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  1. fix_flutter_test/
  3. template.yaml

Directory contents

The .yaml files in these directories are used to define the dart fix framework refactorings used by flutter_test.

The number of fix rules defined in a file should not exceed 50 for better maintainability. Searching for title: in a given .yaml file will account for the number of fixes. Splitting out fix rules should be done by class.

When adding a new .yaml file, make a copy of template.yaml. Each file should be for a single class and named fix_<class>.yaml. To make sure each file is grouped with related classes, a fix_<filename> folder will contain all of the fix files for the individual classes.

See the flutter/packages/flutter_test/test_fixes directory for the tests that validate these fix rules.

To run these tests locally, execute this command in the flutter/packages/flutter_test/test_fixes directory.

dart fix --compare-to-golden

For more documentation about Data Driven Fixes, see

To learn more about how fixes are authored in package:flutter_test, see

When making structural changes to this directory

The tests in this directory are also invoked from external repositories. Specifically, the CI system for the dart-lang/sdk repo runs these tests in order to ensure that changes to the dart fix file format do not break Flutter.

See tools/bots/flutter/ for where the flutter fix tests are invoked for the dart repo.

See dev/bots/test.dart for where the flutter fix tests are invoked for the flutter/flutter repo.

When possible, please coordinate changes to this directory that might affect the script.