This utility tool is used by LUCI infrastructure to manage the CIPD package for Doxygen.

It offers support for linux only at this time.


Building requires an installation of relatively new versions of bison and yacc, as well as cmake, make and a C++ compiler toolchain.


Doxygen is meant to be distributed via CIPD.

To create the CIPD package, first make sure that the build/ and doxygen_src/ folders do not exist.

The build script will download a specific version of Doxygen from the GitHub page of Doxygen releases.

Which version it downloads can be changed by changing the RELEASE variable inside of the build script.

Auto build

Every new commit will trigger pre-submit builders to auto build a new version for different platforms without any tag/ref.

When a new commit is submitted, post-submit builders will trigger a new version with a tag of commit_sha, and a ref of staging.

Manual build

Running tool/ will build an executable binary in the build/bin folder. Then push to cipd by running

cipd create -in build                   \
  -name flutter/doxygen/<os>-amd64 \
  -ref <ref>                     \
  -tag sha_timestamp:<revision>_<timestamp>
  • os: linux, mac, or windows.
  • ref: release or staging