Token Defaults Generator

Script that generates widget component theme data defaults based on the Material Token database. These tokens were extracted into a JSON file from an internal Google database.


Run this program from the root of the git repository:

dart dev/tools/gen_defaults/bin/gen_defaults.dart


There is a template file for every component that needs defaults from the token database. These templates are implemented as subclasses of TokenTemplate. This base class provides some utilities and a structure for adding a new block of generated code to the bottom of a given file.

Templates need to override the generate method to provide the generated code block as a string. The tokens are represented as a Map<String, dynamic> that is loaded from data/material-tokens.json. Templates can look up whatever properties are needed in this structure to provide the properties needed for the component.

See lib/fab_template.dart for an example that generates defaults for the Floating Action Button.