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// DO NOT EDIT. This is code generated via package:intl/generate_localized.dart
// This is a library that provides messages for a en_US locale. All the
// messages from the main program should be duplicated here with the same
// function name.
// Ignore issues from commonly used lints in this file.
// ignore_for_file:unnecessary_brace_in_string_interps, unnecessary_new
// ignore_for_file:prefer_single_quotes,comment_references, directives_ordering
// ignore_for_file:annotate_overrides,prefer_generic_function_type_aliases
// ignore_for_file:unused_import, file_names
import 'package:intl/intl.dart';
import 'package:intl/message_lookup_by_library.dart';
final messages = new MessageLookup();
typedef String MessageIfAbsent(String messageStr, List<dynamic> args);
class MessageLookup extends MessageLookupByLibrary {
String get localeName => 'en_US';
final messages = _notInlinedMessages(_notInlinedMessages);
static _notInlinedMessages(_) => <String, Function> {
"market" : MessageLookupByLibrary.simpleMessage("MARKET"),
"portfolio" : MessageLookupByLibrary.simpleMessage("PORTFOLIO"),
"title" : MessageLookupByLibrary.simpleMessage("Stocks")