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// Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// @dart = 2.8
import 'package:meta/meta.dart';
import '../base/common.dart';
import '../base/file_system.dart';
import '../build_info.dart';
import '../build_system/build_system.dart';
import '../build_system/depfile.dart';
import '../build_system/targets/android.dart';
import '../build_system/targets/assets.dart';
import '../build_system/targets/common.dart';
import '../build_system/targets/deferred_components.dart';
import '../build_system/targets/ios.dart';
import '../build_system/targets/linux.dart';
import '../build_system/targets/macos.dart';
import '../build_system/targets/web.dart';
import '../build_system/targets/windows.dart';
import '../cache.dart';
import '../convert.dart';
import '../globals.dart' as globals;
import '../project.dart';
import '../reporting/reporting.dart';
import '../runner/flutter_command.dart';
/// All currently implemented targets.
List<Target> _kDefaultTargets = <Target>[
// Shared targets
const CopyAssets(),
const KernelSnapshot(),
const AotElfProfile(TargetPlatform.android_arm),
const AotElfRelease(TargetPlatform.android_arm),
const AotAssemblyProfile(),
const AotAssemblyRelease(),
// macOS targets
const DebugMacOSFramework(),
const DebugMacOSBundleFlutterAssets(),
const ProfileMacOSBundleFlutterAssets(),
const ReleaseMacOSBundleFlutterAssets(),
// Linux targets
const DebugBundleLinuxAssets(TargetPlatform.linux_x64),
const DebugBundleLinuxAssets(TargetPlatform.linux_arm64),
const ProfileBundleLinuxAssets(TargetPlatform.linux_x64),
const ProfileBundleLinuxAssets(TargetPlatform.linux_arm64),
const ReleaseBundleLinuxAssets(TargetPlatform.linux_x64),
const ReleaseBundleLinuxAssets(TargetPlatform.linux_arm64),
// Web targets
const WebServiceWorker(),
const ReleaseAndroidApplication(),
// This is a one-off rule for bundle and aot compat.
const CopyFlutterBundle(),
// Android targets,
const DebugAndroidApplication(),
const ProfileAndroidApplication(),
// Android ABI specific AOT rules.
// Deferred component enabled AOT rules
// iOS targets
const DebugIosApplicationBundle(),
const ProfileIosApplicationBundle(),
const ReleaseIosApplicationBundle(),
// Windows targets
const UnpackWindows(),
const DebugBundleWindowsAssets(),
const ProfileBundleWindowsAssets(),
const ReleaseBundleWindowsAssets(),
// Windows UWP targets
const DebugBundleWindowsAssetsUwp(),
const ProfileBundleWindowsAssetsUwp(),
const ReleaseBundleWindowsAssetsUwp(),
/// Assemble provides a low level API to interact with the flutter tool build
/// system.
class AssembleCommand extends FlutterCommand {
AssembleCommand({ bool verboseHelp = false, @required BuildSystem buildSystem })
: _buildSystem = buildSystem {
abbr: 'd',
valueHelp: 'target=key=value',
help: 'Allows passing configuration to a target, as in "--define=target=key=value".',
help: 'Output individual target performance to a JSON file.'
abbr: 'i',
help: 'Allows passing additional inputs with "--input=key=value". Unlike '
'defines, additional inputs do not generate a new configuration; instead '
'they are treated as dependencies of the targets that use them.'
help: 'A file path where a depfile will be written. '
'This contains all build inputs and outputs in a Make-style syntax.'
argParser.addOption('build-inputs', help: 'A file path where a newline-separated '
'file containing all inputs used will be written after a build. '
'This file is not included as a build input or output. This file is not '
'written if the build fails for any reason.');
argParser.addOption('build-outputs', help: 'A file path where a newline-separated '
'file containing all outputs created will be written after a build. '
'This file is not included as a build input or output. This file is not '
'written if the build fails for any reason.');
argParser.addOption('output', abbr: 'o', help: 'A directory where output '
'files will be written. Must be either absolute or relative from the '
'root of the current Flutter project.',
usesExtraDartFlagOptions(verboseHelp: verboseHelp);
help: 'The maximum number of concurrent tasks the build system will run.',
final BuildSystem _buildSystem;
String get description => 'Assemble and build Flutter resources.';
String get name => 'assemble';
Future<Map<CustomDimensions, String>> get usageValues async {
final FlutterProject flutterProject = FlutterProject.current();
if (flutterProject == null) {
return const <CustomDimensions, String>{};
try {
return <CustomDimensions, String>{
CustomDimensions.commandBuildBundleTargetPlatform: environment.defines[kTargetPlatform],
CustomDimensions.commandBuildBundleIsModule: '${flutterProject.isModule}',
} on Exception {
// We've failed to send usage.
return const <CustomDimensions, String>{};
Future<Set<DevelopmentArtifact>> get requiredArtifacts async {
final String platform = environment.defines[kTargetPlatform];
if (platform == null) {
return super.requiredArtifacts;
final TargetPlatform targetPlatform = getTargetPlatformForName(platform);
final DevelopmentArtifact artifact = artifactFromTargetPlatform(targetPlatform);
if (artifact != null) {
return <DevelopmentArtifact>{artifact};
return super.requiredArtifacts;
/// The target(s) we are building.
List<Target> createTargets() {
if ( {
throwToolExit('missing target name for flutter assemble.');
final String name =;
final Map<String, Target> targetMap = <String, Target>{
for (final Target target in _kDefaultTargets) target
final List<Target> results = <Target>[
for (final String targetName in
if (targetMap.containsKey(targetName))
if (results.isEmpty) {
throwToolExit('No target named "$name" defined.');
return results;
bool isDeferredComponentsTargets() {
for (final String targetName in {
if (deferredComponentsTargets.contains(targetName)) {
return true;
return false;
bool isDebug() {
for (final String targetName in {
if (targetName.contains('debug')) {
return true;
return false;
Environment get environment => _environment ??= createEnvironment();
Environment _environment;
/// The environmental configuration for a build invocation.
Environment createEnvironment() {
final FlutterProject flutterProject = FlutterProject.current();
String output = stringArg('output');
if (output == null) {
throwToolExit('--output directory is required for assemble.');
// If path is relative, make it absolute from flutter project.
if (globals.fs.path.isRelative(output)) {
output = globals.fs.path.join(, output);
final Environment result = Environment(
defines: _parseDefines(stringsArg('define')),
inputs: _parseDefines(stringsArg('input')),
cacheDir: globals.cache.getRoot(),
artifacts: globals.artifacts,
fileSystem: globals.fs,
logger: globals.logger,
processManager: globals.processManager,
platform: globals.platform,
engineVersion: globals.artifacts.isLocalEngine
? null
: globals.flutterVersion.engineRevision,
generateDartPluginRegistry: true,
return result;
Map<String, String> _parseDefines(List<String> values) {
final Map<String, String> results = <String, String>{};
for (final String chunk in values) {
final int indexEquals = chunk.indexOf('=');
if (indexEquals == -1) {
throwToolExit('Improperly formatted define flag: $chunk');
final String key = chunk.substring(0, indexEquals);
final String value = chunk.substring(indexEquals + 1);
results[key] = value;
if (argResults.wasParsed(FlutterOptions.kExtraGenSnapshotOptions)) {
results[kExtraGenSnapshotOptions] = (argResults[FlutterOptions.kExtraGenSnapshotOptions] as List<String>).join(',');
if (argResults.wasParsed(FlutterOptions.kDartDefinesOption)) {
results[kDartDefines] = (argResults[FlutterOptions.kDartDefinesOption] as List<String>).join(',');
results[kDeferredComponents] = 'false';
if (FlutterProject.current().manifest.deferredComponents != null && isDeferredComponentsTargets() && !isDebug()) {
results[kDeferredComponents] = 'true';
if (argResults.wasParsed(FlutterOptions.kExtraFrontEndOptions)) {
results[kExtraFrontEndOptions] = (argResults[FlutterOptions.kExtraFrontEndOptions] as List<String>).join(',');
return results;
Future<FlutterCommandResult> runCommand() async {
final List<Target> targets = createTargets();
final List<Target> nonDeferredTargets = <Target>[];
final List<Target> deferredTargets = <AndroidAotDeferredComponentsBundle>[];
for (final Target target in targets) {
if (deferredComponentsTargets.contains( {
} else {
Target target;
List<String> decodedDefines;
try {
decodedDefines = decodeDartDefines(environment.defines, kDartDefines);
} on FormatException {
'Error parsing assemble command: your generated configuration may be out of date. '
"Try re-running 'flutter build ios' or the appropriate build command."
if (FlutterProject.current().manifest.deferredComponents != null
&& decodedDefines.contains('validate-deferred-components=true')
&& deferredTargets.isNotEmpty
&& !isDebug()) {
// Add deferred components validation target that require loading units.
target = DeferredComponentsGenSnapshotValidatorTarget(
deferredComponentsDependencies: deferredTargets.cast<AndroidAotDeferredComponentsBundle>(),
nonDeferredComponentsDependencies: nonDeferredTargets,
title: 'Deferred components gen_snapshot validation',
} else if (targets.length > 1) {
target = CompositeTarget(targets);
} else if (targets.isNotEmpty) {
target = targets.single;
final BuildResult result = await
buildSystemConfig: BuildSystemConfig(
resourcePoolSize: argResults.wasParsed('resource-pool-size')
? int.tryParse(stringArg('resource-pool-size'))
: null,
if (!result.success) {
for (final ExceptionMeasurement measurement in result.exceptions.values) {
if (measurement.fatal || globals.logger.isVerbose) {
globals.printError('Target ${} failed: ${measurement.exception}',
stackTrace: measurement.stackTrace
globals.printTrace('build succeeded.');
if (argResults.wasParsed('build-inputs')) {
writeListIfChanged(result.inputFiles, stringArg('build-inputs'));
if (argResults.wasParsed('build-outputs')) {
writeListIfChanged(result.outputFiles, stringArg('build-outputs'));
if (argResults.wasParsed('performance-measurement-file')) {
final File outFile = globals.fs.file(argResults['performance-measurement-file']);
writePerformanceData(result.performance.values, outFile);
if (argResults.wasParsed('depfile')) {
final File depfileFile = globals.fs.file(stringArg('depfile'));
final Depfile depfile = Depfile(result.inputFiles, result.outputFiles);
final DepfileService depfileService = DepfileService(
fileSystem: globals.fs,
logger: globals.logger,
depfileService.writeToFile(depfile, globals.fs.file(depfileFile));
return FlutterCommandResult.success();
void writeListIfChanged(List<File> files, String path) {
final File file = globals.fs.file(path);
final StringBuffer buffer = StringBuffer();
// These files are already sorted.
for (final File file in files) {
final String newContents = buffer.toString();
if (!file.existsSync()) {
final String currentContents = file.readAsStringSync();
if (currentContents != newContents) {
/// Output performance measurement data in [outFile].
void writePerformanceData(Iterable<PerformanceMeasurement> measurements, File outFile) {
final Map<String, Object> jsonData = <String, Object>{
'targets': <Object>[
for (final PerformanceMeasurement measurement in measurements)
<String, Object>{
'name': measurement.analyticsName,
'skipped': measurement.skipped,
'succeeded': measurement.succeeded,
'elapsedMilliseconds': measurement.elapsedMilliseconds,
if (!outFile.parent.existsSync()) {
outFile.parent.createSync(recursive: true);