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  1. exception_handling_expectation.txt
  2. exception_handling_test.dart
  3. filtering_test.dart
  5. test_async_utils_guarded_expectation.txt
  6. test_async_utils_guarded_test.dart
  7. test_async_utils_unguarded_expectation.txt
  8. test_async_utils_unguarded_test.dart
  9. ticker_expectation.txt
  10. ticker_test.dart
  11. trivial_test.dart
  12. trivial_widget_expectation.txt
  13. trivial_widget_test.dart

The files in this directory are used as part of tests in the flutter_tools package. Some are here because here these tests need a pubspec.yaml that references the flutter framework (which is intentionally not true of the flutter_tools package). Others are here mostly out of peer pressure.