // Reset status
createTimestamp = null;
endTimestamp = null;
startTimestamp = null;
} else if (currentBuildNumber < buildNumber!) {
log.fine('Skipping message as build number is before the current task');
if (buildNumberList == null) {
buildNumberList = '$buildNumber';
} else {
final Set<String> buildNumberSet = buildNumberList!.split(',').toSet();
buildNumberList = buildNumberSet.join(',');
createTimestamp = build.createdTimestamp?.millisecondsSinceEpoch ?? 0;
startTimestamp = build.startedTimestamp?.millisecondsSinceEpoch ?? 0;
endTimestamp = build.completedTimestamp?.millisecondsSinceEpoch ?? 0;
/// Get a [Task] status from a LUCI [Build] status/result.
String _setStatusFromLuciStatus(Build build) {
// Updates can come out of order. Ensure completed statuses are kept.
if (_isStatusCompleted()) {
return status;
if (build.status == Status.started) {
return status = statusInProgress;
switch (build.result) {
case Result.success:
return status = statusSucceeded;
case Result.canceled:
return status = statusCancelled;
case Result.infraFailure:
return status = statusInfraFailure;
case Result.failure:
return status = statusFailed;
throw BadRequestException('${build.result} is unknown');
bool _isStatusCompleted() {
const List<String> completedStatuses = <String>[
return completedStatuses.contains(status);
/// Comparator that sorts tasks by fewest attempts first.
static int byAttempts(Task a, Task b) => a.attempts!.compareTo(b.attempts!);
/// Serializes this object to a JSON primitive.
Map<String, dynamic> toJson() => _$TaskToJson(this);
String toString() {
final StringBuffer buf = StringBuffer()
..write('id: $id')
..write(', parentKey: ${parentKey?.id}')
..write(', key: ${parentKey == null ? null :}')
..write(', commitKey: ${commitKey?.id}')
..write(', createTimestamp: $createTimestamp')
..write(', startTimestamp: $startTimestamp')
..write(', endTimestamp: $endTimestamp')
..write(', name: $name')
..write(', attempts: $attempts')
..write(', isFlaky: $isFlaky')
..write(', isTestRunFlaky: $isTestFlaky')
..write(', timeoutInMinutes: $timeoutInMinutes')
..write(', reason: $reason')
..write(', requiredCapabilities: $requiredCapabilities')
..write(', reservedForAgentId: $reservedForAgentId')
..write(', stageName: $stageName')
..write(', status: $status')
..write(', buildNumber: $buildNumber')
..write(', buildNumberList: $buildNumberList')
..write(', builderName: $builderName')
..write(', luciBucket: $luciBucket')
return buf.toString();
Iterable<Task> targetsToTask(Commit commit, List<Target> targets) => target) => Task.fromTarget(commit: commit, target: target));
/// The serialized representation of a [Task].
// TODO(tvolkert): Directly serialize [Task] once frontends migrate to new serialization format.
@JsonSerializable(createFactory: false)
class SerializableTask {
const SerializableTask(this.task);
@JsonKey(name: 'Task')
final Task task;
@JsonKey(name: 'Key')
Key<int> get key => task.key;
/// Serializes this object to a JSON primitive.
Map<String, dynamic> toJson() => _$SerializableTaskToJson(this);
/// A [Task], paired with its associated parent [Commit].
/// The [Task] model object references its parent [Commit] through the
/// [Task.commitKey] field, but it does not hold a reference to the associated
/// [Commit] object (just the relational mapping). This class exists for those
/// times when the caller has loaded the associated commit from the datastore
/// and would like to pass both the task its commit around.
class FullTask {
/// Creates a new [FullTask].
const FullTask(this.task, this.commit);
/// The [Task] object.
final Task task;
/// The [Commit] object references by this [task]'s [Task.commitKey].
final Commit commit;