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// Copyright 2021 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:math';
import 'dart:typed_data';
import 'package:cocoon_service/src/service/build_status_provider.dart';
import 'package:cocoon_service/src/service/scheduler/policy.dart';
import 'package:gcloud/db.dart';
import 'package:github/github.dart' as github;
import 'package:github/github.dart';
import 'package:github/hooks.dart';
import 'package:googleapis/bigquery/v2.dart';
import 'package:retry/retry.dart';
import 'package:truncate/truncate.dart';
import 'package:yaml/yaml.dart';
import '../foundation/providers.dart';
import '../foundation/typedefs.dart';
import '../foundation/utils.dart';
import '../model/appengine/commit.dart';
import '../model/appengine/task.dart';
import '../model/ci_yaml/ci_yaml.dart';
import '../model/ci_yaml/target.dart';
import '../model/github/checks.dart' as cocoon_checks;
import '../model/luci/buildbucket.dart';
import '../model/proto/internal/scheduler.pb.dart' as pb;
import '../service/logging.dart';
import 'cache_service.dart';
import 'config.dart';
import 'datastore.dart';
import 'github_checks_service.dart';
import 'github_service.dart';
import 'luci_build_service.dart';
/// Scheduler service to validate all commits to supported Flutter repositories.
/// Scheduler responsibilties include:
/// 1. Tracking commits in Cocoon
/// 2. Ensuring commits are validated (via scheduling tasks against commits)
/// 3. Retry mechanisms for tasks
class Scheduler {
required this.cache,
required this.config,
required this.githubChecksService,
required this.luciBuildService,
this.datastoreProvider = DatastoreService.defaultProvider,
this.httpClientProvider = Providers.freshHttpClient,
this.buildStatusProvider = BuildStatusService.defaultProvider,
final BuildStatusServiceProvider buildStatusProvider;
final CacheService cache;
final Config config;
final DatastoreServiceProvider datastoreProvider;
final GithubChecksService githubChecksService;
final HttpClientProvider httpClientProvider;
late DatastoreService datastore;
LuciBuildService luciBuildService;
/// Name of the subcache to store scheduler related values in redis.
static const String subcacheName = 'scheduler';
static const String kCiYamlCheckName = 'ci.yaml validation';
/// Ensure [commits] exist in Cocoon.
/// If [Commit] does not exist in Datastore:
/// * Write it to datastore
/// * Schedule tasks listed in its scheduler config
/// Otherwise, ignore it.
Future<void> addCommits(List<Commit> commits) async {
datastore = datastoreProvider(config.db);
final List<Commit> newCommits = await _getMissingCommits(commits);
log.fine('Found ${newCommits.length} new commits on GitHub');
for (Commit commit in newCommits) {
await _addCommit(commit);
/// Schedule tasks against [PullRequest].
/// If [PullRequest] was merged, schedule prod tasks against it.
/// Otherwise if it is presubmit, schedule try tasks against it.
Future<void> addPullRequest(github.PullRequest pr) async {
datastore = datastoreProvider(config.db);
// TODO(chillers): Support triggering on presubmit.
if (!pr.merged!) {
log.warning('Only pull requests that were closed and merged should have tasks scheduled');
final String fullRepo = pr.base!.repo!.fullName;
final String? branch = pr.base!.ref;
final String sha = pr.mergeCommitSha!;
final String id = '$fullRepo/$branch/$sha';
final Key<String> key = datastore.db.emptyKey.append<String>(Commit, id: id);
final Commit mergedCommit = Commit(
author: pr.user!.login!,
authorAvatarUrl: pr.user!.avatarUrl!,
branch: branch,
key: key,
// The field has a max length of 1500 so ensure the commit message is not longer.
message: truncate(pr.title!, 1490, omission: '...'),
repository: fullRepo,
sha: sha,
timestamp: pr.mergedAt!.millisecondsSinceEpoch,
if (await _commitExistsInDatastore(mergedCommit)) {
log.fine('$sha already exists in datastore. Scheduling skipped.');
log.fine('Scheduling $sha via GitHub webhook');
await _addCommit(mergedCommit);
Future<void> _addCommit(Commit commit) async {
if (!config.supportedRepos.contains(commit.slug)) {
log.fine('Skipping ${} as repo is not supported');
final CiYaml ciYaml = await getCiYaml(commit);
final List<Target> initialTargets = ciYaml.getInitialTargets(ciYaml.postsubmitTargets);
final List<Task> tasks = targetsToTask(commit, initialTargets).toList();
final List<Tuple<Target, Task, int>> toBeScheduled = <Tuple<Target, Task, int>>[];
for (Target target in initialTargets) {
final Task task = tasks.singleWhere((Task task) => ==;
SchedulerPolicy policy = target.schedulerPolicy;
// Engine repo and release branches should run every task
if (commit.slug == Config.engineSlug || Config.defaultBranch(commit.slug) != commit.branch) {
policy = GuaranteedPolicy();
final int? priority = await policy.triggerPriority(task: task, datastore: datastore);
if (priority != null) {
// Mark task as in progress to ensure it isn't scheduled over
task.status = Task.statusInProgress;
toBeScheduled.add(Tuple<Target, Task, int>(target, task, priority));
// Datastore must be written to generate task keys
try {
await datastore.withTransaction<void>((Transaction transaction) async {
transaction.queueMutations(inserts: <Commit>[commit]);
transaction.queueMutations(inserts: tasks);
await transaction.commit();
log.fine('Committed ${tasks.length} new tasks for commit ${commit.sha!}');
} catch (error) {
log.severe('Failed to add commit ${commit.sha!}: $error');
await _batchScheduleBuilds(commit, toBeScheduled);
await _uploadToBigQuery(commit);
/// Schedule all builds in batch requests instead of a single request.
/// Each batch request contains [Config.batchSize] builds to be scheduled.
Future<void> _batchScheduleBuilds(Commit commit, List<Tuple<Target, Task, int>> toBeScheduled) async {
final List<Future<void>> futures = <Future<void>>[];
for (int i = 0; i < toBeScheduled.length; i += config.batchSize) {
commit: commit,
toBeScheduled: toBeScheduled.sublist(i, min(i + config.batchSize, toBeScheduled.length)),
await Future.wait<void>(futures);
/// Return subset of [commits] not stored in Datastore.
Future<List<Commit>> _getMissingCommits(List<Commit> commits) async {
final List<Commit> newCommits = <Commit>[];
// Ensure commits are sorted from newest to oldest (descending order)
commits.sort((Commit a, Commit b) => b.timestamp!.compareTo(a.timestamp!));
for (Commit commit in commits) {
// Cocoon may randomly drop commits, so check the entire list.
if (!await _commitExistsInDatastore(commit)) {
// Reverses commits to be in order of oldest to newest.
return newCommits;
/// Whether [Commit] already exists in [datastore].
/// Datastore is Cocoon's source of truth for what commits have been scheduled.
/// Since webhooks or cron jobs can schedule commits, we must verify a commit
/// has not already been scheduled.
Future<bool> _commitExistsInDatastore(Commit commit) async {
try {
await datastore.db.lookupValue<Commit>(commit.key);
} on KeyNotFoundException {
return false;
return true;
/// Load in memory the `.ci.yaml`.
Future<CiYaml> getCiYaml(
Commit commit, {
CiYaml? totCiYaml,
RetryOptions retryOptions = const RetryOptions(maxAttempts: 3),
}) async {
String ciPath;
ciPath = '${commit.repository}/${commit.sha!}/$kCiYamlPath';
final Uint8List ciYamlBytes = (await cache.getOrCreate(
createFn: () => _downloadCiYaml(
retryOptions: retryOptions,
ttl: const Duration(hours: 1),
final pb.SchedulerConfig schedulerConfig = pb.SchedulerConfig.fromBuffer(ciYamlBytes);
log.fine('Retrieved .ci.yaml for $ciPath');
// If totCiYaml is not null, we assume upper level function has verified that current branch is not a release branch.
return CiYaml(
config: schedulerConfig,
slug: commit.slug,
branch: commit.branch!,
totConfig: totCiYaml,
/// Get `.ci.yaml` from GitHub, and store the bytes in redis for future retrieval.
/// If GitHub returns [HttpStatus.notFound], an empty config will be inserted assuming
/// that commit does not support the scheduler config file.
Future<Uint8List> _downloadCiYaml(
Commit commit,
String ciPath, {
RetryOptions retryOptions = const RetryOptions(maxAttempts: 3),
}) async {
final String configContent = await githubFileContent(
httpClientProvider: httpClientProvider,
ref: commit.sha!,
retryOptions: retryOptions,
final YamlMap configYaml = loadYaml(configContent) as YamlMap;
pb.SchedulerConfig schedulerConfig = pb.SchedulerConfig()..mergeFromProto3Json(configYaml);
return schedulerConfig.writeToBuffer();
/// Cancel all incomplete targets against a pull request.
Future<void> cancelPreSubmitTargets({
required github.PullRequest pullRequest,
String reason = 'Newer commit available',
}) async {
await luciBuildService.cancelBuilds(pullRequest, reason);
/// Schedule presubmit targets against a pull request.
/// Cancels all existing targets then schedules the targets.
/// Schedules a [kCiYamlCheckName] to validate [CiYaml] is valid and all builds were able to be triggered.
/// If [builderTriggerList] is specified, then trigger only those targets.
Future<void> triggerPresubmitTargets({
required github.PullRequest pullRequest,
String reason = 'Newer commit available',
List<String>? builderTriggerList,
}) async {
// Always cancel running builds so we don't ever schedule duplicates.
log.fine('about to cancel presubmit targets');
await cancelPreSubmitTargets(
pullRequest: pullRequest,
reason: reason,
final github.CheckRun ciValidationCheckRun = await githubChecksService.githubChecksUtil.createCheckRun(
output: const github.CheckRunOutput(
title: kCiYamlCheckName,
summary: 'If this check is stuck pending, push an empty commit to retrigger the checks',
final github.RepositorySlug slug = pullRequest.base!.repo!.slug();
dynamic exception;
try {
final List<Target> presubmitTargets = await getPresubmitTargets(pullRequest);
final List<Target> presubmitTriggerTargets = getTriggerList(presubmitTargets, builderTriggerList);
await luciBuildService.scheduleTryBuilds(
targets: presubmitTriggerTargets,
pullRequest: pullRequest,
} on FormatException catch (error, backtrace) {
exception = error;
} catch (error, backtrace) {
exception = error;
// Update validate ci.yaml check
if (exception == null) {
// Success in validating ci.yaml
await githubChecksService.githubChecksUtil.updateCheckRun(
status: github.CheckRunStatus.completed,
conclusion: github.CheckRunConclusion.success,
} else {
log.warning('Marking PR #${pullRequest.number} $kCiYamlCheckName as failed');
// Failure when validating ci.yaml
await githubChecksService.githubChecksUtil.updateCheckRun(
status: github.CheckRunStatus.completed,
conclusion: github.CheckRunConclusion.failure,
output: github.CheckRunOutput(
title: kCiYamlCheckName,
summary: '.ci.yaml has failures',
text: exception.toString(),
'Finished triggering builds for: pr ${pullRequest.number}, commit ${pullRequest.base!.sha}, branch ${pullRequest.head!.ref} and slug ${pullRequest.base!.repo!.slug()}}');
/// If [builderTriggerList] is specificed, return only builders that are contained in [presubmitTarget].
/// Otherwise, return [presubmitTarget].
List<Target> getTriggerList(List<Target> presubmitTarget, List<String>? builderTriggerList) {
if (builderTriggerList != null && builderTriggerList.isNotEmpty) {
return presubmitTarget.where((Target target) => builderTriggerList.contains(;
return presubmitTarget;
/// Given a pull request event, retry all failed LUCI checks.
/// 1. Aggregate .ci.yaml and try_builders.json presubmit builds.
/// 2. Get failed LUCI builds for this pull request at [commitSha].
/// 3. Rerun the failed builds that also have a failed check status.
Future<void> retryPresubmitTargets({
required github.PullRequest pullRequest,
required CheckSuiteEvent checkSuiteEvent,
}) async {
final github.GitHub githubClient = await config.createGitHubClient(pullRequest: pullRequest);
final Map<String, github.CheckRun> checkRuns = await githubChecksService.githubChecksUtil.allCheckRuns(
final List<Target> presubmitTargets = await getPresubmitTargets(pullRequest);
final List<Build?> failedBuilds = await luciBuildService.failedBuilds(pullRequest, presubmitTargets);
for (Build? build in failedBuilds) {
final github.CheckRun checkRun = checkRuns[build!.builderId.builder!]!;
if (checkRun.status != github.CheckRunStatus.completed) {
// Check run is still in progress, do not retry.
await luciBuildService.scheduleTryBuilds(
targets: presubmitTargets.where((Target target) => build.builderId.builder ==,
pullRequest: pullRequest,
checkSuiteEvent: checkSuiteEvent,
/// Get LUCI presubmit builders from .ci.yaml.
/// Filters targets with runIf, matching them to the diff of [pullRequest].
/// In the case there is an issue getting the diff from GitHub, all targets are returned.
Future<List<Target>> getPresubmitTargets(github.PullRequest pullRequest) async {
final Commit commit = Commit(
branch: pullRequest.base!.ref,
repository: pullRequest.base!.repo!.fullName,
sha: pullRequest.head!.sha,
late CiYaml ciYaml;
if (commit.branch == Config.defaultBranch(commit.slug)) {
final Commit totCommit = await generateTotCommit(slug: commit.slug, branch: Config.defaultBranch(commit.slug));
final CiYaml totYaml = await getCiYaml(totCommit);
ciYaml = await getCiYaml(commit, totCiYaml: totYaml);
} else {
ciYaml = await getCiYaml(commit);
final Iterable<Target> presubmitTargets = ciYaml.presubmitTargets.where((Target target) =>
target.value.scheduler == pb.SchedulerSystem.luci || target.value.scheduler == pb.SchedulerSystem.cocoon);
// Release branches should run every test.
if (pullRequest.base!.ref != Config.defaultBranch(pullRequest.base!.repo!.slug())) {
return presubmitTargets.toList();
// Filter builders based on the PR diff
final GithubService githubService = await config.createGithubService(commit.slug);
List<String> files = <String>[];
try {
files = await githubService.listFiles(pullRequest);
} on github.GitHubError catch (error) {
log.warning('Unable to get diff for pullRequest=$pullRequest');
log.warning('Running all targets');
return presubmitTargets.toList();
return await getTargetsToRun(presubmitTargets, files);
/// Reschedules a failed build using a [CheckRunEvent]. The CheckRunEvent is
/// generated when someone clicks the re-run button from a failed build from
/// the Github UI.
/// If the rerequested check is for [kCiYamlCheckName], all presubmit jobs are retried.
/// Otherwise, the specific check will be retried.
/// Relevant APIs:
Future<bool> processCheckRun(cocoon_checks.CheckRunEvent checkRunEvent) async {
switch (checkRunEvent.action) {
case 'rerequested':
final String? name = checkRunEvent.checkRun!.name;
bool success = false;
if (name == kCiYamlCheckName) {
final github.PullRequest pullRequest = checkRunEvent.checkRun!.pullRequests!.single;
await triggerPresubmitTargets(pullRequest: pullRequest);
success = true;
} else {
success = await luciBuildService.rescheduleUsingCheckRunEvent(checkRunEvent);
log.fine('CheckName: $name State: $success');
return success;
return true;
/// Push [Commit] to BigQuery as part of the infra metrics dashboards.
Future<void> _uploadToBigQuery(Commit commit) async {
const String projectId = 'flutter-dashboard';
const String dataset = 'cocoon';
const String table = 'Checklist';
final TabledataResource tabledataResource = await config.createTabledataResourceApi();
final List<Map<String, Object>> tableDataInsertAllRequestRows = <Map<String, Object>>[];
/// Consolidate [commits] together
/// Prepare for bigquery [insertAll]
tableDataInsertAllRequestRows.add(<String, Object>{
'json': <String, Object?>{
'CreateTimestamp': commit.timestamp,
'FlutterRepositoryPath': commit.repository,
'CommitSha': commit.sha!,
'CommitAuthorAvatarURL': commit.authorAvatarUrl,
'CommitMessage': commit.message,
'Branch': commit.branch,
/// Final [rows] to be inserted to [BigQuery]
final TableDataInsertAllRequest rows =
TableDataInsertAllRequest.fromJson(<String, Object>{'rows': tableDataInsertAllRequestRows});
/// Insert [commits] to [BigQuery]
try {
await tabledataResource.insertAll(rows, projectId, dataset, table);
} on ApiRequestError {
log.warning('Failed to add commits to BigQuery: $ApiRequestError');
/// Returns the tip of tree [Commit] using specified [branch] and [RepositorySlug].
/// A tip of tree [Commit] is used to help generate the tip of tree [CiYaml].
/// The generated tip of tree [CiYaml] will be compared against Presubmit Targets in current [CiYaml],
/// to ensure new targets without `bringup: true` label are not added into the build.
Future<Commit> generateTotCommit({required String branch, required RepositorySlug slug}) async {
datastore = datastoreProvider(config.db);
final BuildStatusService buildStatusService = buildStatusProvider(datastore);
final Commit totCommit = (await buildStatusService
limit: 1,
branch: branch,
slug: slug,
.map<Commit>((CommitStatus status) => status.commit)
return totCommit;