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GitHub Issues Analysis

This is a command line program that downloads the entirety of a GitHub project's issues database and then runs certain analyses against the collected data.

It's not intended for production use; instead it is used to occasionally do scans of our repos, to learn about how things are going, to find users who are no longer active, to audit our use of labels, and so forth. For example, it was instrumental in the research that led to the Flutter project proposed new triage processes for 2023.

To use this tool, first create the following files in this directory:

.github-token: Personal access token with the resource owner “flutter”, set to have read-only access to all public repositories, and set to have access to “Organization permissions -> Members -> Read-only”.

members.txt: List of all people who are expected to be members of the flutter-hackers group, one to a line.

exmembers.txt: List of all people who were once members of the flutter-hackers group, but are not currently members, one to a line.

Then, run: dart run --enable-asserts bin/githubanalysis.dart

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