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// Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import '../base/file_system.dart';
import '../base/logger.dart';
import '../convert.dart';
/// Represents a configured deferred component as defined in
/// the app's pubspec.yaml.
class DeferredComponent {
this.libraries = const <String>[],
this.assets = const <Uri>[],
}) : _assigned = false;
/// The name of the deferred component. There should be a matching
/// android dynamic feature module with the same name.
final String name;
/// The dart libraries this component includes as listed in pubspec.yaml.
/// This list is only of dart libraries manually configured to be in this component.
/// Valid libraries that are listed here will always be guaranteed to be
/// packaged in this component. However, libraries that are not listed here
/// may also be included if the loading units that are needed also contain
/// libraries that are not listed here.
final List<String> libraries;
/// Assets that are part of this component as a Uri relative to the project directory.
final List<Uri> assets;
/// The minimal set of [LoadingUnit]s needed that contain all of the dart libraries in
/// [libraries].
/// Each [LoadingUnit] contains the compiled code for a set of dart libraries. Each
/// [DeferredComponent] contains a list of dart libraries that must be included in the
/// component. The set [loadingUnits] is all of the [LoadingUnit]s needed such that
/// all required dart libs in [libraries] are in the union of the [LoadingUnit.libraries]
/// included by the loading units in [loadingUnits].
/// When [loadingUnits] is non-null, then the component is considered [assigned] and the
/// field [assigned] will be true. When [loadingUnits] is null, then the component is
/// unassigned and should not be used for any tasks that require loading unit information.
/// When using [loadingUnits], [assigned] should be checked first. Loading units can be
/// assigned with [assignLoadingUnits].
Set<LoadingUnit>? get loadingUnits => _loadingUnits;
Set<LoadingUnit>? _loadingUnits;
/// Indicates if the component has loading units assigned.
/// Unassigned components simply reflect the pubspec.yaml configuration directly,
/// contain no loading unit data, and [loadingUnits] is null. Once assigned, the component
/// will contain a set of [loadingUnits] which contains the [LoadingUnit]s that the
/// component needs to include. Loading units can be assigned with the [assignLoadingUnits]
/// call.
bool get assigned => _assigned;
bool _assigned;
/// Selects the [LoadingUnit]s that contain this component's dart libraries.
/// After calling this method, this [DeferredComponent] will be considered [assigned],
/// and [loadingUnits] will return a non-null result.
/// [LoadingUnit]s in `allLoadingUnits` that contain libraries that are in [libraries]
/// are added to the set [loadingUnits].
/// Providing null or empty list of `allLoadingUnits` will still change the assigned
/// status, but will result in [loadingUnits] returning an empty set.
void assignLoadingUnits(List<LoadingUnit> allLoadingUnits) {
_assigned = true;
_loadingUnits = <LoadingUnit>{};
if (allLoadingUnits == null) {
for (final String lib in libraries) {
for (final LoadingUnit loadingUnit in allLoadingUnits) {
if (loadingUnit.libraries.contains(lib)) {
/// Provides a human readable string representation of the
/// configuration.
String toString() {
final StringBuffer out = StringBuffer('\nDeferredComponent: $name\n Libraries:');
for (final String lib in libraries) {
out.write('\n - $lib');
if (loadingUnits != null && _assigned) {
out.write('\n LoadingUnits:');
for (final LoadingUnit loadingUnit in loadingUnits!) {
out.write('\n - ${}');
out.write('\n Assets:');
for (final Uri asset in assets) {
out.write('\n - ${asset.path}');
return out.toString();
/// Represents a single loading unit and holds information regarding it's id,
/// shared library path, and dart libraries in it.
class LoadingUnit {
/// Constructs a [LoadingUnit].
/// Loading units must include an [id] and [libraries]. The [path] is only present when
/// parsing the loading unit from a loading unit manifest produced by gen_snapshot.
required this.libraries,
/// The unique loading unit id that is used to identify the loading unit within dart.
final int id;
/// A list of dart libraries that the loading unit contains.
final List<String> libraries;
/// The output path of the shared library .so file created by gen_snapshot.
/// This value may be null when the loading unit is parsed from a
/// `deferred_components_golden.yaml` file, which does not store the path.
final String? path;
/// Returns a human readable string representation of this LoadingUnit, ignoring
/// the [path] field. The [path] is not included as it is not relevant when the
String toString() {
final StringBuffer out = StringBuffer('\nLoadingUnit $id\n Libraries:');
for (final String lib in libraries) {
out.write('\n - $lib');
return out.toString();
/// Returns true if the other loading unit has the same [id] and the same set of [libraries],
/// ignoring order.
bool equalsIgnoringPath(LoadingUnit other) {
return == id && other.libraries.toSet().containsAll(libraries);
/// Parses the loading unit manifests from the [outputDir] of the latest
/// gen_snapshot/assemble run.
/// This will read all existing loading units for every provided abi. If no abis are
/// provided, loading units for all abis will be parsed.
static List<LoadingUnit> parseGeneratedLoadingUnits(Directory outputDir, Logger logger, {List<String>? abis}) {
final List<LoadingUnit> loadingUnits = <LoadingUnit>[];
final List<FileSystemEntity> files = outputDir.listSync(recursive: true);
for (final FileSystemEntity fileEntity in files) {
if (fileEntity is File) {
final File file = fileEntity;
// Determine if the abi is one we build.
bool matchingAbi = abis == null;
if (abis != null) {
for (final String abi in abis) {
if (file.parent.path.endsWith(abi)) {
matchingAbi = true;
if (!file.path.endsWith('manifest.json') || !matchingAbi) {
loadingUnits.addAll(parseLoadingUnitManifest(file, logger));
return loadingUnits;
/// Parses loading units from a single loading unit manifest json file.
/// Returns an empty list if the manifestFile does not exist or is invalid.
static List<LoadingUnit> parseLoadingUnitManifest(File manifestFile, Logger logger) {
if (!manifestFile.existsSync()) {
return <LoadingUnit>[];
// Read gen_snapshot manifest
final String fileString = manifestFile.readAsStringSync();
Map<String, dynamic>? manifest;
try {
manifest = jsonDecode(fileString) as Map<String, dynamic>;
} on FormatException catch (e) {
logger.printError('Loading unit manifest at `${manifestFile.path}` was invalid JSON:\n$e');
final List<LoadingUnit> loadingUnits = <LoadingUnit>[];
// Setup android source directory
if (manifest != null) {
for (final dynamic loadingUnitMetadata in manifest['loadingUnits'] as List<dynamic>) {
final Map<String, dynamic> loadingUnitMap = loadingUnitMetadata as Map<String, dynamic>;
if (loadingUnitMap['id'] == 1) {
continue; // Skip base unit
id: loadingUnitMap['id'] as int,
path: loadingUnitMap['path'] as String,
libraries: List<String>.from(loadingUnitMap['libraries'] as List<dynamic>)),
return loadingUnits;