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Samples Catalog

A collection of sample apps that demonstrate how Flutter can be used.

Each sample app is contained in a single .dart file located in the lib directory. To run each sample app, specify the corresponding file on the flutter run command line, for example:

flutter run lib/animated_list.dart
flutter run lib/app_bar_bottom.dart
flutter run lib/basic_app_bar.dart

The apps are intended to be short and easily understood. Classes that represent the sample's focus are at the top of the file; data and support classes follow.

Each sample app contains a comment (usually at the end) which provides some standard documentation that also appears in the web view of the catalog. See the “Generating...” section below.

Generating the web view of the catalog

Markdown and a screenshot of each app are produced by bin/sample_page.dart and saved in the .generated directory. The markdown file contains the text taken from the Sample Catalog comment found in the app's source file, followed by the source code itself.

This sample_page.dart command-line app must be run from the examples/catalog directory. It relies on templates also found in the bin directory, and it generates and executes test_driver apps to collect the screenshots:

cd examples/catalog
dart bin/sample_page.dart