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// Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import '../artifacts.dart';
import '../base/analyze_size.dart';
import '../base/common.dart';
import '../base/file_system.dart';
import '../base/logger.dart';
import '../base/project_migrator.dart';
import '../base/utils.dart';
import '../build_info.dart';
import '../cache.dart';
import '../cmake.dart';
import '../cmake_project.dart';
import '../convert.dart';
import '../flutter_plugins.dart';
import '../globals.dart' as globals;
import '../migrations/cmake_custom_command_migration.dart';
// Matches the following error and warning patterns:
// - <file path>:<line>:<column>: (fatal) error: <error...>
// - <file path>:<line>:<column>: warning: <warning...>
// - clang: error: <link error...>
// - Error: <tool error...>
final RegExp errorMatcher = RegExp(r'(?:(?:.*:\d+:\d+|clang):\s)?(fatal\s)?(?:error|warning):\s.*', caseSensitive: false);
/// Builds the Linux project through the Makefile.
Future<void> buildLinux(
LinuxProject linuxProject,
BuildInfo buildInfo, {
String? target,
SizeAnalyzer? sizeAnalyzer,
bool needCrossBuild = false,
required TargetPlatform targetPlatform,
String targetSysroot = '/',
}) async {
target ??= 'lib/main.dart';
if (!linuxProject.cmakeFile.existsSync()) {
throwToolExit('No Linux desktop project configured. See '
' '
'to learn about adding Linux support to a project.');
final List<ProjectMigrator> migrators = <ProjectMigrator>[
CmakeCustomCommandMigration(linuxProject, globals.logger),
final ProjectMigration migration = ProjectMigration(migrators);
if (! {
throwToolExit('Unable to migrate project files');
// Build the environment that needs to be set for the re-entrant flutter build
// step.
final Map<String, String> environmentConfig = buildInfo.toEnvironmentConfig();
environmentConfig['FLUTTER_TARGET'] = target;
final Artifacts? artifacts = globals.artifacts;
if (artifacts is LocalEngineArtifacts) {
final LocalEngineArtifacts localEngineArtifacts = artifacts;
final String engineOutPath = localEngineArtifacts.engineOutPath;
environmentConfig['FLUTTER_ENGINE'] = globals.fs.path.dirname(globals.fs.path.dirname(engineOutPath));
environmentConfig['LOCAL_ENGINE'] = globals.fs.path.basename(engineOutPath);
writeGeneratedCmakeConfig(Cache.flutterRoot!, linuxProject, environmentConfig);
final Status status = globals.logger.startProgress(
'Building Linux application...',
try {
final String buildModeName = getNameForBuildMode(buildInfo.mode);
final Directory buildDirectory =;
await _runCmake(buildModeName, linuxProject.cmakeFile.parent, buildDirectory,
needCrossBuild, targetPlatform, targetSysroot);
await _runBuild(buildDirectory);
} finally {
if (buildInfo.codeSizeDirectory != null && sizeAnalyzer != null) {
final String arch = getNameForTargetPlatform(targetPlatform);
final File codeSizeFile =
final File precompilerTrace =
final Map<String, Object?> output = await sizeAnalyzer.analyzeAotSnapshot(
aotSnapshot: codeSizeFile,
// This analysis is only supported for release builds.
globals.fs.path.join(getLinuxBuildDirectory(targetPlatform), 'release', 'bundle'),
precompilerTrace: precompilerTrace,
type: 'linux',
final File outputFile = globals.fsUtils.getUniqueFile(
.childDirectory('.flutter-devtools'), 'linux-code-size-analysis', 'json',
// This message is used as a sentinel in analyze_apk_size_test.dart
'A summary of your Linux bundle analysis can be found at: ${outputFile.path}',
// DevTools expects a file path relative to the .flutter-devtools/ dir.
final String relativeAppSizePath = outputFile.path.split('.flutter-devtools/').last.trim();
'\nTo analyze your app size in Dart DevTools, run the following command:\n'
'flutter pub global activate devtools; flutter pub global run devtools '
Future<void> _runCmake(String buildModeName, Directory sourceDir, Directory buildDir,
bool needCrossBuild, TargetPlatform targetPlatform, String targetSysroot) async {
final Stopwatch sw = Stopwatch()..start();
await buildDir.create(recursive: true);
final String buildFlag = sentenceCase(buildModeName);
final bool needCrossBuildOptionsForArm64 = needCrossBuild
&& targetPlatform == TargetPlatform.linux_arm64;
int result;
try {
result = await
// Support cross-building for arm64 targets on x64 hosts.
// (Cross-building for x64 on arm64 hosts isn't supported now.)
if (needCrossBuild)
if (needCrossBuildOptionsForArm64)
if (needCrossBuildOptionsForArm64)
workingDirectory: buildDir.path,
environment: <String, String>{
'CC': 'clang',
'CXX': 'clang++'
trace: true,
} on ArgumentError {
throwToolExit("cmake not found. Run 'flutter doctor' for more information.");
if (result != 0) {
throwToolExit('Unable to generate build files');
globals.flutterUsage.sendTiming('build', 'cmake-linux', Duration(milliseconds: sw.elapsedMilliseconds));
Future<void> _runBuild(Directory buildDir) async {
final Stopwatch sw = Stopwatch()..start();
int result;
try {
result = await
environment: <String, String>{
if (globals.logger.isVerbose)
if (!globals.logger.isVerbose)
trace: true,
stdoutErrorMatcher: errorMatcher,
} on ArgumentError {
throwToolExit("ninja not found. Run 'flutter doctor' for more information.");
if (result != 0) {
throwToolExit('Build process failed');
globals.flutterUsage.sendTiming('build', 'linux-ninja', Duration(milliseconds: sw.elapsedMilliseconds));