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Two Dimensional Scrollables

A package that provides widgets that scroll in two dimensions, built on the two-dimensional foundation of the Flutter framework.


This package provides support for a TableView widget that scrolls in both the vertical and horizontal axes.


TableView is a subclass of TwoDimensionalScrollView, building its provided children lazily in a TwoDimensionalViewport. This widget can

  • Scroll diagonally, or lock axes
  • Apply decorations to rows and columns
  • Handle gestures & custom pointers for rows and columns
  • Pin rows and columns

Getting started

Depend on it

Run this command with Flutter:

$ flutter pub add two_dimensional_scrollables

Import it

Now in your Dart code, you can use:

import 'package:two_dimensional_scrollables/two_dimensional_scrollables.dart';



The code in example/ shows a TableView of initially 400 cells, each varying in sizes with a few TableSpanDecorations like background colors and borders. The builder constructor is called on demand for the cells that are visible in the TableView. Additional rows can be added on demand while the vertical position can jump between the first and last row using the buttons at the bottom of the screen.


See the Changelog for a list of new features and breaking changes.


See the GitHub project for a prioritized list of feature requests and known issues.

Additional information

The package uses the two-dimensional foundation from the Flutter framework, meaning most of the core functionality of 2D scrolling is not implemented here. This also means any subclass of the foundation can create different 2D scrolling widgets and be added to the collection. If you want to contribute to this package, you can open a pull request in Flutter Packages and add the tag “p: two_dimensional_scrollables”.