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@ECHO off
REM Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
REM Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
REM found in the LICENSE file.
REM ---------------------------------- NOTE ----------------------------------
REM Please keep the logic in this file consistent with the logic in the
REM `` script in the same directory to ensure that Flutter & Dart continue to
REM work across all platforms!
REM --------------------------------------------------------------------------
SET flutter_tools_dir=%FLUTTER_ROOT%\packages\flutter_tools
SET cache_dir=%FLUTTER_ROOT%\bin\cache
SET snapshot_path=%cache_dir%\flutter_tools.snapshot
SET snapshot_path_old=%cache_dir%\flutter_tools.snapshot.old
SET stamp_path=%cache_dir%\flutter_tools.stamp
SET script_path=%flutter_tools_dir%\bin\flutter_tools.dart
SET dart_sdk_path=%cache_dir%\dart-sdk
SET engine_stamp=%cache_dir%\engine-dart-sdk.stamp
SET engine_version_path=%FLUTTER_ROOT%\bin\internal\engine.version
SET pub_cache_path=%FLUTTER_ROOT%\.pub-cache
SET dart=%dart_sdk_path%\bin\dart.exe
REM Ensure that bin/cache exists.
IF NOT EXIST "%cache_dir%" MKDIR "%cache_dir%"
REM If the cache still doesn't exist, fail with an error that we probably don't have permissions.
IF NOT EXIST "%cache_dir%" (
ECHO Error: Unable to create cache directory at 1>&2
ECHO %cache_dir% 1>&2
ECHO. 1>&2
ECHO This may be because flutter doesn't have write permissions for 1>&2
ECHO this path. Try moving the flutter directory to a writable location, 1>&2
ECHO such as within your home directory. 1>&2
2>NUL (
REM "3" is now stderr because of "2>NUL".
CALL :subroutine %* 2>&3 9> "%cache_dir%\flutter.bat.lock" || GOTO acquire_lock
GOTO :after_subroutine
REM If present, run the bootstrap script first
SET bootstrap_path=%FLUTTER_ROOT%\bin\internal\bootstrap.bat
IF EXIST "%bootstrap_path%" (
CALL "%bootstrap_path%"
REM Check that git exists and get the revision
SET git_exists=false
2>NUL (
PUSHD "%flutter_root%"
FOR /f %%r IN ('git rev-parse HEAD') DO (
SET git_exists=true
SET revision=%%r
REM If git didn't execute we don't have git. Exit without /B to avoid retrying.
if %git_exists% == false echo Error: Unable to find git in your PATH. && EXIT 1
SET compilekey="%revision%:%FLUTTER_TOOL_ARGS%"
REM Invalidate cache if:
REM * SNAPSHOT_PATH is not a file, or
REM * STAMP_PATH is not a file, or
REM * STAMP_PATH is an empty file, or
REM * Contents of STAMP_PATH is not what we are going to compile, or
REM * pubspec.yaml last modified after pubspec.lock
REM The following IF conditions are all linked with a logical OR. However,
REM there is no OR operator in batch and a GOTO construct is used as replacement.
IF NOT EXIST "%engine_stamp%" GOTO do_sdk_update_and_snapshot
SET /P dart_required_version=<"%engine_version_path%"
SET /P dart_installed_version=<"%engine_stamp%"
IF %dart_required_version% NEQ %dart_installed_version% GOTO do_sdk_update_and_snapshot
IF NOT EXIST "%snapshot_path%" GOTO do_snapshot
IF NOT EXIST "%stamp_path%" GOTO do_snapshot
SET /P stamp_value=<"%stamp_path%"
IF %stamp_value% NEQ %compilekey% GOTO do_snapshot
SET pubspec_yaml_path=%flutter_tools_dir%\pubspec.yaml
SET pubspec_lock_path=%flutter_tools_dir%\pubspec.lock
FOR /F %%i IN ('DIR /B /O:D "%pubspec_yaml_path%" "%pubspec_lock_path%"') DO SET newer_file=%%i
FOR %%i IN (%pubspec_yaml_path%) DO SET pubspec_yaml_timestamp=%%~ti
FOR %%i IN (%pubspec_lock_path%) DO SET pubspec_lock_timestamp=%%~ti
IF "%pubspec_yaml_timestamp%" == "%pubspec_lock_timestamp%" SET newer_file=""
IF "%newer_file%" EQU "pubspec.yaml" GOTO do_snapshot
REM Everything is up-to-date - exit subroutine
REM Detect which PowerShell executable is available on the Host
REM PowerShell version <= 5: PowerShell.exe
REM PowerShell version >= 6: pwsh.exe
WHERE /Q pwsh.exe && (
SET powershell_executable=pwsh.exe
) || WHERE /Q PowerShell.exe && (
SET powershell_executable=PowerShell.exe
) || (
ECHO Error: PowerShell executable not found. 1>&2
ECHO Either pwsh.exe or PowerShell.exe must be in your PATH. 1>&2
ECHO Checking Dart SDK version... 1>&2
SET update_dart_bin=%FLUTTER_ROOT%\bin\internal\update_dart_sdk.ps1
REM Escape apostrophes from the executable path
SET "update_dart_bin=%update_dart_bin:'=''%"
REM PowerShell command must have exit code set in order to prevent all non-zero exit codes from being translated
REM into 1. The exit code 2 is used to detect the case where the major version is incorrect and there should be
REM no subsequent retries.
ECHO Downloading Dart SDK from Flutter engine %dart_required_version%... 1>&2
%powershell_executable% -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Command "Unblock-File -Path '%update_dart_bin%'; & '%update_dart_bin%'; exit $LASTEXITCODE;"
ECHO Error: Unable to update Dart SDK. Retrying... 1>&2
timeout /t 5 /nobreak
GOTO :do_sdk_update_and_snapshot
ECHO: > "%cache_dir%\.dartignore"
ECHO Building flutter tool... 1>&2
PUSHD "%flutter_tools_dir%"
REM Makes changes to PUB_ENVIRONMENT only visible to commands within SETLOCAL/ENDLOCAL
SET VERBOSITY=--verbosity=error
IF "%CI%" == "true" GOTO on_bot
IF "%BOT%" == "true" GOTO on_bot
IF "%CHROME_HEADLESS%" == "1" GOTO on_bot
GOTO not_on_bot
SET VERBOSITY=--verbosity=normal
IF "%PUB_CACHE%" == "" (
IF EXIST "%pub_cache_path%" SET PUB_CACHE=%pub_cache_path%
SET /A total_tries=10
SET /A remaining_tries=%total_tries%-1
ECHO Running pub upgrade... 1>&2
"%dart%" __deprecated_pub upgrade "%VERBOSITY%" --no-precompile
IF "%ERRORLEVEL%" EQU "0" goto :upgrade_succeeded
ECHO Error (%ERRORLEVEL%): Unable to 'pub upgrade' flutter tool. Retrying in five seconds... (%remaining_tries% tries left) 1>&2
timeout /t 5 /nobreak 2>NUL
SET /A remaining_tries-=1
IF "%remaining_tries%" EQU "0" GOTO upgrade_retries_exhausted
GOTO :retry_pub_upgrade
SET exit_code=%ERRORLEVEL%
ECHO Error: 'pub upgrade' still failing after %total_tries% tries. 1>&2
GOTO final_exit
REM Move the old snapshot - we can't just overwrite it as the VM might currently have it
REM memory mapped (e.g. on flutter upgrade), and deleting it might not work if the file
REM is in use. For downloading a new dart sdk the folder is moved, so we take the same
REM approach of moving the file here.
SET /A snapshot_path_suffix=1
IF EXIST "%snapshot_path_old%%snapshot_path_suffix%" (
SET /A snapshot_path_suffix+=1
GOTO move_old_snapshot
) ELSE (
IF EXIST "%snapshot_path%" (
MOVE "%snapshot_path%" "%snapshot_path_old%%snapshot_path_suffix%" 2> NUL > NUL
"%dart%" --verbosity=error --snapshot="%snapshot_path%" --snapshot-kind="app-jit" --packages="%flutter_tools_dir%\.dart_tool\package_config.json" --no-enable-mirrors "%script_path%" > NUL
) else (
"%dart%" "%FLUTTER_TOOL_ARGS%" --verbosity=error --snapshot="%snapshot_path%" --snapshot-kind="app-jit" --packages="%flutter_tools_dir%\.dart_tool\package_config.json" "%script_path%" > NUL
ECHO Error: Unable to create dart snapshot for flutter tool. 1>&2
SET exit_code=%ERRORLEVEL%
GOTO :final_exit
>"%stamp_path%" ECHO %compilekey%
REM Try to delete any old snapshots now. Swallow any errors though.
DEL "%snapshot_path%.old*" 2> NUL > NUL
REM Exit Subroutine
EXIT /B %exit_code%