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// Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:async';
import 'package:meta/meta.dart';
import 'package:process/process.dart';
import '../artifacts.dart';
import '../base/file_system.dart';
import '../base/io.dart';
import '../base/logger.dart';
import '../base/process.dart';
import '../base/project_migrator.dart';
import '../base/utils.dart';
import '../build_info.dart';
import '../cache.dart';
import '../device.dart';
import '../flutter_manifest.dart';
import '../globals.dart' as globals;
import '../macos/cocoapod_utils.dart';
import '../macos/xcode.dart';
import '../migrations/xcode_project_object_version_migration.dart';
import '../migrations/xcode_script_build_phase_migration.dart';
import '../migrations/xcode_thin_binary_build_phase_input_paths_migration.dart';
import '../project.dart';
import '../reporting/reporting.dart';
import 'application_package.dart';
import 'code_signing.dart';
import 'migrations/host_app_info_plist_migration.dart';
import 'migrations/ios_deployment_target_migration.dart';
import 'migrations/project_base_configuration_migration.dart';
import 'migrations/project_build_location_migration.dart';
import 'migrations/remove_bitcode_migration.dart';
import 'migrations/remove_framework_link_and_embedding_migration.dart';
import 'migrations/xcode_build_system_migration.dart';
import 'xcode_build_settings.dart';
import 'xcodeproj.dart';
import 'xcresult.dart';
const String kConcurrentRunFailureMessage1 = 'database is locked';
const String kConcurrentRunFailureMessage2 = 'there are two concurrent builds running';
/// User message when missing platform required to use Xcode.
/// Starting with Xcode 15, the simulator is no longer downloaded with Xcode
/// and must be downloaded and installed separately.
String missingPlatformInstructions(String simulatorVersion) => '''
$simulatorVersion is not installed. To download and install the platform, open
Xcode, select Xcode > Settings > Platforms, and click the GET button for the
required platform.
For more information, please visit:
class IMobileDevice {
required Artifacts artifacts,
required Cache cache,
required ProcessManager processManager,
required Logger logger,
}) : _idevicesyslogPath = artifacts.getHostArtifact(HostArtifact.idevicesyslog).path,
_idevicescreenshotPath = artifacts.getHostArtifact(HostArtifact.idevicescreenshot).path,
_dyLdLibEntry = cache.dyLdLibEntry,
_processUtils = ProcessUtils(logger: logger, processManager: processManager),
_processManager = processManager;
/// Create an [IMobileDevice] for testing.
factory IMobileDevice.test({ required ProcessManager processManager }) {
return IMobileDevice(
// ignore: invalid_use_of_visible_for_testing_member
artifacts: Artifacts.test(),
cache: Cache.test(processManager: processManager),
processManager: processManager,
logger: BufferLogger.test(),
final String _idevicesyslogPath;
final String _idevicescreenshotPath;
final MapEntry<String, String> _dyLdLibEntry;
final ProcessManager _processManager;
final ProcessUtils _processUtils;
late final bool isInstalled = _processManager.canRun(_idevicescreenshotPath);
/// Starts `idevicesyslog` and returns the running process.
Future<Process> startLogger(String deviceID) {
return _processUtils.start(
environment: Map<String, String>.fromEntries(
<MapEntry<String, String>>[_dyLdLibEntry]
/// Captures a screenshot to the specified outputFile.
Future<void> takeScreenshot(
File outputFile,
String deviceID,
DeviceConnectionInterface interfaceType,
) {
if (interfaceType == DeviceConnectionInterface.wireless)
throwOnError: true,
environment: Map<String, String>.fromEntries(
<MapEntry<String, String>>[_dyLdLibEntry]
Future<XcodeBuildResult> buildXcodeProject({
required BuildableIOSApp app,
required BuildInfo buildInfo,
String? targetOverride,
EnvironmentType environmentType = EnvironmentType.physical,
DarwinArch? activeArch,
bool codesign = true,
String? deviceID,
bool configOnly = false,
XcodeBuildAction buildAction =,
}) async {
if (!upgradePbxProjWithFlutterAssets(app.project, globals.logger)) {
return XcodeBuildResult(success: false);
final List<ProjectMigrator> migrators = <ProjectMigrator>[
RemoveFrameworkLinkAndEmbeddingMigration(app.project, globals.logger, globals.flutterUsage),
XcodeBuildSystemMigration(app.project, globals.logger),
ProjectBaseConfigurationMigration(app.project, globals.logger),
ProjectBuildLocationMigration(app.project, globals.logger),
IOSDeploymentTargetMigration(app.project, globals.logger),
XcodeProjectObjectVersionMigration(app.project, globals.logger),
HostAppInfoPlistMigration(app.project, globals.logger),
XcodeScriptBuildPhaseMigration(app.project, globals.logger),
RemoveBitcodeMigration(app.project, globals.logger),
XcodeThinBinaryBuildPhaseInputPathsMigration(app.project, globals.logger),
final ProjectMigration migration = ProjectMigration(migrators);;
if (!_checkXcodeVersion()) {
return XcodeBuildResult(success: false);
await removeFinderExtendedAttributes(, globals.processUtils, globals.logger);
final XcodeProjectInfo? projectInfo = await app.project.projectInfo();
if (projectInfo == null) {
globals.printError('Xcode project not found.');
return XcodeBuildResult(success: false);
final String? scheme = projectInfo.schemeFor(buildInfo);
if (scheme == null) {
final String? configuration = projectInfo.buildConfigurationFor(buildInfo, scheme);
if (configuration == null) {
globals.printError('The Xcode project defines build configurations: ${projectInfo.buildConfigurations.join(', ')}');
globals.printError('Flutter expects a build configuration named ${XcodeProjectInfo.expectedBuildConfigurationFor(buildInfo, scheme)} or similar.');
globals.printError('Open Xcode to fix the problem:');
globals.printError(' open ios/Runner.xcworkspace');
globals.printError('1. Click on "Runner" in the project navigator.');
globals.printError('2. Ensure the Runner PROJECT is selected, not the Runner TARGET.');
if (buildInfo.isDebug) {
globals.printError('3. Click the Editor->Add Configuration->Duplicate "Debug" Configuration.');
} else {
globals.printError('3. Click the Editor->Add Configuration->Duplicate "Release" Configuration.');
globals.printError(' If this option is disabled, it is likely you have the target selected instead');
globals.printError(' of the project; see:');
globals.printError(' If you have created a completely custom set of build configurations,');
globals.printError(' you can set the FLUTTER_BUILD_MODE=${buildInfo.modeName.toLowerCase()}');
globals.printError(' in the .xcconfig file for that configuration and run from Xcode.');
globals.printError('4. If you are not using completely custom build configurations, name the newly created configuration ${buildInfo.modeName}.');
return XcodeBuildResult(success: false);
final FlutterManifest manifest = app.project.parent.manifest;
final String? buildName = parsedBuildName(manifest: manifest, buildInfo: buildInfo);
final bool buildNameIsMissing = buildName == null || buildName.isEmpty;
if (buildNameIsMissing) {
globals.printStatus('Warning: Missing build name (CFBundleShortVersionString).');
final String? buildNumber = parsedBuildNumber(manifest: manifest, buildInfo: buildInfo);
final bool buildNumberIsMissing = buildNumber == null || buildNumber.isEmpty;
if (buildNumberIsMissing) {
globals.printStatus('Warning: Missing build number (CFBundleVersion).');
if (buildNameIsMissing || buildNumberIsMissing) {
globals.printError('Action Required: You must set a build name and number in the pubspec.yaml '
'file version field before submitting to the App Store.');
Map<String, String>? autoSigningConfigs;
final Map<String, String> buildSettings = await app.project.buildSettingsForBuildInfo(
environmentType: environmentType,
deviceId: deviceID,
) ?? <String, String>{};
if (codesign && environmentType == EnvironmentType.physical) {
autoSigningConfigs = await getCodeSigningIdentityDevelopmentTeamBuildSetting(
buildSettings: buildSettings,
platform: globals.platform,
processManager: globals.processManager,
logger: globals.logger,
config: globals.config,
terminal: globals.terminal,
final FlutterProject project = FlutterProject.current();
await updateGeneratedXcodeProperties(
project: project,
targetOverride: targetOverride,
buildInfo: buildInfo,
await processPodsIfNeeded(project.ios, getIosBuildDirectory(), buildInfo.mode);
if (configOnly) {
return XcodeBuildResult(success: true);
final List<String> buildCommands = <String>[
if (globals.logger.isVerbose) {
// An environment variable to be passed to determining
// whether to echo back executed commands.
} else {
// This will print warnings and errors only.
if (autoSigningConfigs != null) {
for (final MapEntry<String, String> signingConfig in autoSigningConfigs.entries) {
final Directory? workspacePath = app.project.xcodeWorkspace;
if (workspacePath != null) {
'-workspace', workspacePath.basename,
'-scheme', scheme,
if (buildAction != XcodeBuildAction.archive) // dSYM files aren't copied to the archive if BUILD_DIR is set.
// Check if the project contains a watchOS companion app.
final bool hasWatchCompanion = await app.project.containsWatchCompanion(
projectInfo: projectInfo,
buildInfo: buildInfo,
deviceId: deviceID,
if (hasWatchCompanion) {
// The -sdk argument has to be omitted if a watchOS companion app exists.
// Otherwise the build will fail as WatchKit dependencies cannot be build using the iOS SDK.
globals.printStatus('Watch companion app found.');
if (environmentType == EnvironmentType.simulator && (deviceID == null || deviceID == '')) {
globals.printError('No simulator device ID has been set.');
globals.printError('A device ID is required to build an app with a watchOS companion app.');
globals.printError('Please run "flutter devices" to get a list of available device IDs');
globals.printError('and specify one using the -d, --device-id flag.');
return XcodeBuildResult(success: false);
} else {
if (environmentType == EnvironmentType.physical) {
buildCommands.addAll(<String>['-sdk', 'iphoneos']);
} else {
buildCommands.addAll(<String>['-sdk', 'iphonesimulator']);
if (deviceID != null) {
} else if (environmentType == EnvironmentType.physical) {
} else {
buildCommands.add('generic/platform=iOS Simulator');
if (activeArch != null) {
final String activeArchName =;
// Setting ARCHS to $activeArchName will break the build if a watchOS companion app exists,
// as it cannot be build for the architecture of the Flutter app.
if (!hasWatchCompanion) {
if (!codesign) {
Status? buildSubStatus;
Status? initialBuildStatus;
File? scriptOutputPipeFile;
RunResult? buildResult;
XCResult? xcResult;
final Directory tempDir = globals.fs.systemTempDirectory.createTempSync('flutter_ios_build_temp_dir');
try {
if (globals.logger.hasTerminal) {
scriptOutputPipeFile = tempDir.childFile('pipe_to_stdout');
Future<void> listenToScriptOutputLine() async {
final List<String> lines = await scriptOutputPipeFile!.readAsLines();
for (final String line in lines) {
if (line == 'done' || line == 'all done') {
buildSubStatus = null;
if (line == 'all done') {
} else {
initialBuildStatus = null;
buildSubStatus = globals.logger.startProgress(
progressIndicatorPadding: kDefaultStatusPadding - 7,
await listenToScriptOutputLine();
// Trigger the start of the pipe -> stdout loop. Ignore exceptions.
final Directory resultBundleDirectory = tempDir.childDirectory(_kResultBundlePath);
// Don't log analytics for downstream Flutter commands.
// e.g. `flutter build bundle`.
if (buildAction == XcodeBuildAction.archive) {
final Stopwatch sw = Stopwatch()..start();
initialBuildStatus = globals.logger.startProgress('Running Xcode build...');
buildResult = await _runBuildWithRetries(buildCommands, app, resultBundleDirectory);
// Notifies listener that no more output is coming.
scriptOutputPipeFile?.writeAsStringSync('all done');
buildSubStatus = null;
initialBuildStatus = null;
'Xcode ${xcodeBuildActionToString(buildAction)} done.'.padRight(kDefaultStatusPadding + 1)
+ getElapsedAsSeconds(sw.elapsed).padLeft(5),
globals.flutterUsage.sendTiming(xcodeBuildActionToString(buildAction), 'xcode-ios', Duration(milliseconds: sw.elapsedMilliseconds));
if (tempDir.existsSync()) {
// Display additional warning and error message from xcresult bundle.
final Directory resultBundle = tempDir.childDirectory(_kResultBundlePath);
if (!resultBundle.existsSync()) {
globals.printTrace('The xcresult bundle are not generated. Displaying xcresult is disabled.');
} else {
// Discard unwanted errors. See:
final XCResultIssueDiscarder warningDiscarder = XCResultIssueDiscarder(typeMatcher: XCResultIssueType.warning);
final XCResultIssueDiscarder dartBuildErrorDiscarder = XCResultIssueDiscarder(messageMatcher: RegExp(r'Command PhaseScriptExecution failed with a nonzero exit code'));
final XCResultGenerator xcResultGenerator = XCResultGenerator(resultPath: resultBundle.absolute.path, xcode: globals.xcode!, processUtils: globals.processUtils);
xcResult = await xcResultGenerator.generate(issueDiscarders: <XCResultIssueDiscarder>[warningDiscarder, dartBuildErrorDiscarder]);
} finally {
tempDir.deleteSync(recursive: true);
if (buildResult != null && buildResult.exitCode != 0) {
globals.printStatus('Failed to build iOS app');
return XcodeBuildResult(
success: false,
stdout: buildResult.stdout,
stderr: buildResult.stderr,
xcodeBuildExecution: XcodeBuildExecution(
buildCommands: buildCommands,
appDirectory: app.project.hostAppRoot.path,
environmentType: environmentType,
buildSettings: buildSettings,
xcResult: xcResult,
} else {
String? outputDir;
if (buildAction == {
// If the app contains a watch companion target, the sdk argument of xcodebuild has to be omitted.
// For some reason this leads to TARGET_BUILD_DIR always ending in 'iphoneos' even though the
// actual directory will end with 'iphonesimulator' for simulator builds.
// The value of TARGET_BUILD_DIR is adjusted to accommodate for this effect.
String? targetBuildDir = buildSettings['TARGET_BUILD_DIR'];
if (targetBuildDir == null) {
globals.printError('Xcode build is missing expected TARGET_BUILD_DIR build setting.');
return XcodeBuildResult(success: false);
if (hasWatchCompanion && environmentType == EnvironmentType.simulator) {
globals.printTrace('Replacing iphoneos with iphonesimulator in TARGET_BUILD_DIR.');
targetBuildDir = targetBuildDir.replaceFirst('iphoneos', 'iphonesimulator');
final String? appBundle = buildSettings['WRAPPER_NAME'];
final String expectedOutputDirectory = globals.fs.path.join(
if ( {
// Copy app folder to a place where other tools can find it without knowing
// the BuildInfo.
outputDir = targetBuildDir.replaceFirst('/$configuration-', '/'); true);
// rsync instead of copy to maintain timestamps to support incremental
// app install deltas. Use --delete to remove incompatible artifacts
// (for example, kernel binary files produced from previous run).
'-8', // Avoid mangling filenames with encodings that do not match the current locale.
throwOnError: true,
outputDir = globals.fs.path.join(
} else {
globals.printError('Build succeeded but the expected app at $expectedOutputDirectory not found');
} else {
outputDir = globals.fs.path.absolute(app.archiveBundleOutputPath);
if (!globals.fs.isDirectorySync(outputDir)) {
globals.printError('Archive succeeded but the expected xcarchive at $outputDir not found');
return XcodeBuildResult(
success: true,
output: outputDir,
xcodeBuildExecution: XcodeBuildExecution(
buildCommands: buildCommands,
appDirectory: app.project.hostAppRoot.path,
environmentType: environmentType,
buildSettings: buildSettings,
xcResult: xcResult,
/// Extended attributes applied by Finder can cause code signing errors. Remove them.
Future<void> removeFinderExtendedAttributes(FileSystemEntity projectDirectory, ProcessUtils processUtils, Logger logger) async {
final bool success = await processUtils.exitsHappy(
// Ignore all errors, for example if directory is missing.
if (!success) {
logger.printTrace('Failed to remove xattr from ${projectDirectory.path}');
Future<RunResult?> _runBuildWithRetries(List<String> buildCommands, BuildableIOSApp app, Directory resultBundleDirectory) async {
int buildRetryDelaySeconds = 1;
int remainingTries = 8;
RunResult? buildResult;
while (remainingTries > 0) {
if (resultBundleDirectory.existsSync()) {
resultBundleDirectory.deleteSync(recursive: true);
buildRetryDelaySeconds *= 2;
buildResult = await
workingDirectory: app.project.hostAppRoot.path,
allowReentrantFlutter: true,
// If the result is anything other than a concurrent build failure, exit
// the loop after the first build.
if (!_isXcodeConcurrentBuildFailure(buildResult)) {
if (remainingTries > 0) {
globals.printStatus('Xcode build failed due to concurrent builds, '
'will retry in $buildRetryDelaySeconds seconds.');
await Future<void>.delayed(Duration(seconds: buildRetryDelaySeconds));
} else {
'Xcode build failed too many times due to concurrent builds, '
'giving up.');
return buildResult;
bool _isXcodeConcurrentBuildFailure(RunResult result) {
return result.exitCode != 0 &&
result.stdout.contains(kConcurrentRunFailureMessage1) &&
Future<void> diagnoseXcodeBuildFailure(XcodeBuildResult result, Usage flutterUsage, Logger logger) async {
final XcodeBuildExecution? xcodeBuildExecution = result.xcodeBuildExecution;
if (xcodeBuildExecution != null
&& xcodeBuildExecution.environmentType == EnvironmentType.physical
&& (result.stdout?.toUpperCase().contains('BITCODE') ?? false)) {
type: 'ios',
command: xcodeBuildExecution.buildCommands.toString(),
settings: xcodeBuildExecution.buildSettings.toString(),
flutterUsage: flutterUsage,
// Handle errors.
final bool issueDetected = _handleIssues(result.xcResult, logger, xcodeBuildExecution);
if (!issueDetected && xcodeBuildExecution != null) {
// Fallback to use stdout to detect and print issues.
_parseIssueInStdout(xcodeBuildExecution, logger, result);
/// xcodebuild <buildaction> parameter (see man xcodebuild for details).
/// `clean`, `test`, `analyze`, and `install` are not supported.
enum XcodeBuildAction { build, archive }
String xcodeBuildActionToString(XcodeBuildAction action) {
return switch (action) { => 'build',
XcodeBuildAction.archive => 'archive'
class XcodeBuildResult {
required this.success,
final bool success;
final String? output;
final String? stdout;
final String? stderr;
/// The invocation of the build that resulted in this result instance.
final XcodeBuildExecution? xcodeBuildExecution;
/// Parsed information in xcresult bundle.
/// Can be null if the bundle is not created during build.
final XCResult? xcResult;
/// Describes an invocation of a Xcode build command.
class XcodeBuildExecution {
required this.buildCommands,
required this.appDirectory,
required this.environmentType,
required this.buildSettings,
/// The original list of Xcode build commands used to produce this build result.
final List<String> buildCommands;
final String appDirectory;
final EnvironmentType environmentType;
/// The build settings corresponding to the [buildCommands] invocation.
final Map<String, String> buildSettings;
final String _xcodeRequirement = 'Xcode $xcodeRequiredVersion or greater is required to develop for iOS.';
bool _checkXcodeVersion() {
if (!globals.platform.isMacOS) {
return false;
final XcodeProjectInterpreter? xcodeProjectInterpreter = globals.xcodeProjectInterpreter;
if (xcodeProjectInterpreter?.isInstalled != true) {
globals.printError('Cannot find "xcodebuild". $_xcodeRequirement');
return false;
if (globals.xcode?.isRequiredVersionSatisfactory != true) {
globals.printError('Found "${xcodeProjectInterpreter?.versionText}". $_xcodeRequirement');
return false;
return true;
// TODO(jmagman): Refactor to IOSMigrator.
bool upgradePbxProjWithFlutterAssets(IosProject project, Logger logger) {
final File xcodeProjectFile = project.xcodeProjectInfoFile;
final List<String> lines = xcodeProjectFile.readAsLinesSync();
final RegExp oldAssets = RegExp(r'\/\* (flutter_assets|app\.flx)');
final StringBuffer buffer = StringBuffer();
final Set<String> printedStatuses = <String>{};
for (final String line in lines) {
final Match? match = oldAssets.firstMatch(line);
if (match != null) {
if (printedStatuses.add(!)) {
logger.printStatus('Removing obsolete reference to ${} from ${project.xcodeProject.basename}');
} else {
return true;
_XCResultIssueHandlingResult _handleXCResultIssue({required XCResultIssue issue, required Logger logger}) {
// Issue summary from xcresult.
final StringBuffer issueSummaryBuffer = StringBuffer();
issueSummaryBuffer.write(issue.subType ?? 'Unknown');
issueSummaryBuffer.write(' (Xcode): ');
issueSummaryBuffer.writeln(issue.message ?? '');
if (issue.location != null ) {
final String issueSummary = issueSummaryBuffer.toString();
switch (issue.type) {
case XCResultIssueType.error:
case XCResultIssueType.warning:
final String? message = issue.message;
if (message == null) {
return _XCResultIssueHandlingResult(requiresProvisioningProfile: false, hasProvisioningProfileIssue: false);
// Add more error messages for flutter users for some special errors.
if (message.toLowerCase().contains('requires a provisioning profile.')) {
return _XCResultIssueHandlingResult(requiresProvisioningProfile: true, hasProvisioningProfileIssue: true);
} else if (message.toLowerCase().contains('provisioning profile')) {
return _XCResultIssueHandlingResult(requiresProvisioningProfile: false, hasProvisioningProfileIssue: true);
} else if (message.toLowerCase().contains('ineligible destinations')) {
final String? missingPlatform = _parseMissingPlatform(message);
if (missingPlatform != null) {
return _XCResultIssueHandlingResult(requiresProvisioningProfile: false, hasProvisioningProfileIssue: false, missingPlatform: missingPlatform);
return _XCResultIssueHandlingResult(requiresProvisioningProfile: false, hasProvisioningProfileIssue: false);
// Returns `true` if at least one issue is detected.
bool _handleIssues(XCResult? xcResult, Logger logger, XcodeBuildExecution? xcodeBuildExecution) {
bool requiresProvisioningProfile = false;
bool hasProvisioningProfileIssue = false;
bool issueDetected = false;
String? missingPlatform;
if (xcResult != null && xcResult.parseSuccess) {
for (final XCResultIssue issue in xcResult.issues) {
final _XCResultIssueHandlingResult handlingResult = _handleXCResultIssue(issue: issue, logger: logger);
if (handlingResult.hasProvisioningProfileIssue) {
hasProvisioningProfileIssue = true;
if (handlingResult.requiresProvisioningProfile) {
requiresProvisioningProfile = true;
missingPlatform = handlingResult.missingPlatform;
issueDetected = true;
} else if (xcResult != null) {
globals.printTrace('XCResult parsing error: ${xcResult.parsingErrorMessage}');
if (requiresProvisioningProfile) {
logger.printError(noProvisioningProfileInstruction, emphasis: true);
} else if ((!issueDetected || hasProvisioningProfileIssue) && _missingDevelopmentTeam(xcodeBuildExecution)) {
issueDetected = true;
logger.printError(noDevelopmentTeamInstruction, emphasis: true);
} else if (hasProvisioningProfileIssue) {
logger.printError('It appears that there was a problem signing your application prior to installation on the device.');
logger.printError('Verify that the Bundle Identifier in your project is your signing id in Xcode');
logger.printError(' open ios/Runner.xcworkspace');
logger.printError("Also try selecting 'Product > Build' to fix the problem.");
} else if (missingPlatform != null) {
logger.printError(missingPlatformInstructions(missingPlatform), emphasis: true);
return issueDetected;
// Return 'true' a missing development team issue is detected.
bool _missingDevelopmentTeam(XcodeBuildExecution? xcodeBuildExecution) {
// Make sure the user has specified one of:
// * DEVELOPMENT_TEAM (automatic signing)
// * PROVISIONING_PROFILE (manual signing)
return xcodeBuildExecution != null && xcodeBuildExecution.environmentType == EnvironmentType.physical &&
// Detects and handles errors from stdout.
// As detecting issues in stdout is not usually accurate, this should be used as a fallback when other issue detecting methods failed.
void _parseIssueInStdout(XcodeBuildExecution xcodeBuildExecution, Logger logger, XcodeBuildResult result) {
final String? stderr = result.stderr;
if (stderr != null && stderr.isNotEmpty) {
logger.printStatus('Error output from Xcode build:\n↳');
logger.printStatus(stderr, indent: 4);
final String? stdout = result.stdout;
if (stdout != null && stdout.isNotEmpty) {
logger.printStatus("Xcode's output:\n↳");
logger.printStatus(stdout, indent: 4);
if (xcodeBuildExecution.environmentType == EnvironmentType.physical
// May need updating if Xcode changes its outputs.
&& (result.stdout?.contains('requires a provisioning profile. Select a provisioning profile in the Signing & Capabilities editor') ?? false)) {
logger.printError(noProvisioningProfileInstruction, emphasis: true);
if (stderr != null && stderr.contains('Ineligible destinations')) {
final String? version = _parseMissingPlatform(stderr);
if (version != null) {
logger.printError(missingPlatformInstructions(version), emphasis: true);
String? _parseMissingPlatform(String message) {
final RegExp pattern = RegExp(r'error:(.*?) is not installed\. To use with Xcode, first download and install the platform');
final RegExpMatch? match = pattern.firstMatch(message);
if (match != null) {
final String? version =;
return version;
return null;
// The result of [_handleXCResultIssue].
class _XCResultIssueHandlingResult {
required this.requiresProvisioningProfile,
required this.hasProvisioningProfileIssue,
// An issue indicates that user didn't provide the provisioning profile.
final bool requiresProvisioningProfile;
// An issue indicates that there is a provisioning profile issue.
final bool hasProvisioningProfileIssue;
final String? missingPlatform;
const String _kResultBundlePath = 'temporary_xcresult_bundle';
const String _kResultBundleVersion = '3';