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Demo app for the material design widgets and other features provided by Flutter.


You can follow these instructions to build the stocks app and install it onto your device.


If you are new to Flutter, please first follow the Flutter Setup guide.

Building and installing the stocks demo app

  • cd $FLUTTER_ROOT/examples/stocks
  • flutter packages get
  • flutter run --release

The flutter run --release command both builds and installs the Flutter app.


This app has been internationalized (just enough to show how it‘s done). It’s an example of how one can do so with the Dart intl package.

The Flutter Internationalization Tutorial covers Flutter app internationalization in general.

See for an explanation of how the Dart internationalization tools, like intl_translation:generate_from_arb, were used to generate localizations for this app.


Icon was created using Android Asset Studio:

From this clipart: Which is public domain.