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// Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:args/args.dart';
import 'package:args/command_runner.dart';
import 'package:completion/completion.dart';
import 'package:file/file.dart';
import '../artifacts.dart';
import '../base/common.dart';
import '../base/context.dart';
import '../base/file_system.dart';
import '../base/terminal.dart';
import '../base/user_messages.dart';
import '../base/utils.dart';
import '../cache.dart';
import '../convert.dart';
import '../globals.dart' as globals;
import '../tester/flutter_tester.dart';
import '../version.dart';
import '../web/web_device.dart';
/// Common flutter command line options.
abstract final class FlutterGlobalOptions {
static const String kColorFlag = 'color';
static const String kContinuousIntegrationFlag = 'ci';
static const String kDeviceIdOption = 'device-id';
static const String kDisableTelemetryFlag = 'disable-telemetry';
static const String kEnableTelemetryFlag = 'enable-telemetry';
static const String kLocalEngineOption = 'local-engine';
static const String kLocalEngineSrcPathOption = 'local-engine-src-path';
static const String kLocalEngineHostOption = 'local-engine-host';
static const String kLocalWebSDKOption = 'local-web-sdk';
static const String kMachineFlag = 'machine';
static const String kPackagesOption = 'packages';
static const String kPrefixedErrorsFlag = 'prefixed-errors';
static const String kQuietFlag = 'quiet';
static const String kShowTestDeviceFlag = 'show-test-device';
static const String kShowWebServerDeviceFlag = 'show-web-server-device';
static const String kSuppressAnalyticsFlag = 'suppress-analytics';
static const String kVerboseFlag = 'verbose';
static const String kVersionCheckFlag = 'version-check';
static const String kVersionFlag = 'version';
static const String kWrapColumnOption = 'wrap-column';
static const String kWrapFlag = 'wrap';
class FlutterCommandRunner extends CommandRunner<void> {
FlutterCommandRunner({ bool verboseHelp = false }) : super(
'Manage your Flutter app development.\n'
'Common commands:\n'
' flutter create <output directory>\n'
' Create a new Flutter project in the specified directory.\n'
' flutter run [options]\n'
' Run your Flutter application on an attached device or in an emulator.',
) {
abbr: 'v',
negatable: false,
help: 'Noisy logging, including all shell commands executed.\n'
'If used with "--help", shows hidden options. '
'If used with "flutter doctor", shows additional diagnostic information. '
'(Use "-vv" to force verbose logging in those cases.)');
negatable: false,
help: 'Causes lines sent to stderr to be prefixed with "ERROR:".',
hide: !verboseHelp);
negatable: false,
hide: !verboseHelp,
help: 'Reduce the amount of output from some commands.');
hide: !verboseHelp,
help: 'Toggles output word wrapping, regardless of whether or not the output is a terminal.',
defaultsTo: true);
hide: !verboseHelp,
help: 'Sets the output wrap column. If not set, uses the width of the terminal. No '
'wrapping occurs if not writing to a terminal. Use "--no-wrap" to turn off wrapping '
'when connected to a terminal.');
abbr: 'd',
help: 'Target device id or name (prefixes allowed).');
negatable: false,
help: 'Reports the version of this tool.');
negatable: false,
hide: !verboseHelp,
help: 'When used with the "--version" flag, outputs the information using JSON.');
hide: !verboseHelp,
help: 'Whether to use terminal colors (requires support for ANSI escape sequences).',
defaultsTo: true);
defaultsTo: true,
hide: !verboseHelp,
help: 'Allow Flutter to check for updates when this command runs.');
negatable: false,
help: 'Suppress analytics reporting for the current CLI invocation.');
negatable: false,
help: 'Disable telemetry reporting each time a flutter or dart '
'command runs, until it is re-enabled.');
negatable: false,
help: 'Enable telemetry reporting each time a flutter or dart '
'command runs.');
hide: !verboseHelp,
help: 'Path to your "package_config.json" file.');
if (verboseHelp) {
argParser.addSeparator('Local build selection options (not normally required):');
hide: !verboseHelp,
help: 'Path to your engine src directory, if you are building Flutter locally.\n'
'Defaults to \$$kFlutterEngineEnvironmentVariableName if set, otherwise defaults to '
'the path given in your pubspec.yaml dependency_overrides for $kFlutterEnginePackageName, '
'if any.');
hide: !verboseHelp,
help: 'Name of a build output within the engine out directory, if you are building Flutter locally.\n'
'Use this to select a specific version of the engine if you have built multiple engine targets.\n'
'This path is relative to "--local-engine-src-path" (see above).');
hide: !verboseHelp,
help: 'The host operating system for which engine artifacts should be selected, if you are building Flutter locally.\n'
'This is only used when "--local-engine" is also specified.\n'
'By default, the host is determined automatically, but you may need to specify this if you are building on one '
'platform (e.g. MacOS ARM64) but intend to run Flutter on another (e.g. Android).');
hide: !verboseHelp,
help: 'Name of a build output within the engine out directory, if you are building Flutter locally.\n'
'Use this to select a specific version of the web sdk if you have built multiple engine targets.\n'
'This path is relative to "--local-engine-src-path" (see above).');
if (verboseHelp) {
argParser.addSeparator('Options for testing the "flutter" tool itself:');
negatable: false,
hide: !verboseHelp,
help: 'List the special "flutter-tester" device in device listings. '
'This headless device is used to test Flutter tooling.');
negatable: false,
hide: !verboseHelp,
help: 'List the special "web-server" device in device listings.',
negatable: false,
help: 'Enable a set of CI-specific test debug settings.',
hide: !verboseHelp,
ArgParser get argParser => _argParser;
final ArgParser _argParser = ArgParser(
allowTrailingOptions: false,
usageLineLength: globals.outputPreferences.wrapText ? globals.outputPreferences.wrapColumn : null,
String get usageFooter {
return wrapText('Run "flutter help -v" for verbose help output, including less commonly used options.',
columnWidth: globals.outputPreferences.wrapColumn,
shouldWrap: globals.outputPreferences.wrapText,
String get usage {
final String usageWithoutDescription = super.usage.substring(description.length + 2);
final String prefix = wrapText(description,
shouldWrap: globals.outputPreferences.wrapText,
columnWidth: globals.outputPreferences.wrapColumn,
return '$prefix\n\n$usageWithoutDescription';
ArgResults parse(Iterable<String> args) {
try {
// This is where the CommandRunner would call argParser.parse(args). We
// override this function so we can call tryArgsCompletion instead, so the
// completion package can interrogate the argParser, and as part of that,
// it calls argParser.parse(args) itself and returns the result.
return tryArgsCompletion(args.toList(), argParser);
} on ArgParserException catch (error) {
if (error.commands.isEmpty) {
Command<void>? command = commands[error.commands.first];
for (final String commandName in error.commands.skip(1)) {
command = command?.subcommands[commandName];
Future<void> run(Iterable<String> args) {
// Have invocations of 'build', 'custom-devices', and 'pub' print out
// their sub-commands.
// TODO(ianh): Move this to the Build command itself somehow.
if (args.length == 1) {
if (args.first == 'build') {
args = <String>['build', '-h'];
} else if (args.first == 'custom-devices') {
args = <String>['custom-devices', '-h'];
} else if (args.first == 'pub') {
args = <String>['pub', '-h'];
Future<void> runCommand(ArgResults topLevelResults) async {
final Map<Type, Object?> contextOverrides = <Type, Object?>{};
// If the flag for enabling or disabling telemetry is passed in,
// we will return out
if (topLevelResults.wasParsed(FlutterGlobalOptions.kDisableTelemetryFlag) ||
topLevelResults.wasParsed(FlutterGlobalOptions.kEnableTelemetryFlag)) {
// Don't set wrapColumns unless the user said to: if it's set, then all
// wrapping will occur at this width explicitly, and won't adapt if the
// terminal size changes during a run.
int? wrapColumn;
if (topLevelResults.wasParsed(FlutterGlobalOptions.kWrapColumnOption)) {
try {
wrapColumn = int.parse(topLevelResults[FlutterGlobalOptions.kWrapColumnOption] as String);
if (wrapColumn < 0) {
} on FormatException {
// If we're not writing to a terminal with a defined width, then don't wrap
// anything, unless the user explicitly said to.
final bool useWrapping = topLevelResults.wasParsed(FlutterGlobalOptions.kWrapFlag)
? topLevelResults[FlutterGlobalOptions.kWrapFlag] as bool
: globals.stdio.terminalColumns != null && topLevelResults[FlutterGlobalOptions.kWrapFlag] as bool;
contextOverrides[OutputPreferences] = OutputPreferences(
wrapText: useWrapping,
showColor: topLevelResults[FlutterGlobalOptions.kColorFlag] as bool?,
wrapColumn: wrapColumn,
if (((topLevelResults[FlutterGlobalOptions.kShowTestDeviceFlag] as bool?) ?? false)
|| topLevelResults[FlutterGlobalOptions.kDeviceIdOption] == FlutterTesterDevices.kTesterDeviceId) {
FlutterTesterDevices.showFlutterTesterDevice = true;
if (((topLevelResults[FlutterGlobalOptions.kShowWebServerDeviceFlag] as bool?) ?? false)
|| topLevelResults[FlutterGlobalOptions.kDeviceIdOption] == WebServerDevice.kWebServerDeviceId) {
WebServerDevice.showWebServerDevice = true;
// Set up the tooling configuration.
final EngineBuildPaths? engineBuildPaths = await globals.localEngineLocator?.findEnginePath(
engineSourcePath: topLevelResults[FlutterGlobalOptions.kLocalEngineSrcPathOption] as String?,
localEngine: topLevelResults[FlutterGlobalOptions.kLocalEngineOption] as String?,
localHostEngine: topLevelResults[FlutterGlobalOptions.kLocalEngineHostOption] as String?,
localWebSdk: topLevelResults[FlutterGlobalOptions.kLocalWebSDKOption] as String?,
packagePath: topLevelResults[FlutterGlobalOptions.kPackagesOption] as String?,
if (engineBuildPaths != null) {
contextOverrides.addAll(<Type, Object?>{
Artifacts: Artifacts.getLocalEngine(engineBuildPaths),
overrides:<Type, Generator>((Type type, Object? value) {
return MapEntry<Type, Generator>(type, () => value);
body: () async {
globals.logger.quiet = (topLevelResults[FlutterGlobalOptions.kQuietFlag] as bool?) ?? false;
if (globals.platform.environment['FLUTTER_ALREADY_LOCKED'] != 'true') {
await globals.cache.lock();
if ((topLevelResults[FlutterGlobalOptions.kSuppressAnalyticsFlag] as bool?) ?? false) {
globals.flutterUsage.suppressAnalytics = true;
final bool machineFlag = topLevelResults[FlutterGlobalOptions.kMachineFlag] as bool? ?? false;
final bool ci = await globals.botDetector.isRunningOnBot;
final bool redirectedCompletion = !globals.stdio.hasTerminal &&
(topLevelResults.command?.name ?? '').endsWith('-completion');
final bool isMachine = machineFlag || ci || redirectedCompletion;
final bool versionCheckFlag = topLevelResults[FlutterGlobalOptions.kVersionCheckFlag] as bool? ?? false;
final bool explicitVersionCheckPassed = topLevelResults.wasParsed(FlutterGlobalOptions.kVersionCheckFlag) && versionCheckFlag;
if (topLevelResults.command?.name != 'upgrade' &&
(explicitVersionCheckPassed || (versionCheckFlag && !isMachine))) {
await globals.flutterVersion.checkFlutterVersionFreshness();
// See if the user specified a specific device.
final String? specifiedDeviceId = topLevelResults[FlutterGlobalOptions.kDeviceIdOption] as String?;
if (specifiedDeviceId != null) {
globals.deviceManager?.specifiedDeviceId = specifiedDeviceId;
if ((topLevelResults[FlutterGlobalOptions.kVersionFlag] as bool?) ?? false) {
final FlutterVersion version = globals.flutterVersion.fetchTagsAndGetVersion(
clock: globals.systemClock,
final String status;
if (machineFlag) {
final Map<String, Object> jsonOut = version.toJson();
jsonOut['flutterRoot'] = Cache.flutterRoot!;
status = const JsonEncoder.withIndent(' ').convert(jsonOut);
} else {
status = version.toString();
if (machineFlag && topLevelResults.command?.name != 'analyze') {
throwToolExit('The "--machine" flag is only valid with the "--version" flag or the "analyze --suggestions" command.', exitCode: 2);
await super.runCommand(topLevelResults);
/// Get the root directories of the repo - the directories containing Dart packages.
List<String> getRepoRoots() {
final String root = globals.fs.path.absolute(Cache.flutterRoot!);
// not bin, and not the root
return <String>['dev', 'examples', 'packages'].map<String>((String item) {
return globals.fs.path.join(root, item);
/// Get all pub packages in the Flutter repo.
List<Directory> getRepoPackages() {
return getRepoRoots()
.expand<String>((String root) => _gatherProjectPaths(root))
.map<Directory>((String dir) =>
static List<String> _gatherProjectPaths(String rootPath) {
if (globals.fs.isFileSync(globals.fs.path.join(rootPath, '.dartignore'))) {
return <String>[];
final List<String> projectPaths =
.listSync(followLinks: false)
.expand((FileSystemEntity entity) {
if (entity is Directory && !globals.fs.path.split(entity.path).contains('.dart_tool')) {
return _gatherProjectPaths(entity.path);
return <String>[];
if (globals.fs.isFileSync(globals.fs.path.join(rootPath, 'pubspec.yaml'))) {
return projectPaths;