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Token Defaults Generator

Script that generates component theme data defaults based on token data.


Run this program from the root of the git repository:

dart dev/tools/gen_defaults/bin/gen_defaults.dart [-v]

This updates generated/used_tokens.csv and the various component theme files.


There is a template file for every component that needs defaults from the token database. These templates are implemented as subclasses of TokenTemplate. This base class provides some utilities and a structure for adding a new block of generated code to the bottom of a given file.

Templates need to override the generate method to provide the generated code block as a string.

See lib/fab_template.dart for an example that generates defaults for the Floating Action Button.


Tokens are stored in JSON files in data/, and are sourced from an internal Google database.

template.dart should provide nearly all useful token resolvers (e.g. color, shape, etc.). For special cases in which one shouldn't be defined, use getToken to get the raw token value. The script, through the various revolvers and getToken, validates tokens, keeps track of which tokens are used, and generates generated/used_tokens.csv.