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This tests contains an app with a main page and sub pages. The main page contains a list of buttons; each button leads to a designated sub page when tapped on. Each sub page should displays some simple UIs to screenshot tested.

The flutter driver test runs the app and opens each page to take a screenshot. Then it compares the screenshot against a golden image stored in test_driver/goldens/<some_test_page_name>/<device_model>.png.

Add a new page to test

  1. Create a new class which extends Page and implement the UI to be tested in the build method.
  2. The new class should set a static title and key
  3. Add an instance of the new class to the _allPages list in the main.dart
  4. Create a new test case similar to "'A page with an image screenshot" in test_driver/main_test.dart to run the screenshot test.
  5. Create directories for the test: test_driver/goldens/<some_test_page_name> should be created before running the test based on the target platform the test is designed to run.

An example of a Page subclass can be found in lib/image_page.dart


The test currently only runs on device lab [“mac/ios”] which runs the app on iPhone 6s.