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  1. fortnightly.dart


A Flutter sample app based on the Material study Fortnightly (a hypothetical, online newspaper.) It showcases print-quality, custom typography, Material Theming, and text-heavy UI design and layout.

For info on the Fortnightly Material Study, see:

Goals for this sample

  • Help you understand how to customize and layout text.
  • Provide you with example code for
    • Text
    • A short app bar (the menu button top left.)
    • Avatar images

Widgets / APIs

  • BeveledRectangleBorder
  • BoxConstraints on Container
  • CircleAvatar
  • ExactAssetImage
  • Fonts
  • SafeArea
  • Stack
  • SingleChildScrollView
  • Text
  • TextStyle
  • TextTheme


  • Theming is passed as a parameter in the constructor of MaterialApp (theme:).
  • SafeArea adds padding around notches and virtual home buttons on screens that have them (like iPhone X+). Here, it protects the ShortAppBar from overlapping with the status bar (time) and makes sure the bottom of the newspaper article has padding beneath it if necessary.
  • The entire newspaper article is wrapped in a SingleChildScrollView widget which ensures that the entire article can be viewed no matter what the screen's size or orientation is.
  • The Text widget with text ' ¬ ' has a TextStyle that changes one parameter of an inherited TextStyle using `.apply()``.
  • The Text widget with text ‘Connor Eghan’ has a TextStyle created explicitly instead of inheriting from theming.
  • You can break up long strings in your source files by putting them on multiple lines.
  • Fonts are imported with multiple files expressing their weights (Bold, Light, Medium, Regular) but are accessed with a FontWeight value like FontWeight.w800 for Merriweather-Bold.ttf.


If you have a general question about developing in Flutter, the best places to go are: