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  2. ios/
  3. lib/
  4. macos/
  5. raw/
  6. rendering/
  7. services/
  8. test/
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Examples of Flutter's layered architecture

This directory contains several self-contained examples that illustrate Flutter's layered architecture.

  • raw/ These examples show how to program against the lowest layer of the system. They manually receive input packets and construct composited scenes.

  • rendering/ These examples use Flutter's render tree to structure your app using a retained tree of visual objects. These objects coordinate to determine their size and position on screen and to handle events.

  • widgets/ These examples use Flutter's widgets to build more elaborate apps using a reactive framework.

  • services/ These examples use services available in Flutter to interact with the host platform.

To run each example, specify the demo file on the flutter run command line, for example:

flutter run raw/spinning_square.dart
flutter run rendering/spinning_square.dart
flutter run widgets/spinning_square.dart