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# Provide instructions for google Cloud Build to auto-build flutter
# auto-submit bot to flutter-dashboard project. Auto-build will be triggered
# by daily schedule on `main` branch. This cloudbuild calls an additional
# cloudbuild configuration responsible for deployment.
# This job is for generating the docker image with build provenance,
# and the deployment job uses the generated docker image and deploys it to
# App Engine.
# Build docker image
- name: ''
args: ['build', '-t', '$PROJECT_ID/appengine/auto-submit.version-$SHORT_SHA', 'auto_submit']
# Trigger the cloud build that deploys the docker image
- name:
entrypoint: '/bin/bash'
- '-c'
- |-
gcloud builds submit \
--config auto_submit/cloudbuild_auto_submit_deploy.yaml \
--substitutions="SHORT_SHA=$SHORT_SHA" \
timeout: 1200s
images: ['$PROJECT_ID/appengine/auto-submit.version-$SHORT_SHA']
# If build provenance is not generated, the docker deployment will fail.
requestedVerifyOption: VERIFIED