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  1. .dartignore
  2. analysis_options.yaml
  3. cupertino.dart
  4. cupertino.dart.expect
  5. gestures.dart
  6. gestures.dart.expect
  7. material.dart
  8. material.dart.expect
  10. rendering.dart
  11. rendering.dart.expect
  12. services.dart
  13. services.dart.expect
  14. widgets.dart
  15. widgets.dart.expect

Directory contents

The Dart files and golden master .expect files in this directory are used to test the dart fix framework refactorings used by the Flutter framework.

See the flutter/packages/flutter/lib/fix_data.yaml file for the current package:flutter data driven fixes.

To run these tests locally, execute this command in the flutter/packages/flutter/test_fixes directory.

dart fix --compare-to-golden

For more documentation about this folder, see

When making structural changes to this directory

Note that the tests in this directory are also invoked from external repositories. Specifically, the CI system for the dart-lang/sdk repo runs these tests in order to ensure that changes to the dart fix file format do not break Flutter.

See tools/bots/flutter/ for where the tests are invoked.

When possible, please coordinate changes to this directory that might affect the script.