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// Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:async';
import 'package:dds/dds.dart' as dds;
import 'package:meta/meta.dart';
import 'common.dart';
import 'context.dart';
import 'io.dart' as io;
import 'logger.dart';
// TODO(fujino): This should be direct injected, rather than mutable global state.
Future<dds.DartDevelopmentService> Function(
Uri remoteVmServiceUri, {
bool enableAuthCodes,
bool ipv6,
Uri? serviceUri,
List<String> cachedUserTags,
dds.UriConverter? uriConverter,
}) ddsLauncherCallback = dds.DartDevelopmentService.startDartDevelopmentService;
/// Helper class to launch a [dds.DartDevelopmentService]. Allows for us to
/// mock out this functionality for testing purposes.
class DartDevelopmentService {
dds.DartDevelopmentService? _ddsInstance;
Uri? get uri => _ddsInstance?.uri ?? _existingDdsUri;
Uri? _existingDdsUri;
Future<void> get done => _completer.future;
final Completer<void> _completer = Completer<void>();
Future<void> startDartDevelopmentService(
Uri observatoryUri, {
required Logger logger,
int? hostPort,
bool? ipv6,
bool? disableServiceAuthCodes,
bool cacheStartupProfile = false,
}) async {
final Uri ddsUri = Uri(
scheme: 'http',
host: ((ipv6 ?? false) ? io.InternetAddress.loopbackIPv6 : io.InternetAddress.loopbackIPv4).host,
port: hostPort ?? 0,
'Launching a Dart Developer Service (DDS) instance at $ddsUri, '
'connecting to VM service at $observatoryUri.',
try {
_ddsInstance = await ddsLauncherCallback(
serviceUri: ddsUri,
enableAuthCodes: disableServiceAuthCodes != true,
ipv6: ipv6 ?? false,
// Enables caching of CPU samples collected during application startup.
cachedUserTags: cacheStartupProfile ? const <String>['AppStartUp'] : const <String>[],
uriConverter: context.get<dds.UriConverter>(),
unawaited(_ddsInstance?.done.whenComplete(() {
if (!_completer.isCompleted) {
logger.printTrace('DDS is listening at ${_ddsInstance?.uri}.');
} on dds.DartDevelopmentServiceException catch (e) {
logger.printTrace('Warning: Failed to start DDS: ${e.message}');
if (e.errorCode == dds.DartDevelopmentServiceException.existingDdsInstanceError) {
try {
_existingDdsUri = Uri.parse(
e.message.split(' ').firstWhere((String e) => e.startsWith('http'))
} on StateError {
if (e.message.contains('Existing VM service clients prevent DDS from taking control.')) {
throwToolExit('${e.message}. Please rebuild your application with a newer version of Flutter.');
'DDS has failed to start and there is not an existing DDS instance '
'available to connect to. Please file an issue at '
'with the following error message:\n\n ${e.message}.'
// DDS was unable to start for an unknown reason. Raise a StateError
// so it can be reported by the crash reporter.
throw StateError(e.message);
if (!_completer.isCompleted) {
Future<void> shutdown() async => _ddsInstance?.shutdown();