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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:mustache/mustache.dart' as mustache;
import 'base/file_system.dart';
import 'cache.dart';
import 'globals.dart';
/// Expands templates in a directory to a destination. All files that must
/// undergo template expansion should end with the '.tmpl' extension. All other
/// files are ignored. In case the contents of entire directories must be copied
/// as is, the directory itself can end with '.tmpl' extension. Files within
/// such a directory may also contain the '.tmpl' extension and will be
/// considered for expansion. In case certain files need to be copied but
/// without template expansion (images, data files, etc.), the '.copy.tmpl'
/// extension may be used.
/// Folders with platform/language-specific content must be named
/// '<platform>-<language>.tmpl'.
/// Files in the destination will contain none of the '.tmpl', '.copy.tmpl'
/// or '-<language>.tmpl' extensions.
class Template {
Template(Directory templateSource, Directory baseDir) {
_templateFilePaths = <String, String>{};
if (!templateSource.existsSync()) {
final List<FileSystemEntity> templateFiles = templateSource.listSync(recursive: true);
for (FileSystemEntity entity in templateFiles) {
if (entity is! File) {
// We are only interesting in template *file* URIs.
final String relativePath = fs.path.relative(entity.path,
from: baseDir.absolute.path);
if (relativePath.contains(templateExtension)) {
// If '.tmpl' appears anywhere within the path of this entity, it is
// is a candidate for rendering. This catches cases where the folder
// itself is a template.
_templateFilePaths[relativePath] = fs.path.absolute(entity.path);
factory Template.fromName(String name) {
// All named templates are placed in the 'templates' directory
final Directory templateDir = templateDirectoryInPackage(name);
return Template(templateDir, templateDir);
static const String templateExtension = '.tmpl';
static const String copyTemplateExtension = '.copy.tmpl';
final Pattern _kTemplateLanguageVariant = RegExp(r'(\w+)-(\w+)\.tmpl.*');
Map<String /* relative */, String /* absolute source */> _templateFilePaths;
int render(
Directory destination,
Map<String, dynamic> context, {
bool overwriteExisting = true,
bool printStatusWhenWriting = true,
}) {
destination.createSync(recursive: true);
int fileCount = 0;
/// Returns the resolved destination path corresponding to the specified
/// raw destination path, after performing language filtering and template
/// expansion on the path itself.
/// Returns null if the given raw destination path has been filtered.
String renderPath(String relativeDestinationPath) {
final Match match = _kTemplateLanguageVariant.matchAsPrefix(relativeDestinationPath);
if (match != null) {
final String platform =;
final String language = context['${platform}Language'];
if (language !=
return null;
relativeDestinationPath = relativeDestinationPath.replaceAll('$platform-$language.tmpl', platform);
// Only build a web project if explicitly asked.
final bool web = context['web'];
if (relativeDestinationPath.contains('web') && !web) {
return null;
final String projectName = context['projectName'];
final String androidIdentifier = context['androidIdentifier'];
final String pluginClass = context['pluginClass'];
final String destinationDirPath = destination.absolute.path;
final String pathSeparator = fs.path.separator;
String finalDestinationPath = fs.path
.join(destinationDirPath, relativeDestinationPath)
.replaceAll(copyTemplateExtension, '')
.replaceAll(templateExtension, '');
if (androidIdentifier != null) {
finalDestinationPath = finalDestinationPath
.replaceAll('androidIdentifier', androidIdentifier.replaceAll('.', pathSeparator));
if (projectName != null)
finalDestinationPath = finalDestinationPath.replaceAll('projectName', projectName);
if (pluginClass != null)
finalDestinationPath = finalDestinationPath.replaceAll('pluginClass', pluginClass);
return finalDestinationPath;
_templateFilePaths.forEach((String relativeDestinationPath, String absoluteSourcePath) {
final bool withRootModule = context['withRootModule'] ?? false;
if (!withRootModule && absoluteSourcePath.contains('flutter_root'))
final String finalDestinationPath = renderPath(relativeDestinationPath);
if (finalDestinationPath == null)
final File finalDestinationFile = fs.file(finalDestinationPath);
final String relativePathForLogging = fs.path.relative(finalDestinationFile.path);
// Step 1: Check if the file needs to be overwritten.
if (finalDestinationFile.existsSync()) {
if (overwriteExisting) {
finalDestinationFile.deleteSync(recursive: true);
if (printStatusWhenWriting)
printStatus(' $relativePathForLogging (overwritten)');
} else {
// The file exists but we cannot overwrite it, move on.
if (printStatusWhenWriting)
printTrace(' $relativePathForLogging (existing - skipped)');
} else {
if (printStatusWhenWriting)
printStatus(' $relativePathForLogging (created)');
finalDestinationFile.createSync(recursive: true);
final File sourceFile = fs.file(absoluteSourcePath);
// Step 2: If the absolute paths ends with a '.copy.tmpl', this file does
// not need mustache rendering but needs to be directly copied.
if (sourceFile.path.endsWith(copyTemplateExtension)) {
// Step 3: If the absolute path ends with a '.tmpl', this file needs
// rendering via mustache.
if (sourceFile.path.endsWith(templateExtension)) {
final String templateContents = sourceFile.readAsStringSync();
final String renderedContents = mustache.Template(templateContents).renderString(context);
// Step 4: This file does not end in .tmpl but is in a directory that
// does. Directly copy the file to the destination.
return fileCount;
Directory templateDirectoryInPackage(String name) {
final String templatesDir = fs.path.join(Cache.flutterRoot,
'packages', 'flutter_tools', 'templates');
return, name));