Regenerating the i18n files

The files in this directory are used to generate stock_strings.dart, which is used by the stocks application to look up localized message strings. The stocks app uses the Dart intl package.

Rebuilding everything requires two steps.

  1. Create or update the English and Spanish localizations, stocks_en_US.arb and stocks_es_ES.arb. See the ARB specification for more info.

  2. With examples/stocks as the current directory, generate a messages_<locale>.dart for each stocks_<locale>.arb file, messages_all.dart, and stock_strings.dart with the following command:

dart ${FLUTTER_PATH}/dev/tools/localization/bin/gen_l10n.dart --arb-dir=lib/i18n \
    --template-arb-file=stocks_en_US.arb --output-localization-file=stock_strings.dart \

The StockStrings class uses the generated initializeMessages()function (messages_all.dart) to load the localized messages and Intl.message() to look them up. The generated class's API documentation explains how to add the new localizations delegate and supported locales to the Flutter application.