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// Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'project.dart';
/// Extracts the `BINARY_NAME` from a project's CMake file.
/// Returns `null` if it cannot be found.
String getCmakeExecutableName(CmakeBasedProject project) {
if (!project.cmakeFile.existsSync()) {
return null;
final RegExp nameSetPattern = RegExp(r'^\s*set\(BINARY_NAME\s*"(.*)"\s*\)\s*$');
for (final String line in project.cmakeFile.readAsLinesSync()) {
final RegExpMatch match = nameSetPattern.firstMatch(line);
if (match != null) {
return null;
String _escapeBackslashes(String s) {
return s.replaceAll(r'\', r'\\');
/// Writes a generated CMake configuration file for [project], including
/// variables expected by the build template and an environment variable list
/// for calling back into Flutter.
void writeGeneratedCmakeConfig(String flutterRoot, CmakeBasedProject project, Map<String, String> environment) {
// Only a limited set of variables are needed by the CMake files themselves,
// the rest are put into a list to pass to the re-entrant build step.
final String escapedFlutterRoot = _escapeBackslashes(flutterRoot);
final String escapedProjectDir = _escapeBackslashes(;
final StringBuffer buffer = StringBuffer('''
# Generated code do not commit.
file(TO_CMAKE_PATH "$escapedFlutterRoot" FLUTTER_ROOT)
file(TO_CMAKE_PATH "$escapedProjectDir" PROJECT_DIR)
# Environment variables to pass to
for (final String key in environment.keys) {
final String value = _escapeBackslashes(environment[key]);
buffer.writeln(' "$key=\\"$value\\""');
..createSync(recursive: true)