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3e4e6f5c5 Provide batching for semantics updates (flutter/engine#7988)
0852795bf Roll src/third_party/skia ff84d8a900d4..67d87128fd00 (7 commits) (flutter/engine#7987)
1089b5c9f Check for a null pressure range for motion events (flutter/engine#7986)
b7d512949 [macos] Add hover support to FLEViewController (flutter/engine#7975)
a82c7ee73 Add async events to pipeline flows. (flutter/engine#7985)
c3eb7aea8 Roll src/third_party/skia ab3f8674c9d2..ff84d8a900d4 (1 commits) (flutter/engine#7983)
15793288e Roll src/third_party/dart 9450c6d829..40bab34fbd (8 commits)
b324969c1 Roll src/third_party/dart e94e797d7b..9450c6d829 (8 commits)
3f3e4ec90 Roll src/third_party/skia f6faf2fcea7b..ab3f8674c9d2 (2 commits) (flutter/engine#7980)
d162ad842 Roll src/third_party/skia 4dbb96dfaa04..f6faf2fcea7b (7 commits) (flutter/engine#7977)
5deb15cdf Roll src/third_party/dart 05bba46133..e94e797d7b (5 commits)
4db7c3050 Android Embedding PR 10: Add system channels to FlutterEngine. (flutter/engine#7960)
9f92324fd Suppress deprecation warning for usage of Configuration.locale (flutter/engine#7973)
9b21ea857 Roll src/third_party/dart 385be0cf31..05bba46133 (6 commits)
e3f1bdc4d Roll src/third_party/skia adfc6e40df30..4dbb96dfaa04 (6 commits) (flutter/engine#7970)
e32531f0e Switch flutter's dart sdk to full and add dartdevc libraries (flutter/engine#7968)
fb1c543dd Link dart:* sources into engine for debugger source support (flutter/engine#7908)
dd3656a51 Roll src/third_party/dart 0f9a5198bd..385be0cf31 (14 commits)

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Build beautiful native apps in record time

Flutter is Google’s mobile app SDK for crafting high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android in record time. Flutter works with existing code, is used by developers and organizations around the world, and is free and open source.


Main site:

For announcements about new releases and breaking changes, follow the mailing list.

Fast development

Flutter's hot reload helps you quickly and easily experiment, build UIs, add features, and fix bugs. Experience sub-second reload times, without losing state, on emulators, simulators, and hardware for iOS and Android.

Expressive and flexible UI

Quickly ship features with a focus on native end-user experiences. Layered architecture allows full customization, which results in incredibly fast rendering and expressive and flexible designs.

Delight your users with Flutter's built-in beautiful Material Design and Cupertino (iOS-flavor) widgets, rich motion APIs, smooth natural scrolling, and platform awareness.

Browse the widget catalog.

Modern, reactive framework

Easily compose your UI with Flutter's modern functional-reactive framework and rich set of platform, layout, and foundation widgets. Solve your tough UI challenges with powerful and flexible APIs for 2D, animation, gestures, effects, and more.

class CounterState extends State<Counter> {
  int counter = 0;

  void increment() {
    // Tells the Flutter framework that state has changed,
    // so the framework can run build() and update the display.
    setState(() {

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    // This method is rerun every time setState is called.
    // The Flutter framework has been optimized to make rerunning
    // build methods fast, so that you can just rebuild anything that
    // needs updating rather than having to individually change
    // instances of widgets.
    return Row(
      children: <Widget>[
          onPressed: increment,
          child: Text('Increment'),
        Text('Count: $counter'),

Browse the widget catalog and learn more about the functional-reactive framework.

Access native features and SDKs

Make your app come to life with platform APIs, 3rd party SDKs, and native code. Flutter lets you reuse your existing Java/Kotlin and ObjC/Swift code, and access native features and SDKs on Android and iOS.

Accessing platform features is easy. Here is a snippet from our interop example:

Future<void> getBatteryLevel() async {
  var batteryLevel = 'unknown';
  try {
    int result = await methodChannel.invokeMethod('getBatteryLevel');
    batteryLevel = 'Battery level: $result%';
  } on PlatformException {
    batteryLevel = 'Failed to get battery level.';
  setState(() {
    _batteryLevel = batteryLevel;

Learn how to use packages or write platform channels to access native code, APIs, and SDKs.

Unified app development

Flutter has the tools and libraries to help you easily bring your ideas to life on iOS and Android. If you don't have any mobile development experience, Flutter is an easy and fast way to build beautiful mobile apps. If you are an experienced iOS or Android developer, you can use Flutter for your views and leverage much of your existing Java/Kotlin/ObjC/Swift investment.

Learn more about what makes Flutter special in the technical overview.

More resources

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How to contribute

To join the team working on Flutter, see our contributor guide.