This directory serves as a placeholder directory for the package roots of various fuchsia tools which use the flutter_tools library.

This is required to provide a workaround for the fuchsia build system. When this directory is not present the various tools specified in the dart_tool directives in the flutter_tools/ file will end up having the same package root entry written in the .packages file. This causes the build to fail because the dart compiler has a requirement that libraries must have a unique package uri. By specifying a package root which is a subdirectory of this directory for these tools we avoid having the build system create duplicate package roots for the generated libraries for these tools.

Note that we cannot move the location of the main files for these tools because the paths are hard coded in the fuchsia tree.

Tracking Bugs:

  • (move flutter_tools/ to fuchsia repo)
  • (do not refence fuchsia_tester.dart directly)
  • (remove the fuchsia_entrypoint_shim directory)