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// Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:convert';
import 'dart:io';
import 'package:args/args.dart';
import 'package:intl/intl.dart';
import 'package:meta/meta.dart';
import 'package:path/path.dart' as path;
import 'package:platform/platform.dart';
import 'package:process/process.dart';
import 'dartdoc_checker.dart';
const String kDocsRoot = 'dev/docs';
const String kPublishRoot = '$kDocsRoot/doc';
const String kDummyPackageName = 'Flutter';
const String kPlatformIntegrationPackageName = 'platform_integration';
/// This script expects to run with the cwd as the root of the flutter repo. It
/// will generate documentation for the packages in `//packages/` and write the
/// documentation to `//dev/docs/doc/api/`.
/// This script also updates the index.html file so that it can be placed
/// at the root of We are keeping the files inside of
/// for now, so we need to manipulate paths
/// a bit. See for more info.
/// This will only work on UNIX systems, not Windows. It requires that 'git' be
/// in your path. It requires that 'flutter' has been run previously. It uses
/// the version of Dart downloaded by the 'flutter' tool in this repository and
/// will crash if that is absent.
Future<void> main(List<String> arguments) async {
final ArgParser argParser = _createArgsParser();
final ArgResults args = argParser.parse(arguments);
if (args['help'] as bool) {
print ('Usage:');
print (argParser.usage);
// If we're run from the `tools` dir, set the cwd to the repo root.
if (path.basename(Directory.current.path) == 'tools') {
Directory.current = Directory.current.parent.parent;
final ProcessResult flutter = Process.runSync('flutter', <String>[]);
final File versionFile = File('version');
if (flutter.exitCode != 0 || !versionFile.existsSync()) {
throw Exception('Failed to determine Flutter version.');
final String version = versionFile.readAsStringSync();
// Create the pubspec.yaml file.
final StringBuffer buf = StringBuffer();
buf.writeln('name: $kDummyPackageName');
buf.writeln('version: 0.0.0');
buf.writeln(" sdk: '>=2.10.0 <3.0.0'");
for (final String package in findPackageNames()) {
buf.writeln(' $package:');
buf.writeln(' sdk: flutter');
buf.writeln(' $kPlatformIntegrationPackageName: 0.0.1');
buf.writeln(' $kPlatformIntegrationPackageName:');
buf.writeln(' path: $kPlatformIntegrationPackageName');
// Create the library file.
final Directory libDir = Directory('$kDocsRoot/lib');
final StringBuffer contents = StringBuffer('library temp_doc;\n\n');
for (final String libraryRef in libraryRefs()) {
contents.writeln("import 'package:$libraryRef';");
final String flutterRoot = Directory.current.path;
final Map<String, String> pubEnvironment = <String, String>{
'FLUTTER_ROOT': flutterRoot,
// If there's a .pub-cache dir in the flutter root, use that.
final String pubCachePath = '$flutterRoot/.pub-cache';
if (Directory(pubCachePath).existsSync()) {
pubEnvironment['PUB_CACHE'] = pubCachePath;
final String dartExecutable = '$flutterRoot/bin/cache/dart-sdk/bin/dart';
// Run pub.
ProcessWrapper process = ProcessWrapper(await runPubProcess(
dartBinaryPath: dartExecutable,
arguments: <String>['get'],
workingDirectory: kDocsRoot,
environment: pubEnvironment,
printStream(process.stdout, prefix: 'pub:stdout: ');
printStream(process.stderr, prefix: 'pub:stderr: ');
final int code = await process.done;
if (code != 0) {
createFooter('$kDocsRoot/lib/', version);
createSearchMetadata('$kDocsRoot/lib/opensearch.xml', '$kDocsRoot/doc/opensearch.xml');
final List<String> dartdocBaseArgs = <String>[
if (args['checked'] as bool) '-c',
// Verify which version of snippets and dartdoc we're using.
final ProcessResult snippetsResult = Process.runSync(
workingDirectory: kDocsRoot,
environment: pubEnvironment,
stdoutEncoding: utf8,
final Iterable<RegExpMatch> versionMatches = RegExp(r'^(?<name>snippets|dartdoc) (?<version>[^\s]+)', multiLine: true)
.allMatches(snippetsResult.stdout as String);
for (final RegExpMatch match in versionMatches) {
print('${match.namedGroup('name')} version: ${match.namedGroup('version')}');
print('flutter version: $version\n');
// Dartdoc warnings and errors in these packages are considered fatal.
// All packages owned by flutter should be in the list.
// TODO(goderbauer): Figure out how to add 'dart:ui'.
final List<String> flutterPackages = <String>[
// Generate the documentation.
// We don't need to exclude flutter_tools in this list because it's not in the
// recursive dependencies of the package defined at dev/docs/pubspec.yaml
final List<String> dartdocArgs = <String>[
if (args['json'] as bool) '--json',
if (args['validate-links'] as bool) '--validate-links' else '--no-validate-links',
'--link-to-source-excludes', '../../bin/cache',
'--link-to-source-root', '../..',
'--link-to-source-uri-template', '',
'--header', 'styles.html',
'--header', 'analytics.html',
'--header', 'survey.html',
'--header', 'snippets.html',
'--header', 'opensearch.html',
'--footer-text', 'lib/footer.html',
'--allow-warnings-in-packages', flutterPackages.join(','),
'dart:io/network_policy.dart', // dart-lang/dartdoc#2437
'--package-order', 'flutter,Dart,$kPlatformIntegrationPackageName,flutter_test,flutter_driver',
String quote(String arg) => arg.contains(' ') ? "'$arg'" : arg;
print('Executing: (cd $kDocsRoot ; $dartExecutable ${<String>(quote).join(' ')})');
process = ProcessWrapper(await runPubProcess(
dartBinaryPath: dartExecutable,
arguments: dartdocArgs,
workingDirectory: kDocsRoot,
environment: pubEnvironment,
printStream(process.stdout, prefix: args['json'] as bool ? '' : 'dartdoc:stdout: ',
filter: args['verbose'] as bool ? const <Pattern>[] : <Pattern>[
RegExp(r'^generating docs for library '), // unnecessary verbosity
RegExp(r'^pars'), // unnecessary verbosity
printStream(process.stderr, prefix: args['json'] as bool ? '' : 'dartdoc:stderr: ',
filter: args['verbose'] as bool ? const <Pattern>[] : <Pattern>[
RegExp(r'^ warning: .+: \(.+/\.pub-cache/hosted/\)'), // packages outside our control
final int exitCode = await process.done;
if (exitCode != 0) {
ArgParser _createArgsParser() {
final ArgParser parser = ArgParser();
parser.addFlag('help', abbr: 'h', negatable: false,
help: 'Show command help.');
parser.addFlag('verbose', defaultsTo: true,
help: 'Whether to report all error messages (on) or attempt to '
'filter out some known false positives (off). Shut this off '
'locally if you want to address Flutter-specific issues.');
parser.addFlag('checked', abbr: 'c',
help: 'Run dartdoc in checked mode.');
help: 'Display json-formatted output from dartdoc and skip stdout/stderr prefixing.');
help: 'Display warnings for broken links generated by dartdoc (slow)');
return parser;
final RegExp gitBranchRegexp = RegExp(r'^## (.*)');
/// Get the name of the release branch.
/// On LUCI builds, the git HEAD is detached, so first check for the env
/// variable "LUCI_BRANCH"; if it is not set, fall back to calling git.
String getBranchName({
Platform platform = const LocalPlatform(),
ProcessManager processManager = const LocalProcessManager(),
}) {
final String? luciBranch = platform.environment['LUCI_BRANCH'];
if (luciBranch != null && luciBranch.trim().isNotEmpty) {
return luciBranch.trim();
final ProcessResult gitResult = processManager.runSync(<String>['git', 'status', '-b', '--porcelain']);
if (gitResult.exitCode != 0) {
throw 'git status exit with non-zero exit code: ${gitResult.exitCode}';
final RegExpMatch? gitBranchMatch = gitBranchRegexp.firstMatch(
(gitResult.stdout as String).trim().split('\n').first);
return gitBranchMatch == null ? '' :!.split('...').first;
String gitRevision() {
const int kGitRevisionLength = 10;
final ProcessResult gitResult = Process.runSync('git', <String>['rev-parse', 'HEAD']);
if (gitResult.exitCode != 0) {
throw 'git rev-parse exit with non-zero exit code: ${gitResult.exitCode}';
final String gitRevision = (gitResult.stdout as String).trim();
return gitRevision.length > kGitRevisionLength ? gitRevision.substring(0, kGitRevisionLength) : gitRevision;
void createFooter(String footerPath, String version) {
final String timestamp = DateFormat('yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm').format(;
final String gitBranch = getBranchName();
final String gitBranchOut = gitBranch.isEmpty ? '' : '• $gitBranch';
File('${footerPath}footer.html').writeAsStringSync('<script src="footer.js"></script>');
..createSync(recursive: true)
(function() {
var span = document.querySelector('footer>span');
if (span) {
span.innerText = 'Flutter $version • $timestamp • ${gitRevision()} $gitBranchOut';
var sourceLink = document.querySelector('a.source-link');
if (sourceLink) {
sourceLink.href = sourceLink.href.replace('/master/', '/${gitRevision()}/');
/// Generates an OpenSearch XML description that can be used to add a custom
/// search for Flutter API docs to the browser. Unfortunately, it has to know
/// the URL to which site to search, so we customize it here based upon the
/// branch name.
void createSearchMetadata(String templatePath, String metadataPath) {
final String template = File(templatePath).readAsStringSync();
final String branch = getBranchName();
final String metadata = template.replaceAll(
branch == 'stable' ? '' : '',
Directory(path.dirname(metadataPath)).create(recursive: true);
/// Recursively copies `srcDir` to `destDir`, invoking [onFileCopied], if
/// specified, for each source/destination file pair.
/// Creates `destDir` if needed.
void copyDirectorySync(Directory srcDir, Directory destDir, [void Function(File srcFile, File destFile)? onFileCopied]) {
if (!srcDir.existsSync()) {
throw Exception('Source directory "${srcDir.path}" does not exist, nothing to copy');
if (!destDir.existsSync()) {
destDir.createSync(recursive: true);
for (final FileSystemEntity entity in srcDir.listSync()) {
final String newPath = path.join(destDir.path, path.basename(entity.path));
if (entity is File) {
final File newFile = File(newPath);
onFileCopied?.call(entity, newFile);
} else if (entity is Directory) {
copyDirectorySync(entity, Directory(newPath));
} else {
throw Exception('${entity.path} is neither File nor Directory');
void copyAssets() {
final Directory assetsDir = Directory(path.join(kPublishRoot, 'assets'));
if (assetsDir.existsSync()) {
assetsDir.deleteSync(recursive: true);
Directory(path.join(kDocsRoot, 'assets')),
Directory(path.join(kPublishRoot, 'assets')),
(File src, File dest) => print('Copied ${src.path} to ${dest.path}'));
/// Clean out any existing snippets so that we don't publish old files from
/// previous runs accidentally.
void cleanOutSnippets() {
final Directory snippetsDir = Directory(path.join(kPublishRoot, 'snippets'));
if (snippetsDir.existsSync()) {
..deleteSync(recursive: true)
..createSync(recursive: true);
void _sanityCheckExample(String fileString, String regExpString) {
final File file = File(fileString);
if (file.existsSync()) {
final RegExp regExp = RegExp(regExpString, dotAll: true);
final String contents = file.readAsStringSync();
if (!regExp.hasMatch(contents)) {
throw Exception("Missing example code matching '$regExpString' in ${file.path}.");
} else {
throw Exception(
"Missing example code sanity test file ${file.path}. Either it didn't get published, or you might have to update the test to look at a different file.");
/// Runs a sanity check by running a test.
void sanityCheckDocs([Platform platform = const LocalPlatform()]) {
final List<String> canaries = <String>[
for (final String canary in canaries) {
if (!File(canary).existsSync()) {
throw Exception('Missing "$canary", which probably means the documentation failed to build correctly.');
// Make sure at least one example of each kind includes source code.
// Check a "sample" example, any one will do.
r'\s*<pre\s+id="longSnippet1".*<code\s+class="language-dart">\s*import &#39;package:flutter&#47;material.dart&#39;;',
// Check a "snippet" example, any one will do.
// Check a "dartpad" example, any one will do, and check for the correct URL
// arguments.
// Just use "master" for any branch other than the LUCH_BRANCH.
final String? luciBranch = platform.environment['LUCI_BRANCH']?.trim();
final String expectedBranch = luciBranch != null && luciBranch.isNotEmpty ? luciBranch : 'master';
final List<String> argumentRegExps = <String>[
for (final String argumentRegExp in argumentRegExps) {
/// Creates a custom index.html because we try to maintain old
/// paths. Cleanup unused index.html files no longer needed.
void createIndexAndCleanup() {
print('\nCreating a custom index.html in $kPublishRoot/index.html');
print('\nDocs ready to go!');
void removeOldFlutterDocsDir() {
try {
Directory('$kPublishRoot/flutter').deleteSync(recursive: true);
} on FileSystemException {
// If the directory does not exist, that's OK.
void renameApiDir() {
void copyIndexToRootOfDocs() {
void changePackageToSdkInTitlebar() {
final File indexFile = File('$kPublishRoot/index.html');
String indexContents = indexFile.readAsStringSync();
indexContents = indexContents.replaceFirst(
'<li><a href="">Flutter package</a></li>',
'<li><a href="">Flutter SDK</a></li>',
void addHtmlBaseToIndex() {
final File indexFile = File('$kPublishRoot/index.html');
String indexContents = indexFile.readAsStringSync();
indexContents = indexContents.replaceFirst(
'</title>\n <base href="./flutter/">\n',
indexContents = indexContents.replaceAll(
indexContents = indexContents.replaceAll(
void putRedirectInOldIndexLocation() {
const String metaTag = '<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=../index.html">';
void writeSnippetsIndexFile() {
final Directory snippetsDir = Directory(path.join(kPublishRoot, 'snippets'));
if (snippetsDir.existsSync()) {
const JsonEncoder jsonEncoder = JsonEncoder.withIndent(' ');
final Iterable<File> files = snippetsDir
.where((File file) => path.extension(file.path) == '.json');
// Combine all the metadata into a single JSON array.
final Iterable<String> fileContents = file) => file.readAsStringSync());
final List<dynamic> metadataObjects =<dynamic>(json.decode).toList();
final String jsonArray = jsonEncoder.convert(metadataObjects);
List<String> findPackageNames() {
return findPackages().map<String>((FileSystemEntity file) => path.basename(file.path)).toList();
/// Finds all packages in the Flutter SDK
List<Directory> findPackages() {
return Directory('packages')
.where((FileSystemEntity entity) {
if (entity is! Directory) {
return false;
final File pubspec = File('${entity.path}/pubspec.yaml');
if (!pubspec.existsSync()) {
print("Unexpected package '${entity.path}' found in packages directory");
return false;
// TODO(ianh): Use a real YAML parser here
return !pubspec.readAsStringSync().contains('nodoc: true');
/// Returns import or on-disk paths for all libraries in the Flutter SDK.
Iterable<String> libraryRefs() sync* {
for (final Directory dir in findPackages()) {
final String dirName = path.basename(dir.path);
for (final FileSystemEntity file in Directory('${dir.path}/lib').listSync()) {
if (file is File && file.path.endsWith('.dart')) {
yield '$dirName/${path.basename(file.path)}';
// Add a fake package for platform integration APIs.
yield '$kPlatformIntegrationPackageName/android.dart';
yield '$kPlatformIntegrationPackageName/ios.dart';
void printStream(Stream<List<int>> stream, { String prefix = '', List<Pattern> filter = const <Pattern>[] }) {
assert(prefix != null);
assert(filter != null);
.transform<String>(const LineSplitter())
.listen((String line) {
if (!filter.any((Pattern pattern) => line.contains(pattern))) {
Future<Process> runPubProcess({
required String dartBinaryPath,
required List<String> arguments,
String? workingDirectory,
Map<String, String>? environment,
ProcessManager processManager = const LocalProcessManager(),
}) {
return processManager.start(
<Object>[dartBinaryPath, 'pub', ...arguments],
workingDirectory: workingDirectory,
environment: environment,