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  1. _bitfield_io.dart
  2. _bitfield_web.dart
  3. _isolates_io.dart
  4. _isolates_web.dart
  5. _platform_io.dart
  6. _platform_web.dart
  7. annotations.dart
  8. assertions.dart
  9. basic_types.dart
  10. binding.dart
  11. bitfield.dart
  12. change_notifier.dart
  13. collections.dart
  14. consolidate_response.dart
  15. constants.dart
  16. debug.dart
  17. diagnostics.dart
  18. isolates.dart
  19. key.dart
  20. licenses.dart
  21. math.dart
  22. node.dart
  23. object.dart
  24. observer_list.dart
  25. persistent_hash_map.dart
  26. platform.dart
  27. print.dart
  29. serialization.dart
  30. stack_frame.dart
  31. synchronous_future.dart
  32. unicode.dart

The rule for packages in this directory is that they can depend on nothing but core Dart packages. They can‘t depend on dart:ui, they can’t depend on any package:, and they can't depend on anything outside this directory.

Currently they do depend on dart:ui, but only for VoidCallback (and maybe one day lerpDouble), which are all intended to be moved out of dart:ui and into dart:core.

There is currently also an unfortunate dependency on the platform dispatcher logic (SingletonFlutterWindow, Brightness, PlatformDispatcher, window), though that should probably move to the ‘services’ library.

See also: