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// Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:typed_data';
import 'package:crypto/crypto.dart';
import 'package:file/file.dart';
import 'package:meta/meta.dart';
import '../base/analyze_size.dart';
import '../base/common.dart';
import '../base/logger.dart';
import '../base/process.dart';
import '../base/utils.dart';
import '../build_info.dart';
import '../convert.dart';
import '../doctor_validator.dart';
import '../globals.dart' as globals;
import '../ios/application_package.dart';
import '../ios/mac.dart';
import '../ios/plist_parser.dart';
import '../reporting/reporting.dart';
import '../runner/flutter_command.dart';
import 'build.dart';
/// Builds an .app for an iOS app to be used for local testing on an iOS device
/// or simulator. Can only be run on a macOS host.
class BuildIOSCommand extends _BuildIOSSubCommand {
BuildIOSCommand({ required super.logger, required super.verboseHelp }) {
help: 'Update the project configuration without performing a build. '
'This can be used in CI/CD process that create an archive to avoid '
'performing duplicate work.'
help: 'Build for the iOS simulator instead of the device. This changes '
'the default build mode to debug if otherwise unspecified.',
final String name = 'ios';
final String description = 'Build an iOS application bundle (macOS host only).';
final XcodeBuildAction xcodeBuildAction =;
EnvironmentType get environmentType => boolArg('simulator') ? EnvironmentType.simulator : EnvironmentType.physical;
bool get configOnly => boolArg('config-only');
Directory _outputAppDirectory(String xcodeResultOutput) =>;
/// The key that uniquely identifies an image file in an image asset.
/// It consists of (idiom, scale, size?), where size is present for app icon
/// asset, and null for launch image asset.
class _ImageAssetFileKey {
const _ImageAssetFileKey(this.idiom, this.scale, this.size);
/// The idiom (iphone or ipad).
final String idiom;
/// The scale factor (e.g. 2).
final int scale;
/// The logical size in point (e.g. 83.5).
/// Size is present for app icon, and null for launch image.
final double? size;
int get hashCode => Object.hash(idiom, scale, size);
bool operator ==(Object other) => other is _ImageAssetFileKey
&& other.idiom == idiom
&& other.scale == scale
&& other.size == size;
/// The pixel size based on logical size and scale.
int? get pixelSize => size == null ? null : (size! * scale).toInt(); // pixel size must be an int.
/// Builds an .xcarchive and optionally .ipa for an iOS app to be generated for
/// App Store submission.
/// Can only be run on a macOS host.
class BuildIOSArchiveCommand extends _BuildIOSSubCommand {
BuildIOSArchiveCommand({required super.logger, required super.verboseHelp}) {
defaultsTo: 'app-store',
allowed: <String>['app-store', 'ad-hoc', 'development', 'enterprise'],
help: 'Specify how the IPA will be distributed.',
allowedHelp: <String, String>{
'app-store': 'Upload to the App Store.',
'ad-hoc': 'Test on designated devices that do not need to be registered with the Apple developer account. '
'Requires a distribution certificate.',
'development': 'Test only on development devices registered with the Apple developer account.',
'enterprise': 'Distribute an app registered with the Apple Developer Enterprise Program.',
valueHelp: 'ExportOptions.plist',
'Export an IPA with these options. See "xcodebuild -h" for available exportOptionsPlist keys.',
final String name = 'ipa';
final List<String> aliases = <String>['xcarchive'];
final String description = 'Build an iOS archive bundle and IPA for distribution (macOS host only).';
final XcodeBuildAction xcodeBuildAction = XcodeBuildAction.archive;
final EnvironmentType environmentType = EnvironmentType.physical;
final bool configOnly = false;
String? get exportOptionsPlist => stringArg('export-options-plist');
Directory _outputAppDirectory(String xcodeResultOutput) => globals.fs
Future<void> validateCommand() async {
final String? exportOptions = exportOptionsPlist;
if (exportOptions != null) {
if (argResults?.wasParsed('export-method') ?? false) {
'"--export-options-plist" is not compatible with "--export-method". Either use "--export-options-plist" and '
'a plist describing how the IPA should be exported by Xcode, or use "--export-method" to create a new plist.\n'
'See "xcodebuild -h" for available exportOptionsPlist keys.'
final FileSystemEntityType type = globals.fs.typeSync(exportOptions);
if (type == FileSystemEntityType.notFound) {
'"$exportOptions" property list does not exist.');
} else if (type != FileSystemEntityType.file) {
'"$exportOptions" is not a file. See "xcodebuild -h" for available keys.');
return super.validateCommand();
// A helper function to parse Contents.json of an image asset into a map,
// with the key to be _ImageAssetFileKey, and value to be the image file name.
// Some assets have size (e.g. app icon) and others do not (e.g. launch image).
Map<_ImageAssetFileKey, String> _parseImageAssetContentsJson(
String contentsJsonDirName,
{ required bool requiresSize })
final Directory contentsJsonDirectory =;
if (!contentsJsonDirectory.existsSync()) {
return <_ImageAssetFileKey, String>{};
final File contentsJsonFile = contentsJsonDirectory.childFile('Contents.json');
final Map<String, dynamic> contents = json.decode(contentsJsonFile.readAsStringSync()) as Map<String, dynamic>? ?? <String, dynamic>{};
final List<dynamic> images = contents['images'] as List<dynamic>? ?? <dynamic>[];
final Map<String, dynamic> info = contents['info'] as Map<String, dynamic>? ?? <String, dynamic>{};
if ((info['version'] as int?) != 1) {
// Skips validation for unknown format.
return <_ImageAssetFileKey, String>{};
final Map<_ImageAssetFileKey, String> iconInfo = <_ImageAssetFileKey, String>{};
for (final dynamic image in images) {
final Map<String, dynamic> imageMap = image as Map<String, dynamic>;
final String? idiom = imageMap['idiom'] as String?;
final String? size = imageMap['size'] as String?;
final String? scale = imageMap['scale'] as String?;
final String? fileName = imageMap['filename'] as String?;
// requiresSize must match the actual presence of size in json.
if (requiresSize != (size != null)
|| idiom == null || scale == null || fileName == null)
final double? parsedSize;
if (size != null) {
// for example, "64x64". Parse the width since it is a square.
final Iterable<double> parsedSizes = size.split('x')
.map((String element) => double.tryParse(element))
if (parsedSizes.isEmpty) {
parsedSize = parsedSizes.first;
} else {
parsedSize = null;
// for example, "3x".
final Iterable<int> parsedScales = scale.split('x')
.map((String element) => int.tryParse(element))
if (parsedScales.isEmpty) {
final int parsedScale = parsedScales.first;
iconInfo[_ImageAssetFileKey(idiom, parsedScale, parsedSize)] = fileName;
return iconInfo;
// A helper function to check if an image asset is still using template files.
bool _isAssetStillUsingTemplateFiles({
required Map<_ImageAssetFileKey, String> templateImageInfoMap,
required Map<_ImageAssetFileKey, String> projectImageInfoMap,
required String templateImageDirName,
required String projectImageDirName,
}) {
return projectImageInfoMap.entries.any((MapEntry<_ImageAssetFileKey, String> entry) {
final String projectFileName = entry.value;
final String? templateFileName = templateImageInfoMap[entry.key];
if (templateFileName == null) {
return false;
final File projectFile = globals.fs.file(
globals.fs.path.join(projectImageDirName, projectFileName));
final File templateFile = globals.fs.file(
globals.fs.path.join(templateImageDirName, templateFileName));
return projectFile.existsSync()
&& templateFile.existsSync()
&& md5.convert(projectFile.readAsBytesSync()) ==
// A helper function to return a list of image files in an image asset with
// wrong sizes (as specified in its Contents.json file).
List<String> _imageFilesWithWrongSize({
required Map<_ImageAssetFileKey, String> imageInfoMap,
required String imageDirName,
}) {
return imageInfoMap.entries.where((MapEntry<_ImageAssetFileKey, String> entry) {
final String fileName = entry.value;
final File imageFile = globals.fs.file(globals.fs.path.join(imageDirName, fileName));
if (!imageFile.existsSync()) {
return false;
// validate image size is correct.
// PNG file's width is at byte [16, 20), and height is at byte [20, 24), in big endian format.
// Based on
final ByteData imageData = imageFile.readAsBytesSync().buffer.asByteData();
if (imageData.lengthInBytes < 24) {
return false;
final int width = imageData.getInt32(16);
final int height = imageData.getInt32(20);
// The size must not be null.
final int expectedSize = entry.key.pixelSize!;
return width != expectedSize || height != expectedSize;
.map((MapEntry<_ImageAssetFileKey, String> entry) => entry.value)
ValidationResult? _createValidationResult(String title, List<ValidationMessage> messages) {
if (messages.isEmpty) {
return null;
final bool anyInvalid = messages.any((ValidationMessage message) => message.type != ValidationMessageType.information);
return ValidationResult(
anyInvalid ? ValidationType.partial : ValidationType.success,
statusInfo: title,
ValidationMessage _createValidationMessage({
required bool isValid,
required String message,
}) {
// Use "information" type for valid message, and "hint" type for invalid message.
return isValid ? ValidationMessage(message) : ValidationMessage.hint(message);
Future<List<ValidationMessage>> _validateIconAssetsAfterArchive() async {
final BuildableIOSApp app = await buildableIOSApp;
final Map<_ImageAssetFileKey, String> templateInfoMap = _parseImageAssetContentsJson(
requiresSize: true);
final Map<_ImageAssetFileKey, String> projectInfoMap = _parseImageAssetContentsJson(
requiresSize: true);
final List<ValidationMessage> validationMessages = <ValidationMessage>[];
final bool usesTemplate = _isAssetStillUsingTemplateFiles(
templateImageInfoMap: templateInfoMap,
projectImageInfoMap: projectInfoMap,
templateImageDirName: await app.templateAppIconDirNameForImages,
projectImageDirName: app.projectAppIconDirName);
if (usesTemplate) {
isValid: false,
message: 'App icon is set to the default placeholder icon. Replace with unique icons.',
final List<String> filesWithWrongSize = _imageFilesWithWrongSize(
imageInfoMap: projectInfoMap,
imageDirName: app.projectAppIconDirName);
if (filesWithWrongSize.isNotEmpty) {
isValid: false,
message: 'App icon is using the incorrect size (e.g. ${filesWithWrongSize.first}).',
return validationMessages;
Future<List<ValidationMessage>> _validateLaunchImageAssetsAfterArchive() async {
final BuildableIOSApp app = await buildableIOSApp;
final Map<_ImageAssetFileKey, String> templateInfoMap = _parseImageAssetContentsJson(
requiresSize: false);
final Map<_ImageAssetFileKey, String> projectInfoMap = _parseImageAssetContentsJson(
requiresSize: false);
final List<ValidationMessage> validationMessages = <ValidationMessage>[];
final bool usesTemplate = _isAssetStillUsingTemplateFiles(
templateImageInfoMap: templateInfoMap,
projectImageInfoMap: projectInfoMap,
templateImageDirName: await app.templateLaunchImageDirNameForImages,
projectImageDirName: app.projectLaunchImageDirName);
if (usesTemplate) {
isValid: false,
message: 'Launch image is set to the default placeholder icon. Replace with unique launch image.',
return validationMessages;
Future<List<ValidationMessage>> _validateXcodeBuildSettingsAfterArchive() async {
final BuildableIOSApp app = await buildableIOSApp;
final String plistPath = app.builtInfoPlistPathAfterArchive;
if (!globals.fs.file(plistPath).existsSync()) {
globals.printError('Invalid iOS archive. Does not contain Info.plist.');
return <ValidationMessage>[];
final Map<String, String?> xcodeProjectSettingsMap = <String, String?>{};
xcodeProjectSettingsMap['Version Number'] = globals.plistParser.getValueFromFile<String>(plistPath, PlistParser.kCFBundleShortVersionStringKey);
xcodeProjectSettingsMap['Build Number'] = globals.plistParser.getValueFromFile<String>(plistPath, PlistParser.kCFBundleVersionKey);
xcodeProjectSettingsMap['Display Name'] = globals.plistParser.getValueFromFile<String>(plistPath, PlistParser.kCFBundleDisplayNameKey)
?? globals.plistParser.getValueFromFile<String>(plistPath, PlistParser.kCFBundleNameKey);
xcodeProjectSettingsMap['Deployment Target'] = globals.plistParser.getValueFromFile<String>(plistPath, PlistParser.kMinimumOSVersionKey);
xcodeProjectSettingsMap['Bundle Identifier'] = globals.plistParser.getValueFromFile<String>(plistPath, PlistParser.kCFBundleIdentifierKey);
final List<ValidationMessage> validationMessages =<String, String?> entry) {
final String title = entry.key;
final String? info = entry.value;
return _createValidationMessage(
isValid: info != null,
message: '$title: ${info ?? "Missing"}',
final bool hasMissingSettings = xcodeProjectSettingsMap.values.any((String? element) => element == null);
if (hasMissingSettings) {
isValid: false,
message: 'You must set up the missing app settings.'),
final bool usesDefaultBundleIdentifier = xcodeProjectSettingsMap['Bundle Identifier']?.startsWith('com.example') ?? false;
if (usesDefaultBundleIdentifier) {
isValid: false,
message: 'Your application still contains the default "com.example" bundle identifier.'),
return validationMessages;
Future<FlutterCommandResult> runCommand() async {
final BuildInfo buildInfo = await cachedBuildInfo;
final FlutterCommandResult xcarchiveResult = await super.runCommand();
final List<ValidationResult?> validationResults = <ValidationResult?>[];
'App Settings Validation',
await _validateXcodeBuildSettingsAfterArchive(),
'App Icon and Launch Image Assets Validation',
await _validateIconAssetsAfterArchive() + await _validateLaunchImageAssetsAfterArchive(),
for (final ValidationResult result in validationResults.whereType<ValidationResult>()) {
globals.printStatus('\n${result.coloredLeadingBox} ${result.statusInfo}');
for (final ValidationMessage message in result.messages) {
'${message.coloredIndicator} ${message.message}',
indent: result.leadingBox.length + 1,
globals.printStatus('\nTo update the settings, please refer to\n');
// xcarchive failed or not at expected location.
if (xcarchiveResult.exitStatus != ExitStatus.success) {
globals.printStatus('Skipping IPA.');
return xcarchiveResult;
if (!shouldCodesign) {
globals.printStatus('Codesigning disabled with --no-codesign, skipping IPA.');
return xcarchiveResult;
// Build IPA from generated xcarchive.
final BuildableIOSApp app = await buildableIOSApp;
Status? status;
RunResult? result;
final String relativeOutputPath = app.ipaOutputPath;
final String absoluteOutputPath = globals.fs.path.absolute(relativeOutputPath);
final String absoluteArchivePath = globals.fs.path.absolute(app.archiveBundleOutputPath);
final String exportMethod = stringArg('export-method')!;
final bool isAppStoreUpload = exportMethod == 'app-store';
File? generatedExportPlist;
try {
final String exportMethodDisplayName = isAppStoreUpload ? 'App Store' : exportMethod;
status = globals.logger.startProgress('Building $exportMethodDisplayName IPA...');
String? exportOptions = exportOptionsPlist;
if (exportOptions == null) {
generatedExportPlist = _createExportPlist();
exportOptions = generatedExportPlist.path;
result = await
if (shouldCodesign) ...<String>[
} finally {
if (result.exitCode != 0) {
final StringBuffer errorMessage = StringBuffer();
// "error:" prefixed lines are the nicely formatted error message, the
// rest is the same message but printed as a IDEFoundationErrorDomain.
// Example:
// error: exportArchive: exportOptionsPlist error for key 'method': expected one of {app-store, ad-hoc, enterprise, development, validation}, but found developmentasdasd
// Error Domain=IDEFoundationErrorDomain Code=1 "exportOptionsPlist error for key 'method': expected one of {app-store, ad-hoc, enterprise, development, validation}, but found developmentasdasd" ...
.where((String line) => line.contains('error: '))
globals.printError('Encountered error while creating the IPA:');
globals.printError('Try distributing the app in Xcode: "open $absoluteArchivePath"');
// Even though the IPA step didn't succeed, the xcarchive did.
// Still count this as success since the user has been instructed about how to
// recover in Xcode.
return FlutterCommandResult.success();
globals.printStatus('Built IPA to $absoluteOutputPath.');
if (isAppStoreUpload) {
globals.printStatus('To upload to the App Store either:');
'1. Drag and drop the "$relativeOutputPath/*.ipa" bundle into the Apple Transporter macOS app',
indent: 4,
'2. Run "xcrun altool --upload-app --type ios -f $relativeOutputPath/*.ipa --apiKey your_api_key --apiIssuer your_issuer_id".',
indent: 4,
'See "man altool" for details about how to authenticate with the App Store Connect API key.',
indent: 7,
return FlutterCommandResult.success();
File _createExportPlist() {
// Create the plist to be passed into xcodebuild -exportOptionsPlist.
final StringBuffer plistContents = StringBuffer('''
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">
final File tempPlist = globals.fs.systemTempDirectory
return tempPlist;
abstract class _BuildIOSSubCommand extends BuildSubCommand {
required super.logger,
required bool verboseHelp
}) : super(verboseHelp: verboseHelp) {
addBuildModeFlags(verboseHelp: verboseHelp);
usesExtraDartFlagOptions(verboseHelp: verboseHelp);
addEnableExperimentation(hide: !verboseHelp);
addBuildPerformanceFile(hide: !verboseHelp);
addBundleSkSLPathOption(hide: !verboseHelp);
addNullSafetyModeOptions(hide: !verboseHelp);
defaultsTo: true,
help: 'Codesign the application bundle (only available on device builds).',
Future<Set<DevelopmentArtifact>> get requiredArtifacts async => const <DevelopmentArtifact>{
XcodeBuildAction get xcodeBuildAction;
/// The result of the Xcode build command. Null until it finishes.
XcodeBuildResult? xcodeBuildResult;
EnvironmentType get environmentType;
bool get configOnly;
bool get shouldCodesign => boolArg('codesign');
late final Future<BuildInfo> cachedBuildInfo = getBuildInfo();
late final Future<BuildableIOSApp> buildableIOSApp = () async {
final BuildableIOSApp? app = await applicationPackages?.getPackageForPlatform(
buildInfo: await cachedBuildInfo,
) as BuildableIOSApp?;
if (app == null) {
throwToolExit('Application not configured for iOS');
return app;
Directory _outputAppDirectory(String xcodeResultOutput);
bool get supported => globals.platform.isMacOS;
Future<FlutterCommandResult> runCommand() async {
defaultBuildMode = environmentType == EnvironmentType.simulator ? BuildMode.debug : BuildMode.release;
final BuildInfo buildInfo = await cachedBuildInfo;
if (!supported) {
throwToolExit('Building for iOS is only supported on macOS.');
if (environmentType == EnvironmentType.simulator && !buildInfo.supportsSimulator) {
throwToolExit('${sentenceCase(buildInfo.friendlyModeName)} mode is not supported for simulators.');
if (configOnly && buildInfo.codeSizeDirectory != null) {
throwToolExit('Cannot analyze code size without performing a full build.');
if (environmentType == EnvironmentType.physical && !shouldCodesign) {
'Warning: Building for device with codesigning disabled. You will '
'have to manually codesign before deploying to device.',
final BuildableIOSApp app = await buildableIOSApp;
final String logTarget = environmentType == EnvironmentType.simulator ? 'simulator' : 'device';
final String typeName = globals.artifacts!.getEngineType(TargetPlatform.ios, buildInfo.mode);
if (xcodeBuildAction == {
globals.printStatus('Building $app for $logTarget ($typeName)...');
} else {
globals.printStatus('Archiving $app...');
final XcodeBuildResult result = await buildXcodeProject(
app: app,
buildInfo: buildInfo,
targetOverride: targetFile,
environmentType: environmentType,
codesign: shouldCodesign,
configOnly: configOnly,
buildAction: xcodeBuildAction,
deviceID: globals.deviceManager?.specifiedDeviceId,
xcodeBuildResult = result;
if (!result.success) {
await diagnoseXcodeBuildFailure(result, globals.flutterUsage, globals.logger);
final String presentParticiple = xcodeBuildAction == ? 'building' : 'archiving';
throwToolExit('Encountered error while $presentParticiple for $logTarget.');
if (buildInfo.codeSizeDirectory != null) {
final SizeAnalyzer sizeAnalyzer = SizeAnalyzer(
fileSystem: globals.fs,
logger: globals.logger,
flutterUsage: globals.flutterUsage,
appFilenamePattern: 'App'
// Only support 64bit iOS code size analysis.
final String arch =;
final File aotSnapshot =
final File precompilerTrace =
final String? resultOutput = result.output;
if (resultOutput == null) {
throwToolExit('Could not find app to analyze code size');
final Directory outputAppDirectoryCandidate = _outputAppDirectory(resultOutput);
Directory? appDirectory;
if (outputAppDirectoryCandidate.existsSync()) {
appDirectory = outputAppDirectoryCandidate.listSync()
.where((Directory directory) {
return globals.fs.path.extension(directory.path) == '.app';
if (appDirectory == null) {
throwToolExit('Could not find app to analyze code size in ${outputAppDirectoryCandidate.path}');
final Map<String, Object?> output = await sizeAnalyzer.analyzeAotSnapshot(
aotSnapshot: aotSnapshot,
precompilerTrace: precompilerTrace,
outputDirectory: appDirectory,
type: 'ios',
final File outputFile = globals.fsUtils.getUniqueFile(
.childDirectory('.flutter-devtools'), 'ios-code-size-analysis', 'json',
// This message is used as a sentinel in analyze_apk_size_test.dart
'A summary of your iOS bundle analysis can be found at: ${outputFile.path}',
// DevTools expects a file path relative to the .flutter-devtools/ dir.
final String relativeAppSizePath = outputFile.path.split('.flutter-devtools/').last.trim();
'\nTo analyze your app size in Dart DevTools, run the following command:\n'
'dart devtools --appSizeBase=$relativeAppSizePath'
if (result.output != null) {
globals.printStatus('Built ${result.output}.');
// When an app is successfully built, record to analytics whether Impeller
// is enabled or disabled.
final BuildableIOSApp app = await buildableIOSApp;
final String plistPath = app.project.infoPlist.path;
final bool? impellerEnabled = globals.plistParser.getValueFromFile<bool>(
plistPath, PlistParser.kFLTEnableImpellerKey,
impellerEnabled == false
? 'plist-impeller-disabled'
: 'plist-impeller-enabled',
type: 'ios',
flutterUsage: globals.flutterUsage,
return FlutterCommandResult.success();