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Imitation Game


imitation_game is a platform for performing automated tests to compare the performance of different UI frameworks. For example, how much memory does the same app written in Flutter and UIKit take?

Running all the tests

You need a mobile device plugged into your computer and setup for development. The mobile device and the computer need to be on the same network, one that allows communication between computers since that's how the mobile phone will report its results to the computer.

dart imitation_game.dart


In order to run the tests you will need the union of all the platforms being tested. As new tests are added please add to this list:


  • Flutter
  • Xcode
  • ios_deploy - used to launch apps on the attached iOS device.

Example File Layout

├─ imitation_game.dart
└─ imitation_tests/
   ├─ smiley/
     ├─ flutter/
       └─ <flutter project files>
     └─ uikit/
        └─ <uikit project files>
   └─ memory/
      ├─ flutter/
        └─ <flutter project files>
      └─ uikit/
         └─ <uikit project files>

Here there are 2 different tests with 2 different platform implementations. The tests are named smiley and memory, they are both implemented on the platforms flutter and uikit.

Adding a test

Tests should comprise of implementations on one or more platform. The directory for the test should be added to ./tests. Inside that directory there should be a directory of implementations and a file that explains the test.

Adding an implementation to a test

An implementation has to follow these rules:

  • It needs to perform the same operations as the other implementations and follow the description in the test's
  • It needs to contain a script that will build and launch the test on the connected device.
  • It should contain a file named ip.txt which will be overwritten by imitation_game.dart with the ip address and port that should be used to report results to.
  • It needs to report its results to the ip and port in the ip.txt via an HTTP POST of JSON data.

Data format for results

  "test": "name_of_test",
  "platform": "name_of_platform",
  "results": {
    "some_result_name": 1.23,
    "some_result_name2": 4.56,

A single test run can report multiple numbers.


Date created: 2020-09-09 17:18:15.594586Z Flutter 1.22.0-10.0.pre.95 • channel master • Framework • revision d2fa384c31 (21 hours ago) • 2020-09-08 13:15:06 -0700 Engine • revision d1d848e842 Tools • Dart 2.10.0 (build

  • smiley
    • flutter
      • ios_startup_time: 0.691717
      • adb_memory_total: 43179.0
    • uikit
      • ios_startup_time: 0.2632870674133301
    • android
      • adb_memory_total: 97941.0