For an introduction to contributing to Flutter, see our contributor guide.

Additional resources specific to the packages repository:

Code review processes and automation

PRs will automatically be assigned to code owners for review. If a code owner is creating a PR, they should explicitly pick another Flutter team member as a code reviewer.


Flutter packages and plugins follow Google style—or Flutter style for Dart—for the languages they use, and use auto-formatters:

  • Dart formatted with dart format
  • C++ formatted with clang-format
    • Note: The Linux plugins generally follow idiomatic GObject-based C style. See the engine style notes for more details, and exceptions.
  • Java formatted with google-java-format
  • Objective-C formatted with clang-format
  • Swift formatted with swift-format


If you are a team member landing a PR, or just want to know what the release process is for package changes, see the release documentation.