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// Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:ui';
/// The maximum amount of time considered safe to spend for a frame's build
/// phase. Anything past that is in the danger of missing the frame as 60FPS.
/// Changing this doesn't re-evaluate existing summary.
Duration kBuildBudget = const Duration(milliseconds: 16);
// TODO(CareF): Automatically calculate the refresh budget (#61958)
/// This class and summarizes a list of [FrameTiming] for the performance
/// metrics.
class FrameTimingSummarizer {
/// Summarize `data` to frame build time and frame rasterizer time statistics.
/// See [TimelineSummary.summaryJson] for detail.
factory FrameTimingSummarizer(List<FrameTiming> data) {
assert(data != null);
final List<Duration> frameBuildTime = List<Duration>.unmodifiable(<Duration>((FrameTiming datum) => datum.buildDuration),
final List<Duration> frameBuildTimeSorted =
final List<Duration> frameRasterizerTime = List<Duration>.unmodifiable(<Duration>((FrameTiming datum) => datum.rasterDuration),
final List<Duration> frameRasterizerTimeSorted =
final List<Duration> vsyncOverhead = List<Duration>.unmodifiable(<Duration>((FrameTiming datum) => datum.vsyncOverhead),
final List<Duration> vsyncOverheadSorted =
final Duration Function(Duration, Duration) add =
(Duration a, Duration b) => a + b;
return FrameTimingSummarizer._(
frameBuildTime: frameBuildTime,
frameRasterizerTime: frameRasterizerTime,
vsyncOverhead: vsyncOverhead,
// This average calculation is microsecond precision, which is fine
// because typical values of these times are milliseconds.
averageFrameBuildTime: frameBuildTime.reduce(add) ~/ data.length,
p90FrameBuildTime: _findPercentile(frameBuildTimeSorted, 0.90),
p99FrameBuildTime: _findPercentile(frameBuildTimeSorted, 0.99),
worstFrameBuildTime: frameBuildTimeSorted.last,
missedFrameBuildBudget: _countExceed(frameBuildTimeSorted, kBuildBudget),
frameRasterizerTime.reduce(add) ~/ data.length,
p90FrameRasterizerTime: _findPercentile(frameRasterizerTimeSorted, 0.90),
p99FrameRasterizerTime: _findPercentile(frameRasterizerTimeSorted, 0.99),
worstFrameRasterizerTime: frameRasterizerTimeSorted.last,
_countExceed(frameRasterizerTimeSorted, kBuildBudget),
averageVsyncOverhead: vsyncOverhead.reduce(add) ~/ data.length,
p90VsyncOverhead: _findPercentile(vsyncOverheadSorted, 0.90),
p99VsyncOverhead: _findPercentile(vsyncOverheadSorted, 0.99),
worstVsyncOverhead: vsyncOverheadSorted.last,
const FrameTimingSummarizer._({
required this.frameBuildTime,
required this.frameRasterizerTime,
required this.averageFrameBuildTime,
required this.p90FrameBuildTime,
required this.p99FrameBuildTime,
required this.worstFrameBuildTime,
required this.missedFrameBuildBudget,
required this.averageFrameRasterizerTime,
required this.p90FrameRasterizerTime,
required this.p99FrameRasterizerTime,
required this.worstFrameRasterizerTime,
required this.missedFrameRasterizerBudget,
required this.vsyncOverhead,
required this.averageVsyncOverhead,
required this.p90VsyncOverhead,
required this.p99VsyncOverhead,
required this.worstVsyncOverhead,
/// List of frame build time in microseconds
final List<Duration> frameBuildTime;
/// List of frame rasterizer time in microseconds
final List<Duration> frameRasterizerTime;
/// List of the time difference between vsync signal and frame building start
/// time
final List<Duration> vsyncOverhead;
/// The average value of [frameBuildTime] in milliseconds.
final Duration averageFrameBuildTime;
/// The 90-th percentile value of [frameBuildTime] in milliseconds
final Duration p90FrameBuildTime;
/// The 99-th percentile value of [frameBuildTime] in milliseconds
final Duration p99FrameBuildTime;
/// The largest value of [frameBuildTime] in milliseconds
final Duration worstFrameBuildTime;
/// Number of items in [frameBuildTime] that's greater than [kBuildBudget]
final int missedFrameBuildBudget;
/// The average value of [frameRasterizerTime] in milliseconds.
final Duration averageFrameRasterizerTime;
/// The 90-th percentile value of [frameRasterizerTime] in milliseconds.
final Duration p90FrameRasterizerTime;
/// The 99-th percentile value of [frameRasterizerTime] in milliseconds.
final Duration p99FrameRasterizerTime;
/// The largest value of [frameRasterizerTime] in milliseconds.
final Duration worstFrameRasterizerTime;
/// Number of items in [frameRasterizerTime] that's greater than [kBuildBudget]
final int missedFrameRasterizerBudget;
/// The average value of [vsyncOverhead];
final Duration averageVsyncOverhead;
/// The 90-th percentile value of [vsyncOverhead] in milliseconds
final Duration p90VsyncOverhead;
/// The 99-th percentile value of [vsyncOverhead] in milliseconds
final Duration p99VsyncOverhead;
/// The largest value of [vsyncOverhead] in milliseconds.
final Duration worstVsyncOverhead;
/// Convert the summary result to a json object.
/// See [TimelineSummary.summaryJson] for detail.
Map<String, dynamic> get summary => <String, dynamic>{
averageFrameBuildTime.inMicroseconds / 1E3,
p90FrameBuildTime.inMicroseconds / 1E3,
p99FrameBuildTime.inMicroseconds / 1E3,
worstFrameBuildTime.inMicroseconds / 1E3,
'missed_frame_build_budget_count': missedFrameBuildBudget,
averageFrameRasterizerTime.inMicroseconds / 1E3,
p90FrameRasterizerTime.inMicroseconds / 1E3,
p99FrameRasterizerTime.inMicroseconds / 1E3,
worstFrameRasterizerTime.inMicroseconds / 1E3,
'missed_frame_rasterizer_budget_count': missedFrameRasterizerBudget,
'frame_count': frameBuildTime.length,
'frame_build_times': frameBuildTime
.map<int>((Duration datum) => datum.inMicroseconds)
'frame_rasterizer_times': frameRasterizerTime
.map<int>((Duration datum) => datum.inMicroseconds)
// The following helper functions require data sorted
// return the 100*p-th percentile of the data
T _findPercentile<T>(List<T> data, double p) {
assert(p >= 0 && p <= 1);
return data[((data.length - 1) * p).round()];
// return the number of items in data that > threshold
int _countExceed<T extends Comparable<T>>(List<T> data, T threshold) {
return data.length -
data.indexWhere((T datum) => datum.compareTo(threshold) > 0);