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// Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:collection';
import 'dart:io';
final TokenLogger tokenLogger = TokenLogger();
/// Class to keep track of used tokens and versions.
class TokenLogger {
void init({
required Map<String, dynamic> allTokens,
required Map<String, List<String>> versionMap
_allTokens = allTokens;
_versionMap = versionMap;
/// Map of all tokens to their values.
late Map<String, dynamic> _allTokens;
// Map of versions to their token files.
late Map<String, List<String>> _versionMap;
// Sorted set of used tokens.
final SplayTreeSet<String> _usedTokens = SplayTreeSet<String>();
void clear() {
/// Logs a token.
void log(String token) {
if (!_allTokens.containsKey(token)) {
print('\x1B[31m' 'Token unavailable: $token' '\x1B[0m');
/// Prints version usage to the console.
void printVersionUsage({required bool verbose}) {
final String versionsString = 'Versions used: ${_versionMap.keys.join(', ')}';
if (verbose) {
for (final String version in _versionMap.keys) {
print(' $version:');
final List<String> files = List<String>.from(_versionMap[version]!);
for (final String file in files) {
print(' $file');
/// Prints tokens usage to the console.
void printTokensUsage({required bool verbose}) {
final Set<String> allTokensSet = _allTokens.keys.toSet();
if (verbose) {
for (final String token in SplayTreeSet<String>.from(allTokensSet).toList()) {
if (_usedTokens.contains(token)) {
print('✅ $token');
} else {
print('❌ $token');
print('Tokens used: ${_usedTokens.length}/${_allTokens.length}');
/// Dumps version and tokens usage to a file.
void dumpToFile(String path) {
final File file = File(path);
file.createSync(recursive: true);
final String versionsString = 'Versions used, ${_versionMap.keys.join(', ')}';