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// Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:flutter/rendering.dart';
import 'basic.dart';
import 'framework.dart';
import 'icon.dart';
import 'icon_theme.dart';
import 'icon_theme_data.dart';
import 'image.dart';
/// An icon that comes from an [ImageProvider], e.g. an [AssetImage].
/// See also:
/// * [IconButton], for interactive icons.
/// * [IconTheme], which provides ambient configuration for icons.
/// * [Icon], for icons based on glyphs from fonts instead of images.
/// * [Icons], the library of Material Icons.
class ImageIcon extends StatelessWidget {
/// Creates an image icon.
/// The [size] and [color] default to the value given by the current [IconTheme].
const ImageIcon(
this.image, {
/// The image to display as the icon.
/// The icon can be null, in which case the widget will render as an empty
/// space of the specified [size].
final ImageProvider? image;
/// The size of the icon in logical pixels.
/// Icons occupy a square with width and height equal to size.
/// Defaults to the current [IconTheme] size, if any. If there is no
/// [IconTheme], or it does not specify an explicit size, then it defaults to
/// 24.0.
final double? size;
/// The color to use when drawing the icon.
/// Defaults to the current [IconTheme] color, if any. If there is
/// no [IconTheme], then it defaults to not recolorizing the image.
/// The image will be additionally adjusted by the opacity of the current
/// [IconTheme], if any.
final Color? color;
/// Semantic label for the icon.
/// Announced in accessibility modes (e.g TalkBack/VoiceOver).
/// This label does not show in the UI.
/// * [SemanticsProperties.label], which is set to [semanticLabel] in the
/// underlying [Semantics] widget.
final String? semanticLabel;
Widget build(BuildContext context) {
final IconThemeData iconTheme = IconTheme.of(context);
final double? iconSize = size ?? iconTheme.size;
if (image == null) {
return Semantics(
label: semanticLabel,
child: SizedBox(width: iconSize, height: iconSize),
final double? iconOpacity = iconTheme.opacity;
Color iconColor = color ?? iconTheme.color!;
if (iconOpacity != null && iconOpacity != 1.0) {
iconColor = iconColor.withOpacity(iconColor.opacity * iconOpacity);
return Semantics(
label: semanticLabel,
child: Image(
image: image!,
width: iconSize,
height: iconSize,
color: iconColor,
fit: BoxFit.scaleDown,
excludeFromSemantics: true,
void debugFillProperties(DiagnosticPropertiesBuilder properties) {
properties.add(DiagnosticsProperty<ImageProvider>('image', image, ifNull: '<empty>', showName: false));
properties.add(DoubleProperty('size', size, defaultValue: null));
properties.add(ColorProperty('color', color, defaultValue: null));