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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:flutter/material.dart';
import 'package:flutter_test/flutter_test.dart';
void main() {
test('TextTheme control test', () {
final Typography typography = new Typography(platform:;
expect(, equals(;
expect(, equals(;
expect(, equals(;
expect(, isNot(equals(typography.white)));
test('Typography is defined for all target platforms', () {
for (TargetPlatform platform in TargetPlatform.values) {
final Typography typography = new Typography(platform: platform);
expect(typography, isNotNull, reason: 'null typography for $platform');
expect(, isNotNull, reason: 'null black typography for $platform');
expect(typography.white, isNotNull, reason: 'null white typography for $platform');
test('TextTheme merges properly in the presence of null fields.', () {
const TextTheme partialTheme = TextTheme(title: TextStyle(color: Color(0xcafefeed)));
final TextTheme fullTheme = ThemeData.fallback().textTheme.merge(partialTheme);
expect(fullTheme.title.color, equals(partialTheme.title.color));
const TextTheme onlyHeadlineAndTitle = TextTheme(
headline: TextStyle(color: Color(0xcafefeed)),
title: TextStyle(color: Color(0xbeefcafe)),
const TextTheme onlyBody1AndTitle = TextTheme(
body1: TextStyle(color: Color(0xfeedfeed)),
title: TextStyle(color: Color(0xdeadcafe)),
TextTheme merged = onlyHeadlineAndTitle.merge(onlyBody1AndTitle);
expect(merged.body2, isNull);
expect(merged.body1.color, equals(onlyBody1AndTitle.body1.color));
expect(merged.headline.color, equals(onlyHeadlineAndTitle.headline.color));
expect(merged.title.color, equals(onlyBody1AndTitle.title.color));
merged = onlyHeadlineAndTitle.merge(null);
expect(merged, equals(onlyHeadlineAndTitle));
test('Typography on Android, Fuchsia defaults to Roboto', () {
expect(new Typography(platform:, 'Roboto');
expect(new Typography(platform: TargetPlatform.fuchsia).black.title.fontFamily, 'Roboto');
test('Typography on iOS defaults to the correct SF font family based on size', () {
// Ref:
final Matcher isDisplayFont = predicate((TextStyle s) {
return s.fontFamily == '.SF UI Display';
}, 'Uses SF Display font');
final Matcher isTextFont = predicate((TextStyle s) {
return s.fontFamily == '.SF UI Text';
}, 'Uses SF Text font');
final Typography typography = new Typography(platform: TargetPlatform.iOS);
for (TextTheme textTheme in <TextTheme>[, typography.white]) {
expect(textTheme.display4, isDisplayFont);
expect(textTheme.display3, isDisplayFont);
expect(textTheme.display2, isDisplayFont);
expect(textTheme.display1, isDisplayFont);
expect(textTheme.headline, isDisplayFont);
expect(textTheme.title, isDisplayFont);
expect(textTheme.subhead, isTextFont);
expect(textTheme.body2, isTextFont);
expect(textTheme.body1, isTextFont);
expect(textTheme.caption, isTextFont);
expect(textTheme.button, isTextFont);