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// Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Do not add package imports to this file.
import 'dart:convert'; // flutter_ignore: dart_convert_import.
import 'dart:io'; // flutter_ignore: dart_io_import.
/// Executes the required Flutter tasks for a desktop build.
Future<void> main(List<String> arguments) async {
final String targetPlatform = arguments[0];
final String buildMode = arguments[1].toLowerCase();
final String? dartDefines = Platform.environment['DART_DEFINES'];
final bool dartObfuscation = Platform.environment['DART_OBFUSCATION'] == 'true';
final String? extraFrontEndOptions = Platform.environment['EXTRA_FRONT_END_OPTIONS'];
final String? extraGenSnapshotOptions = Platform.environment['EXTRA_GEN_SNAPSHOT_OPTIONS'];
final String? flutterEngine = Platform.environment['FLUTTER_ENGINE'];
final String? flutterRoot = Platform.environment['FLUTTER_ROOT'];
final String flutterTarget = Platform.environment['FLUTTER_TARGET']
?? pathJoin(<String>['lib', 'main.dart']);
final String? codeSizeDirectory = Platform.environment['CODE_SIZE_DIRECTORY'];
final String? localEngine = Platform.environment['LOCAL_ENGINE'];
final String? projectDirectory = Platform.environment['PROJECT_DIR'];
final String? splitDebugInfo = Platform.environment['SPLIT_DEBUG_INFO'];
final String? bundleSkSLPath = Platform.environment['BUNDLE_SKSL_PATH'];
final bool trackWidgetCreation = Platform.environment['TRACK_WIDGET_CREATION'] == 'true';
final bool treeShakeIcons = Platform.environment['TREE_SHAKE_ICONS'] == 'true';
final bool verbose = Platform.environment['VERBOSE_SCRIPT_LOGGING'] == 'true';
final bool prefixedErrors = Platform.environment['PREFIXED_ERROR_LOGGING'] == 'true';
if (projectDirectory == null) {
stderr.write('PROJECT_DIR environment variable must be set to the location of Flutter project to be built.');
if (flutterRoot == null || flutterRoot.isEmpty) {
stderr.write('FLUTTER_ROOT environment variable must be set to the location of the Flutter SDK.');
Directory.current = projectDirectory;
if (localEngine != null && !localEngine.contains(buildMode)) {
ERROR: Requested build with Flutter local engine at '$localEngine'
This engine is not compatible with FLUTTER_BUILD_MODE: '$buildMode'.
You can fix this by updating the LOCAL_ENGINE environment variable, or
by running:
flutter build <platform> --local-engine=host_$buildMode
flutter build <platform> --local-engine=host_${buildMode}_unopt
final String flutterExecutable = pathJoin(<String>[
if (Platform.isWindows)
final String bundlePlatform = targetPlatform.startsWith('windows') ? 'windows' : targetPlatform;
final String target = '${buildMode}_bundle_${bundlePlatform}_assets';
final Process assembleProcess = await Process.start(
if (verbose)
if (prefixedErrors)
if (flutterEngine != null) '--local-engine-src-path=$flutterEngine',
if (localEngine != null) '--local-engine=$localEngine',
if (bundleSkSLPath != null)
if (codeSizeDirectory != null)
if (splitDebugInfo != null)
if (dartDefines != null)
if (extraGenSnapshotOptions != null)
if (extraFrontEndOptions != null)
.transform(const LineSplitter())
.transform(const LineSplitter())
if (await assembleProcess.exitCode != 0) {
/// Perform a simple path join on the segments based on the current platform.
/// Does not normalize paths that have repeated separators.
String pathJoin(List<String> segments) {
final String separator = Platform.isWindows ? r'\' : '/';
return segments.join(separator);