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An Android implementation of camera that uses the CameraX library.

Note: This package is under development, so please note the missing features and limitations, but otherwise feel free to try out the current implementation and provide any feedback by filing issues under flutter/flutter with [camerax] in the title, which will be actively triaged.


This package is non-endorsed; the endorsed Android implementation of camera is camera_android. To use this implementation of the plugin instead of camera_android, you will need to specify it in your pubsepc.yaml file as a dependency in addition to camera:

  # ...along with your other dependencies
  camera: ^0.10.4
  camera_android_camerax: ^0.5.0

Missing features and limitations

240p resolution configuration for video recording

240p resolution configuration for video recording is unsupported by CameraX, and thus, the plugin will fall back to 480p if configured with a ResolutionPreset.

Locking/Unlocking capture orientation [Issue #125915]

lockCaptureOrientation & unLockCaptureOrientation are unimplemented.

Exposure mode, point, & offset configuration [Issue #120468]

setExposureMode, setExposurePoint, & setExposureOffset are unimplemented.

Focus mode & point configuration [Issue #120467]

setFocusMode & setFocusPoint are unimplemented.

Zoom configuration [Issue #125371]

setZoomLevel is unimplemented.

Setting maximum duration and stream options for video capture

Calling startVideoCapturing with VideoCaptureOptions configured with maxVideoDuration and streamOptions is currently unsupported do to the limitations of the CameraX library and the platform interface, respectively, and thus, those parameters will silently be ignored.


For more information on contributing to this plugin, see