Flutter Web integration tests

To run the tests in this package download the chromedriver matching the version of Chrome. To find out the version of your Chrome installation visit chrome://version.

Start chromedriver using the following command:

chromedriver --port=4444

An integration test is run using the flutter drive command. Some tests are written for a specific web renderer and/or specific build mode. Before running a test, check the _runWebLongRunningTests function defined in dev/bots/test.dart, and determine the right web renderer and the build mode you'd like to run the test in.

Here's an example of running an integration test:

flutter drive --target=test_driver/text_editing_integration.dart \
  -d web-server \
  --browser-name=chrome \
  --profile \

This example runs the test in profile mode (--profile) using the HTML renderer (--web-renderer=html).

More resources: