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# This list should be kept as short as possible, and things should remain here
# only as long as necessary, since in general the goal is for all of the latest
# versions of packages to be mutually compatible.
# An example use case for this list would be to temporarily add packages while
# updating multiple packages for a breaking change in a common dependency in
# cases where using a relaxed version constraint isn't possible.
# An application cannot depend directly on multiple federated implementations
# of the same plugin for the same platform, which means the app cannot
# directly depend on both camera_android and camera_android_androidx.
# Since camera_android is endorsed, it will be included transitively
# already, so exclude it from the direct dependency list to allow including
# camera_android_androidx to ensure that they don't conflict at build time
# (if they did, it would be impossible to use camera_android_androidx while
# camera_android is endorsed).
- camera_android
# This is a permament entry, as it should never be a direct app dependency.
- plugin_platform_interface