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// Copyright 2014 The Flutter Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:async';
import '../base/context.dart';
import '../base/file_system.dart';
import '../base/io.dart';
import '../base/platform.dart';
import '../base/process_manager.dart';
import '../cache.dart';
import '../convert.dart';
import '../globals.dart';
import 'fuchsia_dev_finder.dart';
import 'fuchsia_kernel_compiler.dart';
import 'fuchsia_pm.dart';
/// The [FuchsiaSdk] instance.
FuchsiaSdk get fuchsiaSdk => context.get<FuchsiaSdk>();
/// The [FuchsiaArtifacts] instance.
FuchsiaArtifacts get fuchsiaArtifacts => context.get<FuchsiaArtifacts>();
/// The Fuchsia SDK shell commands.
/// This workflow assumes development within the fuchsia source tree,
/// including a working fx command-line tool in the user's PATH.
class FuchsiaSdk {
/// Interface to the 'pm' tool.
FuchsiaPM get fuchsiaPM => _fuchsiaPM ??= FuchsiaPM();
FuchsiaPM _fuchsiaPM;
/// Interface to the 'dev_finder' tool.
FuchsiaDevFinder _fuchsiaDevFinder;
FuchsiaDevFinder get fuchsiaDevFinder =>
_fuchsiaDevFinder ??= FuchsiaDevFinder();
/// Interface to the 'kernel_compiler' tool.
FuchsiaKernelCompiler _fuchsiaKernelCompiler;
FuchsiaKernelCompiler get fuchsiaKernelCompiler =>
_fuchsiaKernelCompiler ??= FuchsiaKernelCompiler();
/// Example output:
/// $ dev_finder list -full
/// > paper-pulp-bush-angel
Future<String> listDevices() async {
if (fuchsiaArtifacts.devFinder == null ||
!fuchsiaArtifacts.devFinder.existsSync()) {
return null;
final List<String> devices = await fuchsiaDevFinder.list();
if (devices == null) {
return null;
return devices.isNotEmpty ? devices[0] : null;
/// Returns the fuchsia system logs for an attached device.
Stream<String> syslogs(String id) {
Process process;
try {
final StreamController<String> controller = StreamController<String>(onCancel: () {
if (fuchsiaArtifacts.sshConfig == null ||
!fuchsiaArtifacts.sshConfig.existsSync()) {
printError('Cannot read device logs: No ssh config.');
printError('Have you set FUCHSIA_SSH_CONFIG or FUCHSIA_BUILD_DIR?');
return null;
const String remoteCommand = 'log_listener --clock Local';
final List<String> cmd = <String>[
processManager.start(cmd).then((Process newProcess) {
if (controller.isClosed) {
process = newProcess;
.transform(const LineSplitter()));
} catch (exception) {
return const Stream<String>.empty();
/// Fuchsia-specific artifacts used to interact with a device.
class FuchsiaArtifacts {
/// Creates a new [FuchsiaArtifacts].
/// Creates a new [FuchsiaArtifacts] using the cached Fuchsia SDK.
/// Finds tools under bin/cache/artifacts/fuchsia/tools.
/// Queries environment variables (first FUCHSIA_BUILD_DIR, then
/// FUCHSIA_SSH_CONFIG) to find the ssh configuration needed to talk to
/// a device.
factory FuchsiaArtifacts.find() {
if (!platform.isLinux && !platform.isMacOS) {
// Don't try to find the artifacts on platforms that are not supported.
return FuchsiaArtifacts();
// If FUCHSIA_BUILD_DIR is defined, then look for the ssh_config dir
// relative to it. Next, if FUCHSIA_SSH_CONFIG is defined, then use it.
// TODO(zra): Consider passing the ssh config path in with a flag.
File sshConfig;
if (platform.environment.containsKey(_kFuchsiaBuildDir)) {
sshConfig = fs.file(fs.path.join(
platform.environment[_kFuchsiaBuildDir], 'ssh-keys', 'ssh_config'));
} else if (platform.environment.containsKey(_kFuchsiaSshConfig)) {
sshConfig = fs.file(platform.environment[_kFuchsiaSshConfig]);
final String fuchsia = Cache.instance.getArtifactDirectory('fuchsia').path;
final String tools = fs.path.join(fuchsia, 'tools');
final File devFinder = fs.file(fs.path.join(tools, 'dev_finder'));
final File pm = fs.file(fs.path.join(tools, 'pm'));
return FuchsiaArtifacts(
sshConfig: sshConfig,
devFinder: devFinder.existsSync() ? devFinder : null,
pm: pm.existsSync() ? pm : null,
static const String _kFuchsiaSshConfig = 'FUCHSIA_SSH_CONFIG';
static const String _kFuchsiaBuildDir = 'FUCHSIA_BUILD_DIR';
/// The location of the SSH configuration file used to interact with a
/// Fuchsia device.
final File sshConfig;
/// The location of the dev finder tool used to locate connected
/// Fuchsia devices.
final File devFinder;
/// The pm tool.
final File pm;