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// Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:math' as math;
import 'package:flutter/widgets.dart';
import 'ink_well.dart';
import 'material.dart';
const Duration _kUnconfirmedSplashDuration = Duration(seconds: 1);
const Duration _kSplashFadeDuration = Duration(milliseconds: 200);
const double _kSplashInitialSize = 0.0; // logical pixels
const double _kSplashConfirmedVelocity = 1.0; // logical pixels per millisecond
RectCallback? _getClipCallback(RenderBox referenceBox, bool containedInkWell, RectCallback? rectCallback) {
if (rectCallback != null) {
return rectCallback;
if (containedInkWell) {
return () => & referenceBox.size;
return null;
double _getTargetRadius(RenderBox referenceBox, bool containedInkWell, RectCallback? rectCallback, Offset position) {
if (containedInkWell) {
final Size size = rectCallback != null ? rectCallback().size : referenceBox.size;
return _getSplashRadiusForPositionInSize(size, position);
return Material.defaultSplashRadius;
double _getSplashRadiusForPositionInSize(Size bounds, Offset position) {
final double d1 = (position - bounds.topLeft(;
final double d2 = (position - bounds.topRight(;
final double d3 = (position - bounds.bottomLeft(;
final double d4 = (position - bounds.bottomRight(;
return math.max(math.max(d1, d2), math.max(d3, d4)).ceilToDouble();
class _InkSplashFactory extends InteractiveInkFeatureFactory {
const _InkSplashFactory();
InteractiveInkFeature create({
required MaterialInkController controller,
required RenderBox referenceBox,
required Offset position,
required Color color,
required TextDirection textDirection,
bool containedInkWell = false,
RectCallback? rectCallback,
BorderRadius? borderRadius,
ShapeBorder? customBorder,
double? radius,
VoidCallback? onRemoved,
}) {
return InkSplash(
controller: controller,
referenceBox: referenceBox,
position: position,
color: color,
containedInkWell: containedInkWell,
rectCallback: rectCallback,
borderRadius: borderRadius,
customBorder: customBorder,
radius: radius,
onRemoved: onRemoved,
textDirection: textDirection,
/// A visual reaction on a piece of [Material] to user input.
/// A circular ink feature whose origin starts at the input touch point
/// and whose radius expands from zero.
/// This object is rarely created directly. Instead of creating an ink splash
/// directly, consider using an [InkResponse] or [InkWell] widget, which uses
/// gestures (such as tap and long-press) to trigger ink splashes.
/// See also:
/// * [InkRipple], which is an ink splash feature that expands more
/// aggressively than this class does.
/// * [InkResponse], which uses gestures to trigger ink highlights and ink
/// splashes in the parent [Material].
/// * [InkWell], which is a rectangular [InkResponse] (the most common type of
/// ink response).
/// * [Material], which is the widget on which the ink splash is painted.
/// * [InkHighlight], which is an ink feature that emphasizes a part of a
/// [Material].
/// * [Ink], a convenience widget for drawing images and other decorations on
/// Material widgets.
class InkSplash extends InteractiveInkFeature {
/// Begin a splash, centered at position relative to [referenceBox].
/// The [controller] argument is typically obtained via
/// `Material.of(context)`.
/// If `containedInkWell` is true, then the splash will be sized to fit
/// the well rectangle, then clipped to it when drawn. The well
/// rectangle is the box returned by `rectCallback`, if provided, or
/// otherwise is the bounds of the [referenceBox].
/// If `containedInkWell` is false, then `rectCallback` should be null.
/// The ink splash is clipped only to the edges of the [Material].
/// This is the default.
/// When the splash is removed, `onRemoved` will be called.
required MaterialInkController controller,
required super.referenceBox,
required TextDirection textDirection,
Offset? position,
required Color color,
bool containedInkWell = false,
RectCallback? rectCallback,
BorderRadius? borderRadius,
double? radius,
}) : _position = position,
_borderRadius = borderRadius ??,
_targetRadius = radius ?? _getTargetRadius(referenceBox, containedInkWell, rectCallback, position!),
_clipCallback = _getClipCallback(referenceBox, containedInkWell, rectCallback),
_repositionToReferenceBox = !containedInkWell,
_textDirection = textDirection,
super(controller: controller, color: color) {
_radiusController = AnimationController(duration: _kUnconfirmedSplashDuration, vsync: controller.vsync)
_radius =<double>(
begin: _kSplashInitialSize,
end: _targetRadius,
_alphaController = AnimationController(duration: _kSplashFadeDuration, vsync: controller.vsync)
_alpha = _alphaController!.drive(IntTween(
begin: color.alpha,
end: 0,
final Offset? _position;
final BorderRadius _borderRadius;
final double _targetRadius;
final RectCallback? _clipCallback;
final bool _repositionToReferenceBox;
final TextDirection _textDirection;
late Animation<double> _radius;
late AnimationController _radiusController;
late Animation<int> _alpha;
AnimationController? _alphaController;
/// Used to specify this type of ink splash for an [InkWell], [InkResponse],
/// material [Theme], or [ButtonStyle].
static const InteractiveInkFeatureFactory splashFactory = _InkSplashFactory();
void confirm() {
final int duration = (_targetRadius / _kSplashConfirmedVelocity).floor();
..duration = Duration(milliseconds: duration)
void cancel() {
void _handleAlphaStatusChanged(AnimationStatus status) {
if (status == AnimationStatus.completed) {
void dispose() {
_alphaController = null;
void paintFeature(Canvas canvas, Matrix4 transform) {
final Paint paint = Paint()..color = color.withAlpha(_alpha.value);
Offset? center = _position;
if (_repositionToReferenceBox) {
center = Offset.lerp(center,, _radiusController.value);
canvas: canvas,
transform: transform,
paint: paint,
center: center!,
textDirection: _textDirection,
radius: _radius.value,
customBorder: customBorder,
borderRadius: _borderRadius,
clipCallback: _clipCallback,