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  1. app/
  2. app_shared/
  3. app_test_widget/
  4. cocoapods/
  5. module/
  6. package/
  7. plugin/
  8. plugin_ffi/
  9. plugin_shared/
  10. skeleton/
  12. template_manifest.json

This directory contains templates for flutter create.

The *_shared subdirectories provide files for multiple templates.

  • app_shared for app and skeleton.
  • plugin_shared for (method channel) plugin and plugin_ffi.

For example, there are two app templates: app (the counter app) and skeleton (the more advanced list view/detail view app).

┌─────┐    ┌──────────┐
 app      skeleton 
└─────┘    └──────────┘

Thanks to app_shared, the templates for app and skeleton can contain only the files that are specific to them alone, and the rest is automatically kept in sync.