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// Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import '../artifacts.dart';
import '../base/analyze_size.dart';
import '../base/common.dart';
import '../base/file_system.dart';
import '../base/logger.dart';
import '../base/project_migrator.dart';
import '../base/terminal.dart';
import '../base/utils.dart';
import '../build_info.dart';
import '../cache.dart';
import '../cmake.dart';
import '../cmake_project.dart';
import '../convert.dart';
import '../flutter_plugins.dart';
import '../globals.dart' as globals;
import '../migrations/cmake_custom_command_migration.dart';
import 'migrations/show_window_migration.dart';
import 'migrations/version_migration.dart';
import 'visual_studio.dart';
// These characters appear to be fine: @%()-+_{}[]`~
const String _kBadCharacters = r"'#!$^&*=|,;<>?";
/// Builds the Windows project using msbuild.
Future<void> buildWindows(WindowsProject windowsProject, BuildInfo buildInfo, {
String? target,
VisualStudio? visualStudioOverride,
SizeAnalyzer? sizeAnalyzer,
}) async {
// MSBuild files generated by CMake do not properly escape some characters
// In the directories. This check produces more meaningful error messages
// on failure as pertains to
final String projectPath =;
final bool badPath = _kBadCharacters.runes
.any((int i) => projectPath.contains(String.fromCharCode(i)));
if (badPath) {
'Path $projectPath contains invalid characters in "$_kBadCharacters". '
'Please rename your directory so as to not include any of these characters '
'and retry.',
if (!windowsProject.cmakeFile.existsSync()) {
'No Windows desktop project configured. See '
' '
'to learn about adding Windows support to a project.');
final List<ProjectMigrator> migrators = <ProjectMigrator>[
CmakeCustomCommandMigration(windowsProject, globals.logger),
VersionMigration(windowsProject, globals.logger),
ShowWindowMigration(windowsProject, globals.logger),
final ProjectMigration migration = ProjectMigration(migrators);;
// Ensure that necessary ephemeral files are generated and up to date.
_writeGeneratedFlutterConfig(windowsProject, buildInfo, target);
final VisualStudio visualStudio = visualStudioOverride ?? VisualStudio(
fileSystem: globals.fs,
platform: globals.platform,
logger: globals.logger,
processManager: globals.processManager,
final String? cmakePath = visualStudio.cmakePath;
final String? cmakeGenerator = visualStudio.cmakeGenerator;
if (cmakePath == null || cmakeGenerator == null) {
throwToolExit('Unable to find suitable Visual Studio toolchain. '
'Please run `flutter doctor` for more details.');
final String buildModeName = buildInfo.mode.cliName;
final Directory buildDirectory =;
final Status status = globals.logger.startProgress(
'Building Windows application...',
try {
await _runCmakeGeneration(
cmakePath: cmakePath,
generator: cmakeGenerator,
buildDir: buildDirectory,
sourceDir: windowsProject.cmakeFile.parent,
if (visualStudio.displayVersion == '17.1.0') {
await _runBuild(cmakePath, buildDirectory, buildModeName);
} finally {
final String? binaryName = getCmakeExecutableName(windowsProject);
final File appFile = buildDirectory
if (appFile.existsSync()) {
final String appSize = (buildInfo.mode == BuildMode.debug)
? '' // Don't display the size when building a debug variant.
: ' (${getSizeAsMB(appFile.lengthSync())})';
'${globals.logger.terminal.successMark} '
'Built ${globals.fs.path.relative(appFile.path)}$appSize.',
if (buildInfo.codeSizeDirectory != null && sizeAnalyzer != null) {
final String arch = getNameForTargetPlatform(TargetPlatform.windows_x64);
final File codeSizeFile =
final File precompilerTrace =
final Map<String, Object?> output = await sizeAnalyzer.analyzeAotSnapshot(
aotSnapshot: codeSizeFile,
// This analysis is only supported for release builds.
globals.fs.path.join(getWindowsBuildDirectory(), 'runner', 'Release'),
precompilerTrace: precompilerTrace,
type: 'windows',
final File outputFile = globals.fsUtils.getUniqueFile(
.childDirectory('.flutter-devtools'), 'windows-code-size-analysis', 'json',
// This message is used as a sentinel in analyze_apk_size_test.dart
'A summary of your Windows bundle analysis can be found at: ${outputFile.path}',
// DevTools expects a file path relative to the .flutter-devtools/ dir.
final String relativeAppSizePath = outputFile.path.split('.flutter-devtools/').last.trim();
'\nTo analyze your app size in Dart DevTools, run the following command:\n'
'dart devtools --appSizeBase=$relativeAppSizePath'
Future<void> _runCmakeGeneration({
required String cmakePath,
required String generator,
required Directory buildDir,
required Directory sourceDir,
}) async {
final Stopwatch sw = Stopwatch()..start();
await buildDir.create(recursive: true);
int result;
try {
result = await
trace: true,
} on ArgumentError {
throwToolExit("cmake not found. Run 'flutter doctor' for more information.");
if (result != 0) {
throwToolExit('Unable to generate build files');
globals.flutterUsage.sendTiming('build', 'windows-cmake-generation', Duration(milliseconds: sw.elapsedMilliseconds));
Future<void> _runBuild(
String cmakePath,
Directory buildDir,
String buildModeName,
{ bool install = true }
) async {
final Stopwatch sw = Stopwatch()..start();
// MSBuild sends all output to stdout, including build errors. This surfaces
// known error patterns.
final RegExp errorMatcher = RegExp(
// Known error messages
r'(:\s*(?:warning|(?:fatal )?error).*?:)',
r'Error detected in pubspec\.yaml:',
// Known secondary error lines for pubspec.yaml
r'No file or variants found for asset:',
int result;
try {
result = await
if (install)
...<String>['--target', 'INSTALL'],
if (globals.logger.isVerbose)
environment: <String, String>{
if (globals.logger.isVerbose)
trace: true,
stdoutErrorMatcher: errorMatcher,
} on ArgumentError {
throwToolExit("cmake not found. Run 'flutter doctor' for more information.");
if (result != 0) {
throwToolExit('Build process failed.');
globals.flutterUsage.sendTiming('build', 'windows-cmake-build', Duration(milliseconds: sw.elapsedMilliseconds));
/// Writes the generated CMake file with the configuration for the given build.
void _writeGeneratedFlutterConfig(
WindowsProject windowsProject,
BuildInfo buildInfo,
String? target,
) {
final Map<String, String> environment = <String, String>{
'FLUTTER_ROOT': Cache.flutterRoot!,
'FLUTTER_EPHEMERAL_DIR': windowsProject.ephemeralDirectory.path,
if (target != null)
final LocalEngineInfo? localEngineInfo = globals.artifacts?.localEngineInfo;
if (localEngineInfo != null) {
final String targetOutPath = localEngineInfo.targetOutPath;
// Get the engine source root $ENGINE/src/out/foo_bar_baz -> $ENGINE/src
environment['FLUTTER_ENGINE'] = globals.fs.path.dirname(globals.fs.path.dirname(targetOutPath));
environment['LOCAL_ENGINE'] = localEngineInfo.localTargetName;
environment['LOCAL_ENGINE_HOST'] = localEngineInfo.localHostName;
writeGeneratedCmakeConfig(Cache.flutterRoot!, windowsProject, buildInfo, environment, globals.logger);
// Works around the Visual Studio 17.1.0 CMake bug described in
// Rather than attempt to remove all the duplicate entries within the
// <CustomBuild> element, which would require a more complicated parser, this
// just fixes the incorrect duplicates to have the correct `$<CONFIG>` value,
// making the duplication harmless.
// TODO(stuartmorgan): Remove this workaround either once 17.1.0 is
// sufficiently old that we no longer need to support it, or when
// dropping VS 2022 support.
void _fixBrokenCmakeGeneration(Directory buildDirectory) {
final File assembleProject = buildDirectory
if (assembleProject.existsSync()) {
// E.g.: <Command Condition="'$(Configuration)|$(Platform)'=='Debug|x64'">
final RegExp commandRegex = RegExp(
r'<Command Condition=.*\(Configuration\)\|\$\(Platform\).==.(Debug|Profile|Release)\|');
// E.g.: [...]/flutter_tools/bin/tool_backend.bat windows-x64 Debug
final RegExp assembleCallRegex = RegExp(
r'^.*/tool_backend\.bat windows[^ ]* (Debug|Profile|Release)');
String? lastCommandConditionConfig;
final StringBuffer newProjectContents = StringBuffer();
// vcxproj files contain a BOM, which readAsLinesSync drops; re-add it.
for (final String line in assembleProject.readAsLinesSync()) {
final RegExpMatch? commandMatch = commandRegex.firstMatch(line);
if (commandMatch != null) {
lastCommandConditionConfig =;
} else if (lastCommandConditionConfig != null) {
final RegExpMatch? assembleCallMatch = assembleCallRegex.firstMatch(line);
if (assembleCallMatch != null) {
final String callConfig =!;
if (callConfig != lastCommandConditionConfig) {
// The config is the end of the line; make sure to replace that one,
// in case config-matching strings appear anywhere else in the line
// (e.g., the project path).
final int badConfigIndex = line.lastIndexOf(!);
final String correctedLine = line.replaceFirst(
callConfig, lastCommandConditionConfig, badConfigIndex);